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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Outside of the Nexus Hotel, waiters and hotel staff had begun to set up the umbrellas and the tables in the middle of the day. Soon, it became clear that something was happening in the shadow of the Nexus. White tablecloths were draped on the tables and drinks and food were brought out with the help of several waiters and servers, staffing tables with hot and cold foods beside bartending stations. Summery drinks in bright, neon colors are laid out one by one and soon, the afternoon light casts a radiant look on the scene.

Music plays faintly in the background and a note at the front desk invites all the Nexus guests to head outside and join in on the summer party, which promises to continue going as long as there are people to stay and continue keeping the warm atmosphere rolling.

On the lawn, social games had been set out -- lawn bowling, croquet, and tables were set up with chairs for anyone who didn't quite have the will or the spirit to get into such games. Soon, a small number of people had begun to mill around, but as with all parties, there's always room for more.

Jan. 30th, 2014 07:13 pm
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Felicity was sitting in one of the sort of comfortable chairs in the Smoking Room, which thankfully didn't have anyone actually smoking in it, messing with her new phone and trying really hard to not look like a junkie getting a fix. Even though, yeah, she totally was. The computer graveyard she was given the month before was great, and the laptop she'd been able to make worked better than her greatest expectations.

But this was tech. Working tech that connected with a network. It was the first time she'd felt comfortable here since the day she and Ichabod had stumbled into the same hallway.

She still wasn't sure if anyone would see her post on the really weird paper, but since the phones had been handed out, she'd seen more than one person staring at theirs like it was about to punch them in the face or something. Because her parents still thought remote controls were the pinnacle of tech, she was used to the look.

If no one did, that was fine, too. She was perfectly happy to sit here and play...and figure out how to improve it.

Gathering post. Tag Felicity, tag in a top level to commiserate with others. Anyone else wanting to lend a hand tutoring the tech-unfriendly is welcome to tag in their services. Questions - hit Felicity's Dropbox

Jan. 19th, 2014 08:15 pm
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Frannie couldn't stop staring at the sleeping baby in her arms. She watched every intake of breath, every exhale. Her pulse spiked when his little face twisted into any expression other than serene sleep.

She was waiting for him to cough. She was expecting him to sneeze.

Even though she knew the flu wasn't here - it was contained to their world and it hadn't followed them here on their clothes (even if it had, she'd burned hers shortly after coming through to the Nexus, even the time she'd just walked into her bedroom in Maine for a few minutes before backing out in horror.

Still, Frannie watched her son sleep, listened to the soft silence of breathing unencumbered by snot or phlegm or whatever had choked the life out of her world. Against every odd there was, she was here, Stu was here, and her baby had survived arguably the most stress filled pregnancy ever, to arrive a respectable 6 pounds 9 ounces, with a pair of lungs announcing his arrival. Loudly.

If Frannie could remember how to pray, she would have right then and there.

Gathering type post - tag Frannie, tag each other (feel free to top level with Frannie asleep if you want, or just outside the room). If your pup saw the stationery post, feel free to jump to the conclusion that the hotel's only pregnant woman popped.)
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Stu was beginning to feel restless. It had been several days since his fever had finally broken and he had become aware of things again. He felt mostly recovered from the pneumonia, but it still didn't mean he and Tom could quite move on again yet. It would be pretty much impossible not to overdo walking on the leg to a point, once they got back on the road, but it was best to make sure it would hold up period before they started off again. That meant waiting here a little bit longer.

The main thing on his mind, naturally, was Frannie. He wanted to be there when she had the baby, and it was hard to tell whether he'd make it or not. Worse, he kept having nightmares about the Dark Man. He couldn't get that evil, deep, "BREECH BIRTH" voice out of his head, along with the worries they'd both had about whether or not the baby would have the flu when it was born. If Tom could drive, it wouldn't have been a problem, but Stu was the only one that could, and so, they waited.

At first, they'd both camped out in the lobby, but after Stu didn't need constant looking after anymore, he'd moved to a room to be more comfortable. Time was spent between his room and the lobby, both for eating and for finding ways to pass the time and not get bored. Right now, he was leaving his room to come out, but the hallway he came into was decidedly not the same motel he'd just been in. It was a lot fancier and older looking, the kind of place you'd probably have to spend a lot to stay in.

Okay, what just happened? he thought. He thought maybe he was dreaming, but the ache and too-often present itching in his leg made that dubious. He turned back to the door, or what had been a door, but it was gone now, which made him more confused and a little bit afraid. Was this something of the Dark Man's? He'd never been known to do anything like this before, but no one really knew what all he was capable of.

Whatever it was, all Stu could do now was keep walking and brace himself for whatever was waiting for him, he guessed.


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