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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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She had found a door, finally, which made her heart sing, her blood stir in her veins. However high the ceilings may be in her room, however expansive the hotel grounds, they were still too contained, small. She was used to endless horizons and unknown territory, and the hotel was somewhat suffocating in that regard.

But this, here. A small door that she had seemed to just notice (or had it appeared once her longing became strong enough?) down the hall from her quarters, which she had to duck slightly in order to walk through. It had been carved from apple wood, with designs of flowers and fruit curling around the door handle. Once through, aware of the fickle nature of the Nexus, she had propped the door open with a large rock.

She had appeared out of the side of a rocky hillside, a natural formation which in her own land would have been used as some sort of watchtower or signal top. All around Tauriel was spring. Flowers were beginning to grow through the damp grass, and the air smelt fresh and warm. After a few trips through the door Tauriel felt comfortable enough to visit it often, with only her daggers and no other weapon.

This time, it was night. She found a spot on the boulders she could comfortably half sit, half lay upon, and she looked up at a glowing profusion of stars she did not recognize. She ached at their familiarity all the same, though; them and the heavy moon hanging low in the sky. There was more than enough starlight and moonlight to see by and, humming a soft melody to herself, she began to slowly braid her hair.
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"No, we have to have the lanterns," Anna insists, stringing up several. They're all clumped together and not organized and she thinks Elsa could possibly have done a better job of this but she's not going to put planning a birthday party on Elsa. Not when she just wants to enjoy a day with her sister and her sister's...whatever. Legolas has the same birthday as Anna and she had been delighted to discover that; isn't that just the best thing ever, to share a birthday with a friend? Anna has never really had the occasion to have a big birthday party seeing as how Elsa has always been hiding so this is a celebration of Elsa as much as it's one for Legolas and Anna.

"I do not think we need this many decorations. The flowers themselves are lovely," Legolas says, not entirely certain about Anna's methods. "But if you think it will please your sister, I acquiesce." Legolas always uses big fancy words and Anna's not particularly shocked that he's being all formal about this. She wonders what he and Elsa really get up to when they sneak off to that door with the big cherry trees inside it. It has to be boring, the way they are. Oh well, hardly matters. Today is about celebrating - both she and Legolas and the fact that it's summer. Anna has always, always loved summer.

"Oh, come on. It's boring if we don't at least try to decorate the garden a little. What are we going to do, just go sit in a tree? Boring, Leggy. Totally boring." Legolas makes a face at the nickname and moves to hang up some more of the lanterns. "I am well over a thousand this day. I do not think I have celebrated the day of my birth in centuries. Why is it so important to you mortals?"

Anna screws up her face and thinks about that for a moment. "Well, I think it's because we don't get all that many birthdays. If I'm lucky, I'm going to get a hundred, maybe. I don't remember any of the ones before I was five and then...well, stuff, so then I didn't celebrate for a bunch of years. I'm working on a limited supply of birthdays and so I want to remember all of them. I guess when you're just going to have birthdays forever and ever and never die you probably don't care about them. Is it weird? Being around regular people?"

Legolas tilts his head in the way Anna has figured out means he's thinking about something and she sighs. Of course he's going to get all philosophical on her about how he's going to live forever and everything he loves is going to die and blah blah blah. It's sad, sure, but Anna thinks he should just live in the moment. This moment is a lot more fun than worrying about the future.

"Don't answer that. Come on, Elsa's going to be here soon."

[[OOC: It's Legolas and Anna's birthday. Tag one or both :)]]
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Throughout the day on the 14th, the Nexus staff deliver single roses and accompanying notes to designated hotel guests in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. For some, the gesture will be a foregone conclusion; for others, it will be a surprise. For some, they might only guess at who sent them the gift in the first place.

[Comments with deliveries will follow are done. You may reply to yours with a reaction if you like!]
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Tauriel was getting used to this place. It was so unlike what she was accustomed to – nothing bad, but simply more obstacles to overcome, new things to learn. It was not that difficult, once she got used to it, though showers were certainly a rather interesting invention to experiment with.

She had been trying to find some way to divert herself. She was a warrior, but there was nothing here to really allow her to utilize her skills, not without stepping through one of those other doors – which, for the moment, she refrained from. There were many beautiful rooms in the hotel, though, which did not require travelling to another world, and she had explored them as she searched for a useful diversion.

It came to her, suddenly, when she was in the Smoking Room. There was a stage for performances which, while empty of performers, still had a multitude of instruments. There was more in storage, as well, from what she could gather. Asking around, one of the employees let her take a look.

That was how she ended up with the harp. She had no intention in performing for anyone, not when she wasn't all that good, but they'd allowed her to borrow it to practice. She settled in a sunny part of the garden near the rotunda, untouched by frost but with a kiss of chill in the air, placing the harp in her lap. It was true she was more used to plucking the string of a bow than an instrument, but elves – even the elves of Mirkwood – were an artistic and musical race, and she certainly knew how to play from when she was a child and had not yet found her calling as a hunter. She was adequate, but simply not a born musician. Still, after a pause in which she considered, she began to carefully pluck the strings. It was a slightly different instrument than what she was used to, but the sound was similar.

Finally, getting the hang of it, she began pulling out the opening notes of a slow, soft ballad. Not sad, just calming. It was nice. She felt a small ball of tension between her shoulders loosen. While her playing was somewhat stilted for an elf as she stirred awake those memories, they were perhaps pleasing to the ear of the younger races.
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Ruby had gone to her room smelling of cheeseburgers often enough that one might assume she grew tired of them, though the one piled high in front of her could easily make a lie out of that. She had the day off from the Smoking Room but was still tucked away in one of its booths, a plate bearing a half-eaten cheeseburger and a scattering of fries next to a mostly smeared ketchup puddle in front of her. In one hand was a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, and while she kept glancing up and around to see who had joined her for lunch in the bar, she was enjoying the book very much. Reading was not a past time she made enough time for, she’d decided, and her New Year’s resolution had been to tackle the knee-high pile of “To Read” books that had gathered on her side of the bed she shared with Graham before she or he tripped over them for the millionth time.

She glanced up and around at the bar once more as she selected another fry and swirled the tip in ketchup, bringing it to her mouth for a bite before casting her attention back down to the book. She had heard somewhere that Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda was allegedly responsible for a good deal of his work, this book included, and she thought she could believe it. This book had the sort of prose that was not frilly but touchable, the sort of “fiction” one might write after taking a good, long look at both themselves and their marriage. A definite feminine touch, but who really knew in the end? All she was really sure of was that the story had proven to be brilliant and insightful and sad, and while Ruby usually preferred adventure stories and this one was definitely not that, it was holding her attention marvelously.

Idly, she moved to wipe the salt from her fingers on a napkin before turning a page, glancing up once again between the break of one chapter and the start of another. She’d opted for a pint of beer with her burger, and nearly jolted at the realization that she’d been neglecting it all too much between her people watching, her burger, and her book. She sat the book face down on the table, still open and far away from her food to keep from either wetting the pages or getting them dirty, and picked her beer up for a nice, long drink.
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cut for spoilers for Hobbit: BotFA )

The people – so many people. And the noise. Nothing to the crash of battle and yet too much for her to deal with. It was easy, at least, not to be noticed; easy to be ignored and therefore easier to ignore what was going on around her. She had been inside of a building, so strange and foreign to her, and while it did not occur to her to feel terrified – she felt beyond that – she did not like it.

There was no mountain but there was sky. She knelt on a hilly piece of land, in the dark, away from the festivities. She took bracing breaths of chilly air, and looked up. Hours she spent, considering what had happened but not caring. She knew something foreign and untoward had occurred, and she had stepped beyond what she knew. The fireworks were abrupt and explosive and startled her, but the cheering from the guests told her to take it calmly, and she did. Still she hunkered at the outskirts of the revel, until the noise began to die down, the music stopped, the people slowly trickled away and the grounds were quiet.

She felt empty, but really she was just alone. She ought to tend to her wounds, and yet it did not occur to her. Let everything fester, let her wither away. She palmed the runestone in her hand; it felt much heavier, more formed, than the rest of her body. Tauriel thought she was done with crying, but she wasn't. At the very least, though, she wept silently, as she waited for the dawn.


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