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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Arthur's long stopped hoping for anything to make sense. He hasn't quite accepted his own descent into insanity (which is, perhaps, an indication of the fact that he's gone insane) but he's abandoned any thought of the rules of the dreamspace.

He sleeps. He wakes. He walks through doors to a "real world" that he no longer perceives as real and then walks through another back to the labyrinth. Arthur wonders if he's accepting this all too calmly. Maybe there is such a thing as a tranquil fall into madness. At the end of the day, it seems like a modicum of grace in the situation is the most that he can hope for.

There's a new door across the hallway from his, which makes him wary. Usually it's a wall, a space between two doors. Arthur runs a hand over the loaded die in his pocket, but doesn't bother to check it anymore. Its confirmation of reality has long stopped being believable to him. He can only assess what he sees and try and slot it into an arbitrary "real" or "not real" category for himself.

Something about this new door draws him and Arthur finds his keycard in his hand without thinking about. It's not a surprise when the little light blinks green and the door swings open.

It's stepping through when things turn strange. Once he's through the door, Arthur feels himself floating upward, staring down a very familiar hallway. Walking on the roof, Arthur tries to get his bearings until a jolt turns the hallway another angle and sends him falling, and then bouncing off, the opposite wall. Whatever force is driving this seems to calm and Arthur floats in space, staring down at the open door.

[[Arthur is currently floating through the zero gravity hallway. Your pup will be similarly affected when stepping in, going through periods of no gravity or else turbulence. Tag Arthur, tag each other, have fun with the crazy hallway.]]

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25 August 2013 | The Bistro

When Clark Kent and Lois Lane first discovered the Nexus Hotel, they'd made an agreement: They'd only ever visit together for safety's sake.

Lois manages to hold out a whole three days before her curiosity (and the buffet) predictably get the best of her. Clark really should have known better.

All ages, ongoing


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