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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.

Jan. 24th, 2015 10:29 pm
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Jacob felt like the Nexus was just another version of the island but it had one difference that made it a hell of a lot less bothersome - he could go home whenever he wanted. There was always a door back to La Push and back to the beaches and forests that he remembered and while he didn't usually run into anyone else he knew, it was enough. It would always be enough to be able to have the tang of salt and pine in his nostrils and to be a wolf again instead of just a human.

It was more than enough.

So he was content to stay in the hotel, for the most part, but occasionally he got the itch to go back through the thick wooden door that led to First Beach and today was one of those days. The shift from human to wolf was effortless at this point, as was the run from the door along the beach with the seaspray nipping at his paws. The rest of his pack wasn't here but that was all right. Jacob had never been bothered by his own company and, truth be told, he and the pack weren't always on the greatest of terms. He was always closest to Leah and Seth anyway so not seeing the others (even if it hurt to miss Quil and Embry) wasn't such a bad thing.

He watched the sun go down over the water and howled up at the full, full moon before heading deep into the forest to hunt. It was kind of barbaric (and he suspected it made Belle feel a little weird, though she never said anything) but it was just something he had to do to feel like himself again.

It was good to be back.

[OOC: Jacob left the door open so feel free to see him as a wolf or as a human in his home canon.]

Aug. 5th, 2014 07:11 am
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10 July 2014 | Wild West Door

Jacob and Belle explore the wild, wild west.

All Ages
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Throughout his long, varied life, Hal has seen many attempts at connection and while he bears the traits of a leader, he has also gone through long periods of his life in which he had struggled not to accept any attention at all. Now, in an odd hotel that he lingers in to grasp control, he finds himself organizing a small soirée of like-minded beings, of whom he has invited using the phone system as well as a very politely worded typed up note posted at the Front Desk which announces:

Supernatural and supernaturally sympathetic people:

Please bring your experiences to a support and conversation group. Snacks will be provided. The discussion will revolve not only around common afflictions, but a key purpose of the evening intends to assuage us all that there are no surprises to us lurking behind the doors, whether ghost, werewolf, vampire, or other.

Hal had procured the library for the evening, setting chairs in a loose circle as he tries to avoid it becoming too reminiscent of a circle in which people ought to confess their sins and their addictions. Not everyone who might come is an addict like him (or perhaps that's not the right word as homicidal murderer of thousands isn't quite in the same neighbourhood as addict). True to his word, there are snacks -- small triangle sandwiches and bitter black coffee served alongside punch.

Most importantly, there is a hush to this room that Hal feels secure in. If they are to group here together, creatures of the night, at least it will be done in privacy and solace.

May. 13th, 2014 08:24 pm
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Jacob mostly kept to a set schedule on the island. Wake up, teach his class if school was in session, work on anything at the Homestead that needed repairing and head home to spend time with Belle. It was a bit predictable and occasionally broken up by going to see Bella and the baby or Coraline but it was his life and he loved it.

The island, of course, occasionally decided to throw a wrench in those plans and if his way home became a swamp or there was a freak blizzard, Jacob tried to take it in stride and just keep moving on. It wasn't anything new after three years and some change, right? Except today. He'd pulled open the door to his and Belle's little house expecting to see his wife working on some new invention...and got greeted with a complete decor change.

So the new carpet was nice. So was the air conditioning, which wasn't available in abundance on the island (being inside a room without feeling hot and sticky and without the air so thick that he could breathe without drowning was a novelty) but he couldn't figure out how it got here. Was this some trick? Some temporary decorating change that was going away whenever the island's wacky magic decided to swing back to (relatively) normal? Jacob didn't know. Smarter people than him had been stumped by the island and he had never professed to be into researching or anything that involved reading or sitting still for very long.

But the biggest change about this place was the little undercurrent of power he felt. There was a little ripple, a little spark in the air and it just felt different than he'd felt in the three years since he'd shown up on the island and resigned himself to not being able to shift anymore. Maybe he'd learned to live without that part of himself but he'd never really accepted it and he sure as hell had never rejected it. Could it be? Was the wolf still under there after all and he was finally in a place where he could access it?

He turned the corner away from the front desk and let loose on his control, feeling his body shift and change into the wolf he hadn't been since showing up on the sandy beaches of Tabula Rasa all those years ago.


[[See Jacob either before or after he shifts into a wolf - don't worry, he's not going to bite.]]


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