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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Throughout the day on the 14th, the Nexus staff deliver single roses and accompanying notes to designated hotel guests in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. For some, the gesture will be a foregone conclusion; for others, it will be a surprise. For some, they might only guess at who sent them the gift in the first place.

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Jul. 16th, 2014 08:29 pm
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Isaac figures this has to be some kind of retribution or revenge or something that the universe is conspiring against him because he's been avoiding Beacon Hills to try not to cope with the weird shit and instead, it happens to him here, again. After the last time he'd spent a few weeks as a girl, he's pretty sure it's the one thing that makes him distrust the hotel and maybe the one thing that makes him think that hiding out here isn't as safe as he wants to think it is and yeah, maybe he should go home.

Right now, though, he's coping with the fact that he'd jogged inside from his run, walked through the front door, of all places, and suddenly his clothes are too big again and the hair is all over his face and one quick glance down shows him yup, he's got a rack again.

Isaac tips his head to the ceiling, frustration singing through him as he wonders why the hell he can't just get a normal sign from the universe, like a signed note or something. Hell, even a voicemail would've been nice, but instead he's got to deal with this.

Letting out a frustrated breath, Isaac hikes his way to the nearest sofa and sits down so he can bend over to retie the sneakers that are suddenly way too big for his feet. He'd wandered in and out of the front door, but nothing. At this point, he's wondering if maybe the only thing that will let him go back to normal is going back to Beacon Hills.

He needs to find the door first and right now, he needs to fix his shoes and get a ridiculous amount of hair out of his face. He blows strands of it out of his eyes with the force of sheer frustration, blinking rapidly when his vision clears and he finds that he's so not alone.

"Uh, hey?" Isaac offers, peering down and slapping a hand to his chest when his tank top is way more revealing than it was when he left for his run. Cheeks flushed red, he lets out another vivid curse under his breath and slumps back against the padded couch. "I'm not trying to flash you, I swear."

Jan. 10th, 2014 10:09 pm
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When Isaac returns from the Hunger Games more than a little shaken up, April's able to calm him down.


Jan. 8th, 2014 09:15 pm
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Finnick kept expecting for the bottom to drop out. It was hard to believe that this wasn't a charade. He'd seen plenty of devious plans hatched and carried out in the Capitol, and there were certainly many that had this sort of longevity and creativity. But this lacked a certain level of cruelty that he had always been able to taste before. If it had been an arena, the need for blood would have won out long ago. No, this was something else. Maybe it was safety. Finnick wasn't ready to believe that yet.

Still, he had decided to lower his guard a little. It helped marginally that both Johanna and Katniss were here; if something was going to happen to him, it was going to happen to all three of them, and if there were any other Victors he wanted at his side, it was the two of them.

As it was, there was little else he could do. If the Capitol was playing a trick, they were holding out the cards. So, Finnick decided to enjoy the hotel. It was nice enough. Certainly on par with some of the nicer ones in the Capitol, although perhaps lacking the gaudier decorations.

He liked being out in the gardens, because he rarely saw anything resembled nature in the Capitol. But, without a doubt, his favorite area was the pool. There still was something unnatural about swimming indoors, but it was calming all the same to do lap after lap and just hear the quiet of the building surrounding him.

That's where he was at the moment, stripped to just his skin except for Annie's necklace, which was still tied securely about his neck. He treaded water for a moment before launching himself forward, heading back toward the shallow end of the pool again.
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A large, decorative sign situated prominantly in the lobby reads:

The Nexus Hotel
proudly presents its

Formal Reception
Nexus Dining Hall
6 PM - Midnight

Monster Mixer
Nexus Basement
8 PM - 2 AM

Masquerade attire recommended for all guests

Most of the chairs have been removed from the Dining Hall to allow for ballroom-style dancing to the orchestra set up on the far end of the room. A polished cherry wood open bar is aligned along one wall. The adjacent Bistro is open for the duration of the formal reception, serving gourmet hors d'oeuvres.

Downstairs, the basement's largest storeroom has been converted into a spooky nightclub, complete with DJ, dance floor and cocktails.

Oct. 14th, 2013 07:39 pm
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When he was younger, when Camden and his mother and his father (so, everyone, basically) was still alive, they'd gone to Disneyland the once. At the time, Isaac had been too young to appreciate a happy, shiny family, but he looks back on that and wonders why the hell he didn't pay attention to the fact that his father wasn't throwing glassware at the walls and his mother was happy and Camden was living and breathing. So Disneyland had lived grandly in his memory as a beacon of a shining time.

It's been pulled out from memory, though. He'd been with April at the hotel, still trying to avoid reality and the implications of what his new feelings for Allison meant for his friendship with Scott (which didn't even touch on the pack implications) and suddenly instead of wandering into his room to grab a jacket, he's staring at the entrance to Disneyland.

It's Disneyland. For some reason, he's opened a door to the happiest place on earth, which is almost a cosmic joke considering who opened that door. It hadn't taken him very long to find a brick to prop the door open before grabbing April's hand to tug her through the door. It's like a switch has gone off. Before, in the Nexus, Isaac had still been trying to shake off all the bad things that had piled up in his life, but here? Here is where Isaac is happy without consequence or reproach or the fear that sharp, glass things will be thrown at him as soon as he gets comfortable (at least, not unless the Jungle Cruise gets pretty intense).

"Where to first?" he asks April, as soon as he's shaken off the very last of his worries that this is somehow a trick. "My only veto is Haunted Mansion," he warns, not knowing how the hell the wolf is going to react to all of that.

Oct. 3rd, 2013 08:12 pm
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Months ago, when the Circle had decided that they needed the Master tools in order to strengthen their magic and come into their full strength, Adam had fully supported the decision and even volunteered to use his summer break to search them out. If he’d known then what he knew now, if he’d known that the crystal skull that resonated with so much power Adam could sense it buried beneath the sand was so tied to Black John that it brought him back, he never would have agreed to go. There was such a thing as too much power, after all, and that skull had been too much even for a full coven and the delicate rituals that Melanie and Diana had devised to cleanse it. Even now, searching for the real Master tools, Adam didn’t know if it was such a good idea. What if they found them and Black John took them or, worse, manipulated Cassie or Faye into using them against the Circle and the rest of New Salem?

There wasn’t enough time to think it through for Adam’s tastes but he trusted Cassie and trusted her visions: even the original Circle had looked to Cassie’s family as the strongest of the twelve. But was trust enough? Was it enough to know how things would play out once they put forth change and altered the future? Adam couldn’t say.

What he could say, though, was that they needed to act fast. Faye was working with Black John to bring the Circle down and there was a storm brewing offshore that would wipe New Salem off the map and take a good chunk of the rest of New England with it. Black John had already killed four people, five if Cassie’s mother didn’t shake off the funk she’d been in since he came back and Adam knew it would only get worse if they didn’t do something. It was on Cassie’s suggestion that they went back to Number Twelve and started digging behind the fireplace. She looked shaken and rightly so; her grandmother had died here, her mother had been scared catatonic here…it was a lot for anyone to handle. Adam wanted to reach out and touch her, comfort her, but they’d made a promise that he wasn’t willing to break, not even in a situation like this.

Adam could feel the hum of power, true power, the second Cassie lifted the box from the fireplace. It was old, solid and when she lifted the lid, he could see the gleam of the real Master tools, not the replicas Diana had used as coven leader. The silver cuff looked heavy, the diadem sparkled like a crown of stars and the garter was made of leather that was miraculously still supple after hundreds of years.

It wasn’t his right to touch them, he knew, but Adam couldn’t help but reach out for the garter and graze his fingers against an object so old and so powerful that maybe, just maybe, they’d stand a chance against Black John and his dark magic. The power that whooshed from the artifact knocked him back and when he came to, there was the grit of sand against his skin and in his mouth. Sand? He’d been blown all the way out of the house, down the cliffs and onto the beach? It was one hell of an artifact, then, and cemented his belief that Cassie had been right about locating the Master tools; no fake would have had that much stored power without some kind of ritual to sustain it.

The power was too much for him and while it was probably dangerous to leave right at this moment, he told the others he needed to get air and would check outside to make sure nobody had come upon the burned-out house. It wouldn’t necessarily hurt to do a perimeter check, especially considering just how dangerous things could become if someone got their hands on the Master tools and intended to use them for evil and he stepped out of the half-burned door with closed eyes, taking in a deep breath in order to calm himself. He didn’t expect much, considering how the ocean was roiling and unsettling him; having Water as a chosen element was more of a liability at the moment than an asset.

But things didn’t seem right. He opened his eyes and saw plush carpeting and the trappings of a hotel, not the eerie and unsettled calm of Crowhaven Road before a killer storm. Confused, Adam turned back to the door and turned the knob, frowning when it appeared to be stuck. That didn’t make any sense, he’d just come through it, hadn’t he? He tried again, bracing himself as he tugged the door and while it yanked open, there was nothing but a storage closet and not the exit back to his own world.

Of all the times to discover new magic, this wasn’t it, and Adam muttered under his breath in frustration as he tried closing the door and reopening it, yielding the same result. The Circle needed him as much as anyone else - a Circle of eleven was crippled and unprepared to face Black John’s threat and it was only twelve, a full Circle, that even stood a chance. There was no way that he could be here instead of there unless...unless it was by design. If Black John wanted to disrupt their power base, he’d done it, and now he had an even bigger advantage than before.

Adam dragged a hand through his hair and took a deep breath, taking inventory of what he had at the moment to start making his way back. This was a kind of magic he wasn’t familiar with, some sort of magic that transported a person across vast distances, and unraveling the exact spell that was used would take time that he simply didn’t have. He kicked the door one last time in frustration and took a little satisfaction in the way the wood cracked beneath his boot but it didn’t really damage the door or make it give way to a path home.

Really, all it served to do was make him concentrate on the pain in his foot instead of the dire situation he’d found himself in and Adam wasn’t necessarily sure that was any better. He was of the very-uninformed opinion that it was not.
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The black sign positioned in front of the Dining Hall's main entrance reads:

New Guest Reception
6 PM - 8 PM

All guests welcome

In the Dining Hall itself, the chairs have been pushed up against the walls and the long dining table turned into a buffet stocked with finger foods. At the far end of the room is a small bar serving beer, standard cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Aug. 5th, 2013 10:54 am
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Cut for light spoilers up to Tricked. )

I never thought about travelling the Old Ways to get away (too much attention), and I picked our location because it was as far from the old ways as you could possibly get.

Which doesn't explain why I've ended up in some sort of art gallery.

My sandals squeak on the polished floor as I spin around and open the door I just came through. No cabin, no woods, no Granuaile or Oberon -- this is not good. At all. I didn't go and fake my death to ensure our safety just to get lost right before I could even start training Granuaile.

I activate my faerie specs charm -- it allows me to view auras and enchantments in the magical realm, very neat and kind of cool, if I do say so myself -- and I see nothing I recognize. Magic has a certain kind of aura about it, one that I can pick out and read as easily as Dr. Seuss after two thousand years of working with it. The fact that I've never seen this sort of aura before scares me.

With the faerie specs charm still going, I walk toward the big double doors that seem to spill out into a much larger room and hey, look at that.

"Welcome to Hotel California. Such a lovely place," I say to myself, taking it all in.

It's gorgeous, I'll give it that. But I've always been wary of pretty things when there's magic of this magnitude involved. Especially magic I don't recognize. Who has enough power to transport someone from the middle of nowhere to a hotel like this? Probably a god. And why? Well, there's a long list of reasons why any god would do it, that's a silly question to ask.

I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope it's not Odin.

"Excuse me," I say, trying to to catch the attention of a passing bell hop. "What's the name of this hotel?"

The look he shoots my way makes me turn off the charm and look down at myself. Oh, yeah. T-shirt, pants, sandals, and sword hanging off my back - I'm probably not the sort of clientele this hotel sees.

[OOC: Please skim this! Especially the bit about tattoos.]
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He presses play and he can hear the crescendo leaking out of Eames’ headphones as he slots himself into a corner of the elevator. One hand locks on the bar for stability and the other holds the detonator. Édith has begun to sing and Arthur begins to count. Even in dream time, the seconds don’t seem to follow the proper measure. His heart beats like a hummingbird’s but the music he can hear through the dream layers sounds even slower than it should be.

No, nothing from nothing. No. I regret nothing. Arthur translates in his head, taking measure through the words. None of the good, none of the bad. It’s all the same to me. Édith’s voice swells despite her lyrical indifference and Arthur takes the words as a promise, hoping  that this will work. He presses the button and distantly, he can hear explosions. The elevator shakes and he closes his eyes and hopes.

He falls in zero gravity, hits the floor. The elevator dings and Arthur opens his eyes, flooding with panic. This isn’t the truck falling into the river. He’s suddenly alone, half sprawled on the floor of a different elevator, watching the doors open into a lobby he doesn’t recognize. This isn’t his dream. Or Yusuf’s. Or Eames’. And this sure as hell isn’t the airplane.

Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong and Arthur can only assume he’s fallen into limbo.

He has to find a way out.

Jul. 24th, 2013 09:35 pm
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Garrus had had a terrible dream. That wasn't especially unusual, given what his year had been like- what the last few years head been like, come to that- but nightmares about Reapers swallowing the world and the Normandy being pulled apart by invisible solar winds and being cornered by endless waves of mercenaries were normal. Dreaming of garden parties at sprawling Gothic hotels on Earth, dreaming of being human, that was just outright bizarre. That it would be a recurring dream seemed too much to entertain. Garrus had wanted nothing more than to get out of his armor and sleep for a few scarce hours, anticipating the pleasing quiet that came after the gentle hum of his door opening, and instead was greeted with a strange smell and a sudden lurching disquiet in all his limbs.

"Ah, hell-" He started turning quickly back to catch clumsily at the door handle with his now-human hand and found it locked. Of course. He cursed a few more times and kicked it once for good measure, which hurt far more than he had anticipated and he swore and stumbled back.

"This is- Not funny!" he shouted, knowing he'd sound crazy or like an idiot to anyone who came across him. With no reassurance that his sanity wasn't totally slipping, he didn't care too much. He didn't even have a side-arm on him, let alone his Mantis, and clad in nothing but casual dress, stripped of armor and exoskeletal bone structure, he felt intensely vulnerable and therefor cranky.
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I can't fix that now. I can't fix that --

I can't...

Why did he ever leave? Why did he ever go? Why did he have to open the door and see where it led him? (You know why, don't pretend you don't, don't pretend you don't have a clue. Don't be an idiot, son, don't...) He'd known he had to get back to help Scott, but he didn't think it would bring him to Glen Capri and after the strange hotel with free rooms, the second strange motel in such a short time means his trust is running short when it comes to the unexplainable lodging industry.

"Get the chains," he finds himself saying, again. He's himself and he's his father, both sides of the same coin, past and present and future, and before he can stop it, he's screaming at the top of his lungs, scrambling to get up and out and away from the freezer and when he pushes madly to find somewhere to hide, he grabs hold of the door and wrenches it open, stumbling into the hallway of another familiar hotel.

Isaac shakes his head when the panic assaults him at the strange room, but the voices are following him, even here. "Get the chains," he says again, staggering back in fear at his own voice, whispering and begging to himself, "No," again and again, "No," and there's nowhere safe, so he needs to hide. He ignores everything and everyone around him and scrambles to the ground, crawling on hands and knees until he finds himself an anchor -- what he fears and what keeps him safe, all in the same place. Isaac curls up on himself under this big bed (Get in the freezer, son), breathing heavily, and ignores the sounds of whoever's in this room with him.

They can't be as bad a roommate as the voices in his head right now.

Hover for notes (CAUTION: spoilers for 3x06, Teen Wolf)
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Twenty-six hours. April had been stuck in this place for twenty-six hours, and enough was enough.

Shockingly, the situation had turned out to be completely un-sinister. She was seldom as wary as Master Splinter or the guys thought she ought to be, but she'd known enough to not take Hotel Nexus or whatever it was called at face value. Since her arrival yesterday afternoon, she'd been conducting an investigation, and had spied on both guests and staff of the hotel. This had required listening through closed doors and skulking in shadowy alcoves in what she felt was a very ninja-like fashion. She'd even sneaked up to the attic to check for secret Kraang machinery, and at one point had pinched a housekeeper to determine if he was a robot. Her efforts had turned up nothing but old Christmas decorations and some tiny bottles of shampoo hurled angrily at her head.

So maybe the place really was what it claimed to be: An innocuous luxury hotel in its own tiny universe. It was strange, but she'd encountered way stranger. The employees of the hotel were predictably polite, but not in a Stepford or pod people kind of way, and most of the guests seemed pretty okay with being there. It would have been cool if she hadn't been completely unable to get back home again.

A lot could happen in twenty-six hours, and she could picture perfectly how things were going back home with her missing. Leo, putting on the good leader face but secretly worried to death; Raph having to be held back from launching an attack against the Kraang or the Foot or both; Mikey stress eating everything in sight. And Donnie, well. Donnie was probably on the cusp of having a full-on meltdown.

She really needed to get back, if only to avoid the clean up.

The door she'd arrived through had shown back up in the lobby about twenty minutes ago, but of course it wouldn't open. There was a key hole, but attempting to peer through it revealed only darkness beyond. She'd done everything she could think of: Jiggle the handle, use a credit card, sweet-talk the lock. Her patience was wearing perilously thin.

"Come on," she sighed, and gave the knob another futile turn. "Come on, come on, COME ON!"

All at once, she braced one foot against the door and began violently shaking the knob, her entire body shaking with it.

"LET. ME. AHHHhhhh!"

Hands slipping, April went tumbling backward, landing on the floor with a hard thump. Sprawled on her butt, she puffed the hair from her eyes and glared.

Jun. 30th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Where the universe is concerned, Olaf doesn't generally question its choices. Bad things happen. Good things happen. Strange things happen, but usually it all fits together in the larger pieces of the puzzle. It's why he doesn't really do so much more than shrug when instead of walking into Mike's bar, he walks into a party in full swing where he doesn't recognize a single guest.

It's not like this is the first time it's happened to Olaf. Generally, him recognizing someone in a crowd full of people is usually a start. Still, he has learned to go with the stranger events in the universe and no one's died as a result of this little left turn, so he grabs the joint he'd tucked away behind his ear and drifts into the throng of people, observing the summer-like nature of the party from the vibrant drinks to the decorations to the clothes everyone's wearing. Really, this could very well still be Auckland for all he knows and whatever he took earlier had been laced stronger than usual, but Olaf's sort of getting the feeling there's more to it than that.

With no shoes and a Hawaiian shirt fit for a king, Olaf feels like he fits right into the breezy, summer theme of the party around him. He might not know how he got here, but Olaf's never turned down a good party. This one holds a great deal of promise.


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