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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Throughout the day on the 14th, the Nexus staff deliver single roses and accompanying notes to designated hotel guests in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. For some, the gesture will be a foregone conclusion; for others, it will be a surprise. For some, they might only guess at who sent them the gift in the first place.

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It was turning out to be a subdued holiday season for Fiona, but with the chaos of the last year, she definitely didn't have any complaints. There was enough distance now between her and the worst of what had happened that she was able to really reflect on it all, and the calm atmosphere definitely made that easier. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't a little bummed at not being able to buy some extra presents for the kids this year, but she still had her bartending job and that meant the squirrel fund would stay full through the winter. She honestly couldn't ask for any more than that.

Today she was at that same job, writing in careful print on the large chalkboard behind the bar:

December Drink Specials

Candy Cane Cocktail
Maple Butter Kiss
The Keats
Cherry Brandy Old Fashioned
Layered Christmas Shooter

She stepped back, dusting chalk from her hands as she looked over the list. Most of them she'd never made before, but she was a Gallagher, and that meant two things: She was adaptable and good with booze.

Turning, she offered a smile. "What can I get you?"

[Smoking Room gathering post! Tag Fiona and/or each other!]
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The fog had begun near the dusk hours, coating all the plants and flowers in the garden. It settled, heavy, and blanketed everything with a new cover that was only matched in mood by the graveyard that had unearthed itself from the grass and the moss. Names were etched on each gravestone, but the most unnerving part was that every few steps, if you stopped and listened very, very carefully, you might hear a knock of a human hand against hard wood. It was almost as if the dead were being called upwards.

The maze stood normal, but inside around the corners, there were things lurking and waiting.

Outside might have become frightening and gloomy, but the contrast to indoors was stark. Inside, carved pumpkins lit with candles turned the ballroom and restaurants into amber-lit abodes, costumed partygoers twirled to the music played by the band in the lobby (while the DJ had set up in the conservatory). Candy and small hors d'oeuvres circulated on the trays of immaculately clad waiters and though outside it was stormy, foggy, and spooky, inside was a delight of themed drinks, delicious food, and the manic and half-crazed mood of people in the midst of their fun.

The party for Halloween had begun.

And there was no telling when it might ever end.
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Throughout his long, varied life, Hal has seen many attempts at connection and while he bears the traits of a leader, he has also gone through long periods of his life in which he had struggled not to accept any attention at all. Now, in an odd hotel that he lingers in to grasp control, he finds himself organizing a small soirée of like-minded beings, of whom he has invited using the phone system as well as a very politely worded typed up note posted at the Front Desk which announces:

Supernatural and supernaturally sympathetic people:

Please bring your experiences to a support and conversation group. Snacks will be provided. The discussion will revolve not only around common afflictions, but a key purpose of the evening intends to assuage us all that there are no surprises to us lurking behind the doors, whether ghost, werewolf, vampire, or other.

Hal had procured the library for the evening, setting chairs in a loose circle as he tries to avoid it becoming too reminiscent of a circle in which people ought to confess their sins and their addictions. Not everyone who might come is an addict like him (or perhaps that's not the right word as homicidal murderer of thousands isn't quite in the same neighbourhood as addict). True to his word, there are snacks -- small triangle sandwiches and bitter black coffee served alongside punch.

Most importantly, there is a hush to this room that Hal feels secure in. If they are to group here together, creatures of the night, at least it will be done in privacy and solace.

Jul. 16th, 2014 08:29 pm
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Isaac figures this has to be some kind of retribution or revenge or something that the universe is conspiring against him because he's been avoiding Beacon Hills to try not to cope with the weird shit and instead, it happens to him here, again. After the last time he'd spent a few weeks as a girl, he's pretty sure it's the one thing that makes him distrust the hotel and maybe the one thing that makes him think that hiding out here isn't as safe as he wants to think it is and yeah, maybe he should go home.

Right now, though, he's coping with the fact that he'd jogged inside from his run, walked through the front door, of all places, and suddenly his clothes are too big again and the hair is all over his face and one quick glance down shows him yup, he's got a rack again.

Isaac tips his head to the ceiling, frustration singing through him as he wonders why the hell he can't just get a normal sign from the universe, like a signed note or something. Hell, even a voicemail would've been nice, but instead he's got to deal with this.

Letting out a frustrated breath, Isaac hikes his way to the nearest sofa and sits down so he can bend over to retie the sneakers that are suddenly way too big for his feet. He'd wandered in and out of the front door, but nothing. At this point, he's wondering if maybe the only thing that will let him go back to normal is going back to Beacon Hills.

He needs to find the door first and right now, he needs to fix his shoes and get a ridiculous amount of hair out of his face. He blows strands of it out of his eyes with the force of sheer frustration, blinking rapidly when his vision clears and he finds that he's so not alone.

"Uh, hey?" Isaac offers, peering down and slapping a hand to his chest when his tank top is way more revealing than it was when he left for his run. Cheeks flushed red, he lets out another vivid curse under his breath and slumps back against the padded couch. "I'm not trying to flash you, I swear."
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She's dead on her feet.

As time passes, that fact is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Running on pure adrenaline can only carry one as far as running on fumes; eventually, there's a limit, and then there's a crash. The not-even-two-hours of sleep she'd managed on the bus, wedged between Lydia and the window, aren't even close to what she'd need to recover from the whirlwind of the past twenty-four. There'd been the battle against the alpha pack, trying not to lose the bus, the race against time to stitch up Scott before he'd let himself bleed out completely, the entire night at the Glen Capri -

She's starving.

That is also becoming harder and harder to ignore, especially when the smells coming from the Bistro are so tempting. With the all-consuming anxiety that had been tearing away at her, food had been about the last thing on her mind, and now, it's hard to remember the last time she'd even eaten anything. Yesterday morning? Had it really been that long? It's a wonder she's still moving at all.

Unease is something that continues to linger somewhere in the background, behind fatigue and lightheadedness. It isn't surprising, given that, after everything that's just happened, she's found herself in a hotel, of all places. One that's strange in every way, even if it doesn't feel half as dingy or creepy as where she's just come from. There's still an impetus to move, to find people, to not waste time grabbing a bite. But she knows that, realistically, she can't be useful for much of anything without food, at least.

So, that's what leads her here: standing outside the restaurant, rummaging through her purse for some cash.

(Looks like nobody's told her the buffet is free yet.)

Jun. 17th, 2014 09:43 am
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Nick and anger had never been a good combination. On the island it had caused him to damage more than one tree and had probably been the impetus for the island's January gift one year of a heavy bag. A bag he'd damaged and had to reinforce a few times as the island played "Fuck With Nick's Head" on more than one occasion. That, and the near state of perpetual sexual frustration, he'd been one on-edge human on that island and he'd been glad for the release, and that he hadn't been able to touch his demon powers.

Now. Well. Now it was a whole different party. Because the same issues were there, but he had full access to his demon powers.

Powers that had nearly caused him to take out the Nexus' gym before he'd teleported himself to Bella's forest door and taken himself away from humans. His only thought had been to go somewhere the odds were low he'd set off some kind of temporal rift or end the world before he had a chance to get the rage under control.

Bella had found him there, of course, fresh from her own hunt and though she didn't know him from the island, they'd talked about his time there, and his true nature, enough for her to guard the door to keep him safely in the forest. He was glad for it since she was one of the few people here strong enough to restrain him, and one he couldn't hurt in return, in mind or in body. She didn't even flinch when he'd gone full demon form on her a few times.

She must have heard enough of what he said during his rage ranting because after a few minutes, she offered herself as a substitute, a target for the protective anger boiling through him. Focusing on that, and an hour long brawl, had worked to get him off the ledge, as it were.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" she asked when they stepped back into the hotel. Her face had been as beautiful as ever, and the only sign that she'd sparred a demon for an hour was in her torn clothes and mussed hair.

"I'll be fine," Nick responded. "The worst of it is gone. Besides, you're going to be listening for me anyway, and you can come rescue me."

Bella smiled and nodded. "You got that right."

Nick leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Go do whatever you were going to do before you decided to spend an afternoon demon fighting. I've got a different vampire to find."

He left her with a light squeeze to her ice-cold hand and turned to stalk the corridors, using every sense he had to find the using vampire bastard. To everyone else who walked close to him, he just growled out, "not a good time."

Find Nick in full prowl - he's in human form, but his eyes may turn blazing yellow at times; or find Bella looking like she's stepped out of a tornado, with ripped clothes and really messed up hair.
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A hotel.

It's a lot nicer than the motel Scott was just at not long ago — and how recent is evidenced in the gasoline reek still coming off his hair and clothes, since the other shirt he packed for the field trip is probably ruined with blood — but it still raises his hackles (metaphorically) and makes him feel on edge. He actually pinched himself when he first found himself here, figuring it for a weird dream; last he knew, he was drifting off to sleep on the bus, head leaning against the window, headed for home. It'd been a relief to know that Derek's probably alive, despite the ramifications for the future with the alpha pack, and it'd been a relief to leave the Glen Capri and Coach's wolfsbane-filled whistle behind. Thank God for Lydia figuring that one out, and giving all of them — Scott included — an explanation for what was going on that night.

Scott keeps to the hallways, leaving the doors alone for now. He assumes they only lead to rooms where other people, who probably have nothing to do with supernatural weirdness and shouldn't be bothered, are staying, and he's more interested in finding any of his friends. Or management, who's bound to have answers. Hell, he'd even take Ethan or the mysterious darach, since the former might be willing to help and the latter would explain why he's stuck in a fancy hotel.

He finds himself outside of the hotel gift shop, peering through the glass with a frown. Maybe someone inside could tell him the fastest way back to Beacon Hills...? And maybe he could buy a chocolate bar or something at least while he's at it, because now that he thinks about it he's pretty hungry.
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While finding himself inexplicably lost in the bowels of an unfamiliar hotel is par for the course at this point in his life, Derek Hale still isn't ruling out the possibility that his uncle's responsible for this, somehow. Revenge of making him wear his dead sister's claws. Peter had been right behind him as he stepped out of his loft that morning, right on his heels — and then it was like his uncle hadn't been standing behind him at all. The door he came through led to some winter wonderland, not his loft in Northern California.

He can't say how, he can't say why — he can't even say that he's surprised, because he's honestly been waiting for that other shoe to drop. It's been far too quietly lately, and quiet, no matter how wanted and desired it was, never seemed to bode well for Beacon Hills. And this wasn't Beacon Hills.

At least, he didn't think it was...?

Derek tries another door. It's the sixth one he's tried on this floor, having found nothing particularly useful behind any of the doors on the floor below. Behind this one, he finds poker tables and slot machines. Vegas was at least recognizable, but it wasn't what he was looking for.

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

He shuts that door and carries on towards the next one.
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may 5 | nexus hotel

Not exactly himself, Isaac runs into Sif, who is not herself and looks incredibly similar to Derek Hale. Once Isaac realizes that isn't the case, they get to talking about what Derek is to Isaac.

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There's no way this is possible.

Isaac had been on his way to get food, like every other day, and he didn't exactly bother to check whether or not the doors were jimmy-rigged with some kind of weird crap. After all, his werewolf sense have been pretty good about telling him whether or not there's danger ahead. And yet, he hadn't seen this one coming. One minute, he's himself, then the next, everything has changed in the course of five seconds.

"Um," Isaac manages, grabbing his throat when the word comes out high, feminine, and strangled. He loosens his fingers and stares down at his loose clothes and the fact that he barely recognizes himself. Isaac grabs his face and stares in the reflection of nearby glass, realizing that he's not going crazy.

Actually, no. No, this is crazy. Crazy is wandering through a door and becoming a woman. Crazy is this and crazy is the wolf senses inside him going crazy when they don't know what to do with new hormones. He grabs at his hair, searching for a familiar face around him, because this is crazy. Isaac wanders through every damn door he can find, but nothing changes.

This is Beacon Hills level crap and this is supposed to be somewhere where he doesn't have to worry about the kind of crap. Zombies, he can cope with. Rome? Sure. An arena of things trying to kill him isn't exactly awesome, but Isaac can learn how to deal with it. Being in the hotel and turning into a girl on his way to dinner?

"If this is some random wolf crap, Derek did not give me the literature," Isaac growls, tugging at his too-loose clothes with distaste.

Feb. 23rd, 2014 10:38 pm
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When he'd walked through the door, the sound of a bell nearly deafened Isaac's ears.

When he steps through the door, everything hits him like a rushing tidal wave. He doesn't recognize everything at first, but slowly things start to come to him. That's the jungle gym and there's the hopscotch and he doesn't know why he's worried about some old hotel because it's recess. The door behind Isaac hangs open as his small feet send him running into the schoolyard playground, his lanky limbs bringing him further than the other kids with every step.

It's only when he gets to the middle of the yard that he realizes he doesn't see anyone he knows and Isaac starts to feel a tiny pit in his stomach that feels a lot like being scared. He wants Camden to come and play with him, but Camden has his own older friends and doesn't have time for a six-year-old like Isaac.

Cautiously, Isaac finds his way to the play area and sits down, hoping that maybe he can find someone to play with. After all, it can't be that hard, can it?

[Recess gathering post in the elementary school door! All ages, grades 1-8 welcome, whether they remember who they are or not]

Feb. 4th, 2014 12:53 am
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It had taken Ruby a few days to come to terms with her new situation, though a rare show of practicality had won out in the end after a lengthy discussion with Sheriff Graham and the man she knew as David Nolan. She wasn't going to be leaving the Nexus any time soon, at least not for a permanent return to her home, and if she was going to stay in the hotel, money had to be made for the sake of general upkeep. Her skills were admittedly limited, though thankfully there was work to be had in the hotel for someone who had grown up in a world of customer service and food preparation. Getting a job in the bar had seemed an appropriate change of pace, or at least all the change she could currently handle in a world that had been turned inside out for the moment, and after she'd been accepted for the position she'd started almost right away.

In addition to being a decidedly and thrillingly more swank environment than she was used to, the clientele was definitely more diverse in that it was a room full of people she'd never met before. For all she lacked in knowledge concerning the outside world she was attempting to put forth enough effort in charming everyone to get by in terms of the standard awkwardness she had purely by being the new girl in a very strange and new environment. She'd been serving the same food and drinks to basically the same people for longer than she cared to remember, and if this was her first attempt at branching out, she didn't want to botch it up.

The small, round tray was steady on the flat of her palm as she sat a round of drinks down at one of the tables, smiling when the patrons paused their conversation to gesture their thanks, and then continued their conversation. Ruby continued on, too, tucking her now empty tray under her arm as she looked around for someone waiting to be served.

Jan. 10th, 2014 10:09 pm
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When Isaac returns from the Hunger Games more than a little shaken up, April's able to calm him down.

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Amidst the chaos of the 75th Hunger Games, Isaac and Adam find themselves battling the elements and all ther threats (external and internal) presented.

Warning: Violence

Nov. 22nd, 2013 11:24 pm
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All things considered, Nick thought as he walked back through the corridor towards the pirate door, he probably shouldn't have brought a vampire with him. In his defense, his intentions had been wholly honorable. He knew Bella was having issues with boredom here - being completely unable to sleep she had a lot of hours to fill.

When he'd found the door that opened into a cabin on a pirate ship, he'd thought she'd have a good time. And they had.

Until two of the lackeys got into over something stupid and they'd both drawn swords. They'd taken their swipes at each other and really, it had all been straightforward enough. They weren't all that skilled at it.

Unfortunately, unskilled equated blood being drawn. Lots of blood being drawn.

Bella had good control, exceptional control, but an alcoholic into a vat of whiskey and bad things will happen.

He'd been able to use his powers to bind her and his strength to carry her back through the door and carry her through the hotel to the door to her forest. He didn't know how she'd fare running through the forest in the pirate wench's outfit he'd found in the cabin for her, but at least she wouldn't have human blood in her system and he wouldn't be disposing of a body. He felt he owed as much to Edward...even if he wasn't here, even if this Bella wasn't the same as the one he knew on the island.

Now that she was off hunting, he was in the mood to get back to some piracy.

Find Nick headed back to the pirate door in full pirate gear, with eyepatch. You can also find Bella coming out of a different door wearing her own pirate gear but probably with a few leaves and twigs in her hair and blood on her clothes.

Nov. 17th, 2013 02:32 pm
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When he sleeps, he remembers.

It’s been five years since Raleigh lost Yancy and he still wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night (or afternoon, as it was just a nap this time and not overnight) thinking his brother should be there, that they should be cutting up and finishing each others’ sentences and suiting up to go fight kaiju. Instead, there’s an empty hole where Yancy used to be and Raleigh’s not sure that it’s ever going to be filled in again and, more importantly, Raleigh’s not sure he wants it to be. As fucked up as it is, this is the only time he gets to see and hear Yancy anymore and he clings to it even if it’s probably not the healthiest choice.

It seems to help to have a purpose to fill his days besides welding on the wall. He’s glad Pentecost roped him back into being a Ranger even if he’d been against it at first because at least he’s fighting for something instead of just fighting so he doesn’t have to feel anything.

The hotel is a frustrating stumbling block in that process because while he’s here, he gets lulled into thinking it’s safe. There’s plenty to eat; Raleigh spent his whole first day gorging himself on meat and bread and shit that they just can’t get back home with all the rationing. There’s no televisions blaring about the latest kaiju attack, about people dying painful deaths from Kaiju Blue, about the military arguing whether or not Jaegers are worth the hassle when they can just build a wall to keep them out. The hotel is a bubble, safe, and Raleigh has to constantly remind himself that this is temporary. This isn’t something he can let himself get used to.

He’s pretty sure he’s not going to go back to sleep any time soon so he ends up pulling on a shirt and sliding into his boots, wandering without a purpose. There’s dozens and dozens of rooms in this place and he’s pretty sure he’ll never explore them all. He winds up in a room with a couple pool tables and thinks maybe this is a decent way to pass the time until the memories of Yancy fade a little.

He racks the balls and pulls out a cue, thoughtfully chalking the tip while he tries to decide how he wants to play, which angles to hit. This had always been a fun exercise with Yancy and had almost always ended in a draw; when you Drift as much as he did with his brother, you almost start sharing thoughts outside it. Raleigh nods at the person closest to him, asking if they want to start a game.

“I call stripes. Ten, corner pocket.”

It’s a welcome distraction.

Nov. 4th, 2013 04:05 pm
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Buffy was lost. It wasn't a metaphorical description for her life; It was a literal state of being. She was supposed to watching some big wig that Kennedy had paired her with. She'd been certain said big wig's room was a step out of the elevator, one left turn and down the hall. She spun in a slow circle, regarding the hallway she was standing in.

"I don't think this is even the right hotel..."

Which meant something hinky was going on. It wasn't that unusual in Buffy's world. Something weird was always going on. Her hand slipped beneath the leather jacket she was wearing to slip the stake secured at the small of her back out. Her fingers curled around the stake, the wood warm in her hand. Despite the inherent nerves that came with finding oneself in an unfamiliar place, the stake made her feel better.

"Come be a security guard, Buffy. It'll be boring, they said. There'll be run of the mill demons, they said. You'll make money, they said. You'll get to travel, they said, but no one said anything about using some weird magic elevator as a mode of traveling. All the sudden, this is looking like some weird British TV show, or something Keanu Reeves would be in." She paused, considering that option a moment.

"I could do worse than Keanu..."


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