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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.

Jun. 28th, 2014 09:15 am
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I had to admit, gardening at the hotel was much easier here at the hotel than it had ever been on the island. As soon as I'd seen the lush gardens here I knew I wanted to be a part of working on them and when I'd found a plot suitable for the herbs I loved to grow, it felt like a perfect fit.

Or as perfect a fit as possible in the strange place I'd found myself.

Gone were the days of scrounging whatever I could find on the island as far as gardening tools went, the same was true for seeds and food for the plants. It reminded me of how life in the caves had changed after I'd started raiding with the humans. Food, clothing, vitamins and medicine had all upgraded from barely getting by to a form of luxury most of the humans hadn't known since before the Souls arrived on their planet.

And I enjoyed working with my hands, providing a service to the others at the hotel. Apart from again being the only alien in a dwelling full of humans, I felt more like myself - fulfilling a calling that would benefit the community.

I couldn't stop the smile when that line of thought reminded me of Eric. Even though I knew that Nick wasn't happy with my choice to help him, I'd stood my ground with him and he'd stopped glaring so much about it. Or at least, he'd stopped glaring where I could see him do it. I was glad to find him here, a familiar face among so many new humans, as well as one that knew me, and knew Mel.

I stopped my rambling thoughts when I realized the basket I'd been placing my cuttings in had been filled to the brim. I stood and gave my back a good stretching, pulled off my gloves and put them in my pocket. It was time to take these back to my room to separate out what needed to be dried for medicinal use and which bundled and dropped off at the kitchen.

"Not bad for a few hours work," I said to the gardens around me and started for the door back into the hotel itself.

Find Wanderer either in the gardens or in the hotel on the way back to her room with a basket filled with greenery

Jun. 17th, 2014 09:43 am
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Nick and anger had never been a good combination. On the island it had caused him to damage more than one tree and had probably been the impetus for the island's January gift one year of a heavy bag. A bag he'd damaged and had to reinforce a few times as the island played "Fuck With Nick's Head" on more than one occasion. That, and the near state of perpetual sexual frustration, he'd been one on-edge human on that island and he'd been glad for the release, and that he hadn't been able to touch his demon powers.

Now. Well. Now it was a whole different party. Because the same issues were there, but he had full access to his demon powers.

Powers that had nearly caused him to take out the Nexus' gym before he'd teleported himself to Bella's forest door and taken himself away from humans. His only thought had been to go somewhere the odds were low he'd set off some kind of temporal rift or end the world before he had a chance to get the rage under control.

Bella had found him there, of course, fresh from her own hunt and though she didn't know him from the island, they'd talked about his time there, and his true nature, enough for her to guard the door to keep him safely in the forest. He was glad for it since she was one of the few people here strong enough to restrain him, and one he couldn't hurt in return, in mind or in body. She didn't even flinch when he'd gone full demon form on her a few times.

She must have heard enough of what he said during his rage ranting because after a few minutes, she offered herself as a substitute, a target for the protective anger boiling through him. Focusing on that, and an hour long brawl, had worked to get him off the ledge, as it were.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" she asked when they stepped back into the hotel. Her face had been as beautiful as ever, and the only sign that she'd sparred a demon for an hour was in her torn clothes and mussed hair.

"I'll be fine," Nick responded. "The worst of it is gone. Besides, you're going to be listening for me anyway, and you can come rescue me."

Bella smiled and nodded. "You got that right."

Nick leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Go do whatever you were going to do before you decided to spend an afternoon demon fighting. I've got a different vampire to find."

He left her with a light squeeze to her ice-cold hand and turned to stalk the corridors, using every sense he had to find the using vampire bastard. To everyone else who walked close to him, he just growled out, "not a good time."

Find Nick in full prowl - he's in human form, but his eyes may turn blazing yellow at times; or find Bella looking like she's stepped out of a tornado, with ripped clothes and really messed up hair.

Jun. 4th, 2014 08:01 am
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After another night spent asleep on the sand, I thought it might be a better idea to go to the Compound for a shower before heading back to the empty hut filled with memories of the sister I'd lost. Again. I wanted to be happy for the time we'd been able to spend together on the island - time to get to know each other face to face rather than consciousness to consciousness. Maybe someday I'd find that feeling. Now, though, there was too much sadness and loss mixed in to find anything positive. There was a part of me that longed for other lives long past where emotion, if it existed, was more muted. I hadn't had any at all as a flower, or a bat. Existence had been very simple there.

But I also remembered how unfulfilling it had been and how, as my host's life-term had neared, I knew I wouldn't be remaining on those planets but moving on again. Then I'd found out about Earth while rooted to the sea forest on the water planet and knew I'd be going there. Here. Little had I known then just what I was in for on Earth. I had mobility again, something I missed more than I'd realized, but emotions as well. I remembered them from the Mists planet and wanted to experience them again. Little did I realize at the time just how much...more human emotions could be. They were overwhelming to my new life at first, even discounting Melanie's manipulation of them at first.

It was strange, I knew, that the very emotions I'd come for had been the reason I'd nearly left my host body behind and gone to another body, or another planet. I wondered, as I walked towards the Compound, if my life wouldn't have been simpler if I'd done just that. It would have been. No fear, no anger, no sadness. Just a peaceful existence on Earth like the rest of the Souls. Fulfilling my calling as a teacher at the University, doing my part of help with the upkeep of the community, living out my host's short century life term before moving on yet again.

Yes, it would have been simpler. I would have missed out, though, on what it truly was to be human. And though the sadness still choked me at times, I could find happiness that I hadn't skipped. That I'd stayed and seen far more than the other Souls on Earth ever would.

With that in mind, I pulled open the door to the showers, stepped through...and stopped.

The air was different. Cool, dry. Not dry like the desert, dry like the buildings I'd been in on raids. Everything else was different, too. The furnishings, the carpet, all of it. I'd never seen anything like this on the island. I thought, for a moment, that whatever force changed things here might be behind the new area, so I tried to go back out the door I'd just opened. It didn't open, the doorknob didn't turn so much as a fraction in either direction.

I shrank back against it and looked around. Was I back in my own time again? I didn't think I'd ever been in a place like this - not before I ran away, not on any of the supply raids with the humans. Pet's fragile heart pounded in my chest and I had to work to control my breathing.

I heard the sound of someone approaching and looked around wildly, thinking of nothing but hiding until I could discover where I was. Or who was here. I found nothing but a small decorative table that had no chance of concealing me. Resigned, I did the best I could.

"Excuse me," I said, my voice softer than usual but still carrying. "Could you tell me where I am?"
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The steady indulgence of a libation as good as a fine red wine is something Athos has indulged in for five long years. Some days, he barely rises but for the red wine pushing through his veins in order to bring him purpose. It has left Athos fully capable of handling the worst of scenarios because he is barely conscious and hardly coping with them.

It is why he sits at the bar in this expansive mansion and orders his third bottle of wine. His clothes yet reek of smoke from his home burning down, and the ghost of his wife haunts his footsteps, but Athos has been in these strange halls for nearly a day now and has no care for what happens in France.

After all, they do not care who he is, here. He is no Comte de la Fère and they are more than happy to serve him adequate tasting wine for the gold coins he offers in turn. While he has become quite functional with his drink, his balance has never quite matched his ability and when he rises to take his bottle with him to a table, Athos falters slightly, the open bottle sloshing forward until droplets of the red wine lurch forward and spill.

Some is on carpet that Athos has no mind for.

Some, however, is on a person and Athos blearily peers up past the brim of his hat to regard his new companion, clearing his throat as he prepares himself for the typical reaction of someone else in a drinking establishment when wine is spilled.

It's only a shame he hadn't planned for this around bottle one.

"I hear red is a sought after dye," Athos offers, gesturing forward with one hand as though offering his case. "It looks ... stunning."

Mar. 21st, 2014 07:45 pm
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I never really appreciated just how difficult it is to teach an apprentice. I knew it would be tough the second I said yes to Granuaile, because becoming a druid takes practice, patience, and most of all, time. Twelve whole years of it.

Seven years in, and I've long since understood what difficult truly means. Sometimes Granuaile gets frustrated (who can blame her? I wasn't much better during my own apprenticeship), and sometimes I channel my old archdruid more than I care to admit. He was a shit excuse for a human being, but a brilliant druid and teacher. I'm being a bit of the former today, I will admit, and coupled with Granuaile's frustration over our current project, the day hasn't been going well. At all.

When Granuaile slams a door in my face for the third time today, I decide we should probably take a break. I hear the Geekmobile start up and drive off, and I sigh. She'll be going into town to blow off steam, and I've long since stopped tailing her, content to let us both cool off and come back when we can handle it.

I'm about to reach out to Oberon as I go down the hall and open my bedroom door, but as I step through, everything changes.


"So this wasn't a weird fever dream," I say out loud. I scrunch my bare feet in the carpet and take off down the hall that opens out into a lobby that looks very familiar. I head over to the main doors and peer outside. Yep, the view is exactly as I remembered it, and I'm glad I haven't eaten since dawn.

I turn back to face the lobby and take a good look at the people around, and wonder who I'll meet this time. Thor again? Al Capone? Ooh, Captain Mal? Fingers crossed it's someone interesting.

Maybe I'll have some more time to study the magical patterns here and figure out how they work - and how I can work with them.

I can find the door home in a little while.

Feb. 3rd, 2014 04:20 pm
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15 January 2014 | La Push, Washington

Eric enlists Bella's help in testing a possible antidote for Hepatitis V.

In Progress/All Ages
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Anna's missing. She didn't come down from the mountain.

And now she's trapped here, bringing more snow and fear rushing down on Arendelle. Worries swirl through her, fast and dense, like the unrelenting storm outside. If she stays here much longer, Elsa knows that the storm will only get worse. There's no thawing it; she doesn't know how. All she's ever known how to do with her powers is clamp down on them, praying they don't burst free.

All her fear and worry manifest around her, turning the floor and walls icy and brittle. The cuffs, with their cold iron take longer to break apart but everything succumbs to ice eventually.

The manacles broken, Elsa breaks through the wall and runs across the icy fjord. She can't thaw the storm, but she can take it somewhere else and pray that it follows her instead of spreading.

But there's no ice beneath her feet. There's a thick red carpet and a door swinging behind her. It's an unfamiliar hallway and, already, Elsa's fear is sending ice out across the floor beneath her. Someone's approaching and she fears it.

"S-Stay back!" Elsa cries. "I can't make it stop!"

Nov. 10th, 2013 07:31 pm
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It wasn’t often that Dawn heeded Buffy’s advice, no questions asked. In fact, she oftentimes asked all the questions, whined a bit about having to do whatever it was that they had to do, and then thought of a few more questions to ask. Eventually, she almost always gave in. It was very rare that she went against the grain when it all was said and done. Her sister had gotten them through a lot. And Dawn was absolutely sure that she would get them through even more, if more came their way.

If you get lost, find a landmark and sit in one place, her sister had said. It’s easier to be found if you sit in one place, supposedly. So then why was her sister always on the move? That made no sense.

Berkeley wasn’t one of the places where she’d ever expected to take a wrong path. She loved the school. She loved the atmosphere. She loved the normalcy of it. Never mind that she had been headed to her least favorite class, Algebra II, when she had become lost. The door that she had thought led to her classroom had instead led her to what could only be described as a hotel. She’d wandered the halls for almost an hour, looking for the right door or a way out. Her efforts were fruitless.

So this was how she ended up in the lobby, sitting in the middle of the floor and holding her cell phone up to try to get a reception to call Buffy or Xander. No reception. Her nose wrinkled and she looked positively unhappy as she muttered to herself. “America’s most dependable 3G network, you are not. And I’m not sure how good I’ll be at the sitting and waiting to be found thing.”

Sep. 28th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Bella closed the book in her lap, took a look around the conservatory, then closed her eyes before picking up the next one in the stack at her right.

Two months she'd been here. Two months alone with nothing to fill the endless hours but reading and the occasional run through the door that lead out into the forest where she hunted. Two months to figure out why her family had known so much about so many things.

She was also fairly sure she knew why Alice was such a fashion junkie and Esme redecorated the house, or threw herself into renovating a broken down old cottage. Those things changed, evolved, and there was always more to learn, to read, to master.

The only thing Bella had been able to do was read her way through the hotel's library of nearly everything but biographies and even now, those were starting to look good. Her head shook and she knew she had to find something, anything, to occupy herself. At the same time, she didn't feel right taking a paying job from someone who needed it to pay for food or clothing. And there wasn't anything that really called for the limited skill set she had.

Sighing, Bella laid her hand on the next book and spoke out loud.

"Anyone who said there weren't enough hours in the day was dead wrong."

Aug. 12th, 2013 06:00 am
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Cut for spoilers from True Blood 6x09 )

It was, all told, the safest place he could be. The Hotel had the distinct advantage of being in a place where vampires were either unknown or not persecuted and Eric had behaved himself admirably and not attracted anyone who might object to his being there. When the entire state of Louisiana seemed to want to fuck him over, the Nexus Hotel was the safest haven he could think of.

He wished, of course, that he could have brought Pam or Tara or the others he cared about but the more vampires that knew about this place, the sooner they would be overrun. There wasn't enough of a pool to feed from for Eric to share, not yet.

He wandered back through the lobby, fresh clothes in hand, and decided the first order of business was a shower.

He hated blood in his hair.

[[Eric is covered in blood and looks pretty scary at the moment.]]
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The black sign positioned in front of the Dining Hall's main entrance reads:

New Guest Reception
6 PM - 8 PM

All guests welcome

In the Dining Hall itself, the chairs have been pushed up against the walls and the long dining table turned into a buffet stocked with finger foods. At the far end of the room is a small bar serving beer, standard cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.
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Olaf is probably going to come to regret it, but he's curious about what his blood tastes like to a vampire.

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Twenty-six hours. April had been stuck in this place for twenty-six hours, and enough was enough.

Shockingly, the situation had turned out to be completely un-sinister. She was seldom as wary as Master Splinter or the guys thought she ought to be, but she'd known enough to not take Hotel Nexus or whatever it was called at face value. Since her arrival yesterday afternoon, she'd been conducting an investigation, and had spied on both guests and staff of the hotel. This had required listening through closed doors and skulking in shadowy alcoves in what she felt was a very ninja-like fashion. She'd even sneaked up to the attic to check for secret Kraang machinery, and at one point had pinched a housekeeper to determine if he was a robot. Her efforts had turned up nothing but old Christmas decorations and some tiny bottles of shampoo hurled angrily at her head.

So maybe the place really was what it claimed to be: An innocuous luxury hotel in its own tiny universe. It was strange, but she'd encountered way stranger. The employees of the hotel were predictably polite, but not in a Stepford or pod people kind of way, and most of the guests seemed pretty okay with being there. It would have been cool if she hadn't been completely unable to get back home again.

A lot could happen in twenty-six hours, and she could picture perfectly how things were going back home with her missing. Leo, putting on the good leader face but secretly worried to death; Raph having to be held back from launching an attack against the Kraang or the Foot or both; Mikey stress eating everything in sight. And Donnie, well. Donnie was probably on the cusp of having a full-on meltdown.

She really needed to get back, if only to avoid the clean up.

The door she'd arrived through had shown back up in the lobby about twenty minutes ago, but of course it wouldn't open. There was a key hole, but attempting to peer through it revealed only darkness beyond. She'd done everything she could think of: Jiggle the handle, use a credit card, sweet-talk the lock. Her patience was wearing perilously thin.

"Come on," she sighed, and gave the knob another futile turn. "Come on, come on, COME ON!"

All at once, she braced one foot against the door and began violently shaking the knob, her entire body shaking with it.

"LET. ME. AHHHhhhh!"

Hands slipping, April went tumbling backward, landing on the floor with a hard thump. Sprawled on her butt, she puffed the hair from her eyes and glared.

Jun. 30th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Where the universe is concerned, Olaf doesn't generally question its choices. Bad things happen. Good things happen. Strange things happen, but usually it all fits together in the larger pieces of the puzzle. It's why he doesn't really do so much more than shrug when instead of walking into Mike's bar, he walks into a party in full swing where he doesn't recognize a single guest.

It's not like this is the first time it's happened to Olaf. Generally, him recognizing someone in a crowd full of people is usually a start. Still, he has learned to go with the stranger events in the universe and no one's died as a result of this little left turn, so he grabs the joint he'd tucked away behind his ear and drifts into the throng of people, observing the summer-like nature of the party from the vibrant drinks to the decorations to the clothes everyone's wearing. Really, this could very well still be Auckland for all he knows and whatever he took earlier had been laced stronger than usual, but Olaf's sort of getting the feeling there's more to it than that.

With no shoes and a Hawaiian shirt fit for a king, Olaf feels like he fits right into the breezy, summer theme of the party around him. He might not know how he got here, but Olaf's never turned down a good party. This one holds a great deal of promise.


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