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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Ruby had gone to her room smelling of cheeseburgers often enough that one might assume she grew tired of them, though the one piled high in front of her could easily make a lie out of that. She had the day off from the Smoking Room but was still tucked away in one of its booths, a plate bearing a half-eaten cheeseburger and a scattering of fries next to a mostly smeared ketchup puddle in front of her. In one hand was a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, and while she kept glancing up and around to see who had joined her for lunch in the bar, she was enjoying the book very much. Reading was not a past time she made enough time for, she’d decided, and her New Year’s resolution had been to tackle the knee-high pile of “To Read” books that had gathered on her side of the bed she shared with Graham before she or he tripped over them for the millionth time.

She glanced up and around at the bar once more as she selected another fry and swirled the tip in ketchup, bringing it to her mouth for a bite before casting her attention back down to the book. She had heard somewhere that Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda was allegedly responsible for a good deal of his work, this book included, and she thought she could believe it. This book had the sort of prose that was not frilly but touchable, the sort of “fiction” one might write after taking a good, long look at both themselves and their marriage. A definite feminine touch, but who really knew in the end? All she was really sure of was that the story had proven to be brilliant and insightful and sad, and while Ruby usually preferred adventure stories and this one was definitely not that, it was holding her attention marvelously.

Idly, she moved to wipe the salt from her fingers on a napkin before turning a page, glancing up once again between the break of one chapter and the start of another. She’d opted for a pint of beer with her burger, and nearly jolted at the realization that she’d been neglecting it all too much between her people watching, her burger, and her book. She sat the book face down on the table, still open and far away from her food to keep from either wetting the pages or getting them dirty, and picked her beer up for a nice, long drink.

Sep. 27th, 2014 08:25 pm
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The pull of Hyrule was hard to ignore and while Zelda knew the wisdom of keeping to the Nexus and keeping the Triforce of Wisdom out of Ganondorf's reach, curiosity often got the better of her. She felt like the worst sort of coward when she hid away and hoped for the best and when that feeling grew too strong, there was nothing she could do but join the battle in the only form available to her - that of Sheik.

She wished that there was a way to muster an army in the Nexus to march through and lend aid to her own forces back in Hyrule but it simply would not suit. If she could muster an army and march it between worlds, what prevented her enemy from doing the same? It did, however, provide her a refuge of strategic retreat when the enemy got too close to discovering her secret and scouting, she supposed, would have to suffice.

Scouting was not without its dangers. Zelda was not the sort to stand by when someone was in peril and she cared deeply for her people; when coming upon a small cadre of Ganondorf's foot soldiers harassing one of her Hylian villages, she could do nothing but step in and act, launching a surprise attack on the squadron leader in hopes that he would be cut off from calling from aid and his other troops would simply scatter without a leader. It was a successful skirmish, especially when the villagers lent their aid too, but not without danger and injury.

So it was a tired Sheik that limped back through to the Nexus, using the last of his strength to shift back into Zelda's body before collapsing in one of the chairs in the lobby. She still wore Sheik's mask and rags but the body beneath was decidedly different. "Next time, I bring support. Even a small strike force would be better than going at it alone," she said to herself.

She was a wise woman and a brilliant tactician but her downfall would always be overconfidence and pride.

After a moment to gird her strength, she limped back through the halls in search of her room. It was time to assess the damage.

Aug. 5th, 2014 07:23 am
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24 July 2014 | Arctic Door

Zelda gets lost in a blizzard and Erik rescues her.


Jun. 28th, 2014 12:47 pm
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There was, incidentally, a training room buried deep within the hotel and it had taken Zelda this long to find it. She usually liked to go out of doors as much as possible as she hated being confined but today she had sought out amusement within the hotel itself; doors were still something that were hit or miss and she hadn't felt like taking the risk today.

It looked nothing like a Hylian training room would look. The equipment was all impossibly modern and several contraptions were so complicated that Zelda did not have any desire to try to learn how to use them. What was of interest were several training dummies that looked remarkably like the ones used by the Hylian army to hone their sword and shield skills. This, she could work with - but not in a dress.

She returned to her room and changed into Sheikah training garb she'd worn all her years as Sheik but decided that she wanted to hone her physical skills in Zelda's body and not effect the change. Not today. It would cause too many questions and produce lies that she was unwilling to keep up for the moment. So much of her life had been trafficked in secrets and the hotel was the one place where Zelda wanted merely to be honest.

The fit was a bit tighter, considering, but Zelda had always been slender no matter which form she took. It would work for her purposes today and she stole back down to the gym to train. She had daggers tucked in her boots and launched an attack, daggers flying into the face of the two dummies to her left and right as she flung herself toward the center one to use fists and feet.

It had been a long, long time since she'd been able to use this particular set of skills.
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June 8th, 2014 | The Pirates' Door

Zelda discovers the pirate door while searching for a door back to Erik's homeland and learns a few things about swimming, captaining a boat and herself.

In Progress | Mature

Jun. 1st, 2014 05:55 pm
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Erik knew that the calm wasn't going to last.

You didn't spend most of your life on the water without knowing that the flat calm was only as sure as the next cloud on the horizon. Storms came and went, ebbed and flowed. There were some you could watch approach, others that turned a clear blue sky to the dark grey of impending doom. He wouldn't trade a moment of it.

For now, though, he was going to enjoy the stars overhead, the sound of water against the hull, and the memories of watching a MacDuff put the crown on Bruce's head. Between that and reuniting Chief with his bride? It hadn't been a bad month. It wouldn't always be like this and there wouldn't always be victories. They'd started a dangerous campaign and would be fighting major and minor battles along with the overall war to clear the damned English from their lands.

Erik MacSorley knew how to take advantage of every opportunity, even when the opportunity was for nothing at all to happen.

Chuckling to himself, he decided celebrations might just be in order. Meg, he knew, would welcome him and the rest of his crew with open arms...and possibly open legs. Cheered by that, he roused himself from the deck and went towards the hatch to let the lads know of his plan. His clansmen were always more likely to step lively when they knew what the payoff was.

He wasn't two steps below decks when he realized something had happened, something even Campbell couldn't see.

He was in a castle of some sort. It had to be that because no keep was as appointed as this. The floor felt strange under his boots, the air had lost the scent of the sea, and everything about where he stood fairly screamed out wrong.

Deftly, he pulled his sword from his sheath and kept his eyes out for whatever had caused this magic.

OOC: Erik is dressed like this but with Matt Barr's face.
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It was an odd thing, this land.

Fili had learned not to trust all doorways, cautious though he must be. Now that they had settled in Erebor, with Smaug's corpse lying on the field of battle outside, Fili believed himself to have bigger things to concern himself with. It had led him to being lazy in his checks, which in turn had led him to that cursed inn, but when he tried to get back, he found himself not in the mountain, but in another land all-together and with a steady companion at his side.

He had never seen her before, this elegant lioness, and yet he felt as though he knew her. She stared at him as though she understood each and every one of his secrets, as though she had always been a part of him. "I am a part of you," she replied, padding along his side as they wandered through this strange landscape of buildings and people, all with an animal at their side, though different from the rest.

They had begun their quest to return to the hotel hours ago, her constant presence with him. "Ushlun," he spoke, finally, when her name came to him. He had not discovered her only now, but found that he had known her forever. "Where is the door?"

"I think it's this way," she replied, never straying too far from Fili's reach. They were tethered together and he began to realise that when he had set foot into this odd world, it had split him into two, but he was as whole as ever. Unfortunately, the both of them were entirely lost and he wasn't sure whether she and he could find their way back.

[Fili is in the Oxford section of the Golden Compass 'verse, having earned himself a daemon]

Apr. 8th, 2014 08:05 pm
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In the time that he had roamed the strange halls of the inn, Fili could still see no sense in it. It was luxurious and nothing like a dwarf had ever constructed. It did not even match the tale of elves, which made it the halls of men. This was even more evidenced by the number of them walking through the halls, but none of them seemed to understand the sheer magic lying in their doors.

He had been through many of them into strange and wonderful worlds, but most importantly was that he had found a door leading to the garden that brought him back to Middle Earth. The only strange thing, Fili believed, was that he lingered upon the edge of it.

He stayed one foot into Middle Earth and one foot in the inn, unsure that he wished to step forward and continue back on the journey yet. Thorin was likely to have his head and he hated to abandon Kili, but there was a strange pull about the odd land behind him that he had not been able to relinquish, just yet. After all, how could he ignore that the inn had more magic in it than even Gandalf!

Surely, if such a place could be so powerful, there might be something or someone within its' halls to lend him the strength to overpower a dragon.

And so, Fili sat between two worlds in an open doorway, lighting his pipe as he peered out as the fog began to swim over Esgaroth in the distance, where his kin had gone on their journey. And in the distance, above that fog, Fili kept his gaze affixed on the Lonely Mountain's peak. Even here, from so far, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever set his eyes upon and nothing could convince him otherwise.

Mar. 5th, 2014 01:01 pm
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It had been a gambit to reveal herself to Link and Zelda had thought at the time it’d been a wise one; the Hero of Time deserved to know of her deception and her aid as he cleansed Hyrule of Ganondorf’s poison and she knew he’d be tight lipped about her whereabouts.  What she did not consider, however, was that Ganondorf had eyes and ears in even the most sacred of places and the ambush at the Temple of Time hadn’t been a possibility Zelda had considered.

For a woman with a vast intellect, sometimes she could be quite dense.  His laugh froze her to the very marrow of her bones, leaving her stock still and afraid to change forms lest he use the opportunity to injure Link or, worse, recover the Triforce of Wisdom for his own vile purposes.  She could not let the Triforce fall to him no matter what and if that meant keeping the form she’d been born to, so be it.

The restraints were something of a bit of irony; rosy colored crystals conjured by Ganondorf himself that wouldn’t have been out of place in one of Zelda’s own spells, coupled with a vacuum inside that seemed to draw from emotion and not the air.  It stifled her, but only to make her hopeless, and Zelda thought idly that perhaps that was worse.  Should she die in his clutches a valiant death, railing against the dark and all he stood for, she’d die a martyr.  Should she die a quiet death having given up on the world as a whole, nobody would mourn that at all.  After all, Hyrule had no queen, not any longer, and had not for some time.  Ganondorf was actually quite clever in that macabre little respect.

For all that he’d paralyzed her above the battleground he’d chosen to launch his final assault (her own palace, no less. Such nerve he had!), he couldn’t force her to watch.  Zelda let her eyes drift shut, the magical meditation she’d perfected when in the body of Sheik flowing into something more mundane and born of exhaustion in the body of Zelda.  She imagined some place far away, a vista untouched by the wicked king and his armies.

She pressed against the crystal that held her trapped, focusing all her will upon it and was pleasantly surprised when it seemed to give way and she fell to the ground. It was less than graceful, to be sure, but she was free. Of course, freedom meant very little at this juncture; she was still within the belly of the beast and there was no real way out. On a lark, she scrambled toward a forgotten door that led from the Temple back toward a graveyard long left untended. There was a path beneath one of the royal tombs that led straight to the palace, a path that Zelda hadn’t taken since she was a young girl. Pray that it is unblocked, she thought to herself, scrambling as fast as she could. If she were free, perhaps she could launch an offensive and aid Link.

Once she stepped through the door, however, she was not in the graveyard behind the Temple of Time. There were no royal tombs or broken down headstones, merely the carpeted corridor of some other building. What did this mean? How could a familiar path that she’d taken time and time again as a young girl change so much in seven years? While she’d half expected it to be blocked, she hadn’t expected it to lead somewhere else entirely!

There were people milling about these halls, seemingly going about the normal business of a day and Zelda could not comprehend that. It had been a long time since the Castle Town had actual citizens in it; much of Hyrule’s society had moved up into the hills and away from the conquered palace and Ganondorf’s influence. Zelda schooled her features into something approaching calm even though her heart still beat rapidly with the thrill of her escape.

“Excuse me,” she said, catching the attention of the closest person. “I seem to have taken a wrong turn. Can you tell me where I am, precisely? It’s a little embarrassing but sometimes when I have restless sleep, I tend to wander the halls a little.”

Hopefully it was a lie that would pass muster. Not often did Zelda fall asleep fully clothed in a gown worthy of the Hylian court but perhaps just for a moment this person could believe she had laid down for a short nap and been plagued with sleepwalking. It was a common enough affliction and one she herself had suffered as a child. It would not do to reveal just how truly disoriented she was at the moment.

The best way to sell a lie, after all, was to wrap it in the truth.


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