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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Jack isn't exactly the best at keeping up with holidays but Christmas is kind of a big one and he thinks that the kids ought to have a tree in the hotel room. He thinks they could just go to the cabin for Christmas, there's a door that leads there, but he wants a tree here just in case the door stops working; stranger things have happened before and he wants to be prepared.

So he rounds up William and Janet and decides to go hunting for a tree. Anything in the hotel room is going to have to be small and he knows Janet's going to want something gigantic. He's already prepared himself for that fight. He thinks if he can spin it that they're rescuing a tree that wouldn't have a home otherwise, he might be able to sell her on it a little easier.

Which is how they've ended up at a Christmas tree lot in Colorado about ten miles out from the mountain. It's a lot he used years and years ago before he got transferred to DC and he's glad to see the same guys still run it. Janet immediately runs on chubby, toddler legs toward the biggest tree there, a tree so big that she can't even remotely get her arms around it and declares this to be the one.

"Can't get one that big, kiddo. It's got to fit in the hotel room," Jack reminds her gently. He pries Janet off the tree and carries her over to a...smaller, shabbier selection. William points out a little tree that's barely three feet tall with half its needles missing. "I think we should get this one," he says, quiet and deliberate the way he always is. It's a good size, even if it's miserable looking and Jack agrees. "Yup, I think this is the one."

He sets Janet down, pays for the tree and the three of them make the long march back to the door and to the hotel. "Want to get this sucker decorated and surprise Mom? We'll do it in the lobby so she won't see."

He assumes Carter is, as always, busy tinkering with something.
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At the end of the day, it hadn't exactly been difficult.

Johanna Mason had wandered through a door only to find herself with the oppressive heat of a desert swarming her skin, making her sweaty and sticky. It'd been foreign and she hadn't exactly been welcomed with open arms -- at least not until she had disarmed the guard, stolen his spear, and threatened a guard force of four. She'd been brought forward, then, and in a matter of hours she's managed to find herself on a throne.

True, it's probably not going to last, but Johanna could get used to this.

Shame it had to happen in Ancient Egypt and couldn't be in the Capitol where she could line the people who'd thrown her into the arena beneath her feet. It's hardly like she minds being exalted as a warrior goddess -- she thinks that's the general gist of why she's been given authority and placed on this council, on this throne -- but she'd rather she have the kind of power that actually comes with getting the things she wants.

Then again, it's hardly as if a force of strong warriors at her beck and call could hurt.

"There is another intruder," one of them says and Johanna perks up, given that the guard is gesturing to the very same area and door that she'd come through and her interest piques as to who might have followed her here.

Let them come. Maybe this is where they can start to gather their forces around them.

Apr. 26th, 2014 10:07 pm
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Jack and Sam go from one screwy sandbox to another, kids in tow.

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