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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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1962 | Somewhere over Europe

If entering the USSR with a cache of CIA operatives had seemed convoluted, it was nothing on the exit process.

backstory | ADULT CONTENT | complete
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Mid-July 2014 | The Smoking Room

He was startled to remember how new this still was to Charles. The genuine curiosity in Charles's thoughts had hooked him like a fish, the sudden bright flash of his interest bursting in Erik's mind, irresistible. Charles forgetting to be distant made him forget for a brief instant as well, and he was halfway to asking if Charles wanted company before he remembered that even if he did, he wasn't going to want theirs.

But he hadn't asked Erik to leave yet either.

Erik and a powered-up, genderswapped Jordan find Charles drinking alone, and Jordan uses her new empathy powers to nudge them toward civility.

Nearly complete.
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In the dark, Erik ran, the sounds of skittering and and an eerie humming echoing, ambient, in the air around him. They didn't wear metal, any of them, except the ones who carried knives— but they didn't need knives to hurt, to kill. He'd seen that firsthand.

He rounded a corner into a long gallery space, one entire wall made of glass, an arresting view of the city's grandeur and the vastness of the ocean that surrounded it. Even after weeks of this, living in the half-light of flares and sputtering neon, it still caught at him— he was under water, miles from the sun or a breath of fresh air. Like the vastness of space outside his window on the Proserpina, the ocean was endless, and he was stuck in this tomb of a city trying like hell to find his way out. Looking out over the city with fish swimming like flocks of birds between the skyscrapers, Erik spared a thought to wish he could have visited it in its heyday.

Those seconds of distraction cost him. A splicer dropped in front of him, startling a shout from him as he reeled back, jerking himself out of reach as it swiped at him with something— not metal, glass perhaps?— he felt the pull on his upper arm, then the burn as the pain set in. Almost too fast to track, another one skittered out from the shadows, and Erik could hear the hyena laugh that signaled another wasn't far off. Fuck. Where was the goddamned door, anyway? He'd been working for an eternity to make his way back here, and he was so close—

"Find a better hiding place, monster," the one in front of him hissed, its teeth bared in an insane grin, and Erik didn't waste another second before lashing out. A cloud of slender blades hovered by his left shoulder like a wizard's familiar; his left hand shot out and the blades flew, zipping through the air like hornets to pierce the splicer's flesh, burrowing in and through and out, only to twist midair and come back for more.

Ignoring the screams, Erik gestured with his other hand to the hulking splicer advancing on him from the right. Lightning arced from his palm, tracing a parabola between him and his attacker, the purple light illuminating his own fierce satisfaction at the sight of the splicer writhing in agony. The swarm of blades finished their bloody work just in time for Erik to turn, wild-eyed, as the third splicer dropped to the ground behind him. His pulse was racing, the taste of ozone in his mouth, and he threw both his hands out in front of him, metal and electricity flying free.

Three splicers lay dead at his feet. His arm throbbing, blood seeping through his sweater, Erik reoriented himself and headed toward the bathysphere station. The door wasn't far— he'd be home before he knew it... as long as there were no more nasty surprises.

[Find him in Rapture during or after the splicers attack, or once he's come back through the door. He's singed and filthy and bleeding from a long cut on his left bicep. He's injected himself with the Electro Bolt plasmid, which gives him the ability to electrically charge or shock things at will. For those who see him regularly, he's been stuck in Rapture for over a month.]
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mid-February | The Nexus

This was patently ridiculous, Charles thought. It was that aspect of the entire experience which rankled the most: How utterly ludicrous it was that he and Erik could go from one extreme to the other and then behave as if that were par for the course. As much as Charles understood human nature (and as much as Erik claimed to be above it), they were both victims to its absurdities. Only love could make a person so stubbornly devoted to his hate.

I'm not sure I have anything beyond civility to offer.
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mid-August, 1962 | somewhere in middle America

"What?" Charles asked, unrepentant. "It was right there at the top—" He paused, reconsidering, and leaned forward to press the tip of his index finger between Erik's eyebrows. "Actually, more like right here," he corrected, sliding the fingertip until it rested over the crest of Erik's right eyebrow.

"You needn't be such an ascetic, you know," he continued as he sat back again, reaching for his tea. "You're allowed something sweet every once in awhile."

"You're mistaking my lack of a sweet tooth for some kind of statement about indulgence," Erik said. "I'm not Catholic-- I don't deny myself things on principle." That was true of other indulgences besides dessert-- but Charles wasn't talking about that.

no warnings ; rated PG-13
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1st January 2014 | The Nexus

Years Charles had to reconcile himself with what happened, with the misguided and often hypocritical path his best friend had chosen for himself, with the idea that Charles simply wasn't enough in the end. He'd strained against the past as it stared out at him from every newspaper and TV screen for months on end, had pushed hard against his own helplessness and anchored himself as best he could with work and its small accomplishments. He'd believed himself grounded and fully prepared for this eventuality, but with the moment now bearing down upon him, it became rapidly obvious that he was precisely the opposite.

Complete | Spoilers for X-Men: Days of Future Past


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