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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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There's a doorway to New York City standing before the Doctor.

It's a recognizable sight that anyone would know from the gleaming lights of the skyline in the background and the Empire State Building in the glory of its construction looms above it all, though the Doctor can't move his eyes. He knows this city and he knows the year. He knows that this is New York City in the 1930's and he knows that Amy and Rory are there. If he walks through that door, he will see them again. Even this hotel with its infinite possibilities and all its doors can't bring him back to them.

He can walk through that door, but there's one large problem standing in his way.

"Don't move," he says to whomever has come up next to him. He can feel their presence with the breath in his general area, he can tell that he isn't alone given the way the hairs on his arms have begun to stand up on end. The Doctor stares before him, but avoids looking at the eyes because he's been in this situation before and he knows what looking in its eyes will do. "Don't blink," he breathes out.

He has to close this door. He has to close this door and leave the possibility of Amy and Rory behind. It's far too dangerous. There's no telling if he could even get back if he managed to get past the Weeping Angel, who guards the door, only offering the scantest bit of space to move past. If he gets past that Weeping Angel guarding New York City, he can find them and he can...he can, do what? He can warn them? He can try and tell them to get out of that graveyard before Rory looks at the gravestone?

Time can be rewritten, Amy's voice whispers in his mind with all its temptations and all its promises. I know it can. Can he do that? Can he walk through this door and risk unleashing a lethal enemy on the hotel behind him? All for the sake of companions he had thought lost. High upon a cloud, he had mourned them until a remnant of the future past had brought him down, but now he's faced with something far more difficult.

He can get them back.

But people will likely die in the process. If he goes through that door, that Weeping Angel will come in and it won't stop. He doesn't blink, not for a moment, but his vision clouds as he stares at the creature that had taken them away from him, at the monster who stands between them. What does he do? What does the Doctor do?
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She had been told not to explore without her sister. Of course, Buffy was overly protective of Dawn in this place where they knew very little about their surroundings. And maybe since overly protective was her sister's default in regards to her, Dawn should change that to supremely protective. But Dawn had a habit of not listening to her sister and doing her own thing. She was older now, a college student even, and didn't really think most people here even knew what 'the key' was or how they could try to use it.

This is what has her standing at an open door, peeking inside in excited wonderment. She hasn't quite stepped in yet. Mostly, she's just looking in and marvelling at the sight of the Brontosauruses drinking from the lake, their long necks curving and dipping down or rising high up over the ground.

“This is so freakin' cool...” She murmurs to herself, on the edge of stepping in, but also something holding her back from fully doing so. She saw Jurrasic Park. Plus, there's that little voice of her sister in her ear telling her to be careful, not to go off on her own, not to speak to strangers, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah and so forth.

Dec. 2nd, 2013 07:26 pm
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Peter had arrived at the hotel a few days ago in full Spider-man costume. At first, he thought he'd been abducted by someone out to get Spidey. After changing out of his costume and back into regular clothing thanks to the backpack he carried everywhere, he'd figured out that wasn't the case. In fact, as far as he could tell, this had nothing to do with Spider-man at all. He'd stayed in the shadows, sneaking about and finding out what he could about the place. He knew about the doors. He knew about outside and he knew that eventually he might find a door that led back home. With that in mind, he'd been busily opening all the doors he could find to no avail. If there was a door home, he hadn't found it yet.

He had found the door to Jurassic Park. That'd been dangerous, exciting and once the novelty of dinosaurs had worn off, he'd been in a hurry to get out of there. He'd seen the film. He knew there was no way that would end well. Besides, while he knew about the doors, he wasn't sure how long the doors stayed open. That wasn't a world he wanted to get trapped in.

Fresh from Jurassic Park world, Peter Parker was skateboarding down the hallways of the hotel. Honestly, he could think of no better place to do so. However, not everyone agreed as evidenced by the grumbling that occasionally followed him.

"Sorry!" he yelled out as he narrowly (and probably spider-tastically) avoided a man carrying a load of towels down to the laundry. His apology was met with something that sounded very like 'dang kids these days'. He looked back over his shoulder at the man and when he looked forward again, he was on a collision course with someone else.

Think quick!


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