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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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"No, we have to have the lanterns," Anna insists, stringing up several. They're all clumped together and not organized and she thinks Elsa could possibly have done a better job of this but she's not going to put planning a birthday party on Elsa. Not when she just wants to enjoy a day with her sister and her sister's...whatever. Legolas has the same birthday as Anna and she had been delighted to discover that; isn't that just the best thing ever, to share a birthday with a friend? Anna has never really had the occasion to have a big birthday party seeing as how Elsa has always been hiding so this is a celebration of Elsa as much as it's one for Legolas and Anna.

"I do not think we need this many decorations. The flowers themselves are lovely," Legolas says, not entirely certain about Anna's methods. "But if you think it will please your sister, I acquiesce." Legolas always uses big fancy words and Anna's not particularly shocked that he's being all formal about this. She wonders what he and Elsa really get up to when they sneak off to that door with the big cherry trees inside it. It has to be boring, the way they are. Oh well, hardly matters. Today is about celebrating - both she and Legolas and the fact that it's summer. Anna has always, always loved summer.

"Oh, come on. It's boring if we don't at least try to decorate the garden a little. What are we going to do, just go sit in a tree? Boring, Leggy. Totally boring." Legolas makes a face at the nickname and moves to hang up some more of the lanterns. "I am well over a thousand this day. I do not think I have celebrated the day of my birth in centuries. Why is it so important to you mortals?"

Anna screws up her face and thinks about that for a moment. "Well, I think it's because we don't get all that many birthdays. If I'm lucky, I'm going to get a hundred, maybe. I don't remember any of the ones before I was five and then...well, stuff, so then I didn't celebrate for a bunch of years. I'm working on a limited supply of birthdays and so I want to remember all of them. I guess when you're just going to have birthdays forever and ever and never die you probably don't care about them. Is it weird? Being around regular people?"

Legolas tilts his head in the way Anna has figured out means he's thinking about something and she sighs. Of course he's going to get all philosophical on her about how he's going to live forever and everything he loves is going to die and blah blah blah. It's sad, sure, but Anna thinks he should just live in the moment. This moment is a lot more fun than worrying about the future.

"Don't answer that. Come on, Elsa's going to be here soon."

[[OOC: It's Legolas and Anna's birthday. Tag one or both :)]]

Apr. 8th, 2015 06:59 pm
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Three days after arriving at the Nexus Hotel, Peggy Carter went down to the edge of the island with a beach umbrella she'd taken from a beach in Spain, a brightly colored banner from the halls of Gondor, a broken lance picked up on the sidelines of a tourney at Camelot, a pot of paint from an elementary school in Alaska, and her most interesting acquisition, a needle gun that she'd traded for her usual sidearm on a space ship somewhere between Escobar and Beta Colony.

She fixed the pole of the umbrella firmly into the ground, attached the lance at right angles, and fixed the banner to this frame. The paint made a neat, rather small bullseye in the center of the banner, and she was ready.

Twenty paces across the smooth lawn, turn and fire. The projectile whizzed through the air, and when it hit the target, it broke open and dozens of razor sharp strands whirred and shrieked as they cut the banner of Gondor into shreds in a radius of about a foot and then disappeared into the vastness of space that surrounded the island.

Silence descended. A few streamers danced in the breeze where the bullseye had once been.

"Well," Peggy said. It wasn't often she was at a loss for words, and it only lasted for few seconds. "Why yes," she announced. "I'd trade my .45 for one of these any day."

She put the safety on with great care, re-holstered the weapon, and went to take a closer look at the damage.
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A large sign placed prominently in the Nexus lobby reads:

The Nexus Hotel
proudly presents the

Event Location
Nexus Dining Hall
8 PM - 2 AM

Masquerade dress recommended, but not required for all guests

The Dining Hall's central table and chairs had been removed to create a dance floor wide enough to accommodate fanciful masquerade costumes. On one end had been placed a long bar providing free drinks, and on the other a small chamber orchestra providing the music for dancing. The entire room was bedecked in gold bunting and twinkling candlelight, and masks were available for those guests who hadn't brought their own.
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cut for spoilers for Hobbit: BotFA )

The people – so many people. And the noise. Nothing to the crash of battle and yet too much for her to deal with. It was easy, at least, not to be noticed; easy to be ignored and therefore easier to ignore what was going on around her. She had been inside of a building, so strange and foreign to her, and while it did not occur to her to feel terrified – she felt beyond that – she did not like it.

There was no mountain but there was sky. She knelt on a hilly piece of land, in the dark, away from the festivities. She took bracing breaths of chilly air, and looked up. Hours she spent, considering what had happened but not caring. She knew something foreign and untoward had occurred, and she had stepped beyond what she knew. The fireworks were abrupt and explosive and startled her, but the cheering from the guests told her to take it calmly, and she did. Still she hunkered at the outskirts of the revel, until the noise began to die down, the music stopped, the people slowly trickled away and the grounds were quiet.

She felt empty, but really she was just alone. She ought to tend to her wounds, and yet it did not occur to her. Let everything fester, let her wither away. She palmed the runestone in her hand; it felt much heavier, more formed, than the rest of her body. Tauriel thought she was done with crying, but she wasn't. At the very least, though, she wept silently, as she waited for the dawn.
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The annual Nexus New Year's Eve gala began at 8 in the evening. Too grand to be contained by the lobby or dining hall, the gardens at the front of the hotel were employed, with long strings of white lights forming a twinkling canopy from the front doors all the way to the hedge maze. The weather was temperate and calm, and the night perfectly clear.

Drinks were served at various bars set up throughout the gardens and lobby, with champagne cocktails being the specialty of the night. Wheeling through the crowd was a bartender with golden cart providing warm drinks on the go: Tom and Jerrys, rum punch, negus, and Irish coffee.

Crisply-dressed wait staff wove through the collected guests with an abundance of hors d'oeuvres for all different tastes. The Bistro remained open with a limited selection of items for those who were wanting something more substantial.

Above the front doors was hung a large, gold-rimmed clock counting down the last hours, minutes, and seconds of the current year.
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spoilers for battle of the five armies )

Legolas pushed his way through the thick forest until he came upon an old door of dwarven design, one with letters illuminated by the moonlight. These old dwarven doors often had tricks to them and while the design was that of Durin, the letters illuminated were Elvish. A curious puzzle indeed.

"Speak 'Friend' and enter," Legolas said, puzzling at it. He thought for a long moment before remembering that old puzzle, the one that had stumped Gandalf but been easy for a halfling.

"Mellon," he said softly, stepping through the door and back into the Nexus once more.
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High up in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture, there are stories of a woman who is strange, but singularly beautiful. Her hair, they say, is of such a pale color that it looks white. Her eyes are the blue of frozen water. Even in the coldest days of winter, it's said that she always wears only a summer yukata, as white as a funeral shroud.

No one is quite certain of who or what she is. Rumors abound that she is a ghost of a woman murdered in the snow or perhaps she is a yokai who takes the shape of a human woman. More practical minded people suggest a runaway woman from the west, while others ask how a young woman could endure such cold. No, others say, she is a princess from the moon, trapped on earth, like the stories of Kaguya-Hime.

No one knows for sure but whatever the legends, if someone happens to climb the mountain today, they will see a pale woman who seems unaffected by the cold.

[[Inspired by the tale of the Yuki-Onna. Either Elsa is, in fact, a runaway princess with ice powers OR if you prefer, make this a true AU and go with whatever iteration of the legend most interests you.]]

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Legolas had explored many of the doors leading from the Nexus into other worlds but this was one that was new to him. When he pushed it open, he could tell the forest it led into was very, very old and the fox that met him along the path seemed more than a normal creature. It seemed sentient, in many ways, and it reminded him of the way trees and animals and the world felt back in his own Middle-Earth.

Except, he did not know these paths and the songs the rivers sang here were different. The world was younger than his own and did not have near as much history to tell but it was vibrant and full of life. The fox led him up a winding mountain path, through gates and archways and finally through a beautiful canopy of trees covered in snow-white blossoms. Legolas paused just before the mountain's summit and tipped his face upward, letting the petals brush against his cheeks and simply listening to the wind.

At the very top of the mountain was a beautiful shrine and after communing with the goddess who presided over it, Legolas begged his leave to be one with the earth again. It was not his home, no, but an Elf needs the trees and the rivers and the lakes to thrive and he had missed this connection dearly during his time in the Nexus.

This was the closest he'd felt to home in a long, long while.

Jun. 28th, 2014 09:48 am
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It was difficult to determine his date of birth with the shift in calendar from Middle Earth to the Nexus and, furthermore, Legolas had been alive for so long that the years had all become something of a blur. Still, this was the time of year that he usually celebrated his birthday and it felt wrong to let the occasion go without even a passing mention.

Birthdays among elves were normally quiet affairs. Unlike the hobbits who loved to give lavish parties and bestow gifts upon their friends and families and unlike humans who lavished the celebrant with their own gifts, elves used their days of birth to reflect upon the world and how much had changed in it over the long years they had been alive. The older an elf was, the harder it was for he or she to remember what it was like when the world was young and the forced contemplation on a birthday was a good reminder.

When Legolas had left Middle-Earth, it was in the autumn of the world. The world was changing, swiftly, and the age of elves was ending to make way for the age of men. He had left the relative isolation of Mirkwood and embarked on a grand journey with the company of nine, only to get separated at Amon Hen and cast his lot with Gimli and Aragorn. They fought for Gondor and for all men, seeking to end Sauron's reign of terror, and Legolas did not know if they were yet successful - all hinged on the will and heart of a hobbit and his ability to bear the ring.

Not knowing the outcome of the war was something that disturbed him but Legolas had, as of yet, been unable to return to the battlefield. The few times he had made it into Middle-Earth, it was a younger Middle-Earth and the world seemed less troubled. The leaves shone with spring green and not the autumn he knew was the harbinger of war.

So today, he had decided to set up a target in the gardens and loose his arrows into it, wanting to hone his skills even if he could no longer go home and fight for his people and all the peoples of Middle Earth. When he heard the soft footsteps of someone behind him, he did not turn and, instead, merely spoke softly and evenly.

"It is impossible to startle an elf, even one who is far from home. Careful that you do not wander into the path of the arrow, please?"

Mar. 5th, 2014 01:12 pm
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She must have been distracted, going through the wrong door when she'd meant to go back to her room. This door has led to somewhere else entirely. For all its cool air, it's not her hotel room and it's definitely not her ice palace back in Arendelle. Instead, there's a long expanse of white ice all around her. Looking around, Elsa realizes that not only is she in a small booth, her clothes have also changed. While it still has the blues and glitter of her normal dress, it leaves her bare and vulnerable.

There's no way she's staying here! Elsa spins around only to see the door she entered is locked and she's being called to the ice to perform.

Only now does Elsa realize how many figures are up in the stands. All of them are staring down at her and her stomach drops out as she feels the pressure tightening in her chest.

Conceal. Don't feel. Conceal. Don't feel.

She's never felt so uncertain of herself on the ice as the music starts to play.

Feb. 3rd, 2014 08:37 pm
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It called to him now. Never before standing upon the decks of an ancient ship had the sea called to Legolas the way it called him now and there was little he could do but heed it. The armies of Gondor and Rohan camped now along the great field called Pelennor, preparing for a final stand against Sauron, and while his head should have been in strategy, instead it was lost at sea. This was madness.

Legolas understood now why the Elves had flocked from Middle Earth in droves. No longer were they tethered to this land and concerned with the perils of it. No longer did the matters of Men and Dwarves and Halflings cross their minds on a regular basis. Instead, it was Valinor and her white ships that called them and they answered it, marching without cease into the west.

Legolas knew there were many things left to be done before he could join them. He had made a pact with the company of the Ring and intended to keep it, intended to see Aragorn, son of Arathorn, installed as king of all Men. Sauron's grip in the east was too strong yet to give in to temptation and he tried to use that to guard his mind and serve as focus for the days to come. Still, as it had never been difficult before now, it was a strange shift in the way he thought and it almost seemed he was dreaming awake.

He pushed open the flap of his tent, intending to take in the night air on this eve of battle. Elves did not need to sleep in the traditional sense of Men and Dwarves and Legolas had already had his fill of rest this evening. Tonight, he sought the stars and their company and thought to commune with those long past. But as he stepped through the opening in the tent, a curious thing happened - there were no stars above him.

Instead, he was in a hall of some sort, closed in and carpeted without view of the night sky. There was a doorway there too, plain and unassuming, and Legolas wondered how this was possible. Was this some Elven magic or was it something older, something of wizards who trod the earth long before Elves came to prominence. Was this something of Numenor, now twisted to do Sauron's will? He knew not.

With a hand at the hilt of his knife, he turned his head a bit, listening for any signs of danger. Hearing nothing obvious, he pressed on, trying to make sense of this mad, new world.

[[Find an Elf wandering the halls at night!]]


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