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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.

Sep. 9th, 2014 09:49 pm
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Raleigh spends most of his days in the hotel now. He pops back in to his own world from time to time to see what's going on and to suit up but the door has been blocked for him for a week or so now and he doesn't know how to get it un-stuck. It's a little troubling. While he's enjoyed his little breaks here and there, he's not the kind of guy to just blow off duty and especially not something so important as being a Ranger.

So tonight he's at the bar, nursing a scotch and contemplating just tossing it back and ordering another. He isn't drunk enough yet to forget how guilty he feels and the more he drinks, the guiltier he gets. He runs a finger along the edge of his glass and decides just to throw it back, letting it burn a path down to his stomach.

The truth is, he likes it here. He has friends and stability and a girlfriend in Buffy and he's so much happier here in the Nexus than he is back home. But being back home is important. It's not happy all the time, sure. It's usually dangerous. But it's his purpose and it's what he's meant to be doing and now he can't get back there.

Maybe he can figure out how to get back later but for now, he'll drink.

Jul. 12th, 2014 06:32 pm
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It's an average, normal sort of day for Buffy. Late morning finds her at the gym going through what is clearly a routine for her. She starts with yoga then proceeds to pummeling a training dummy. Once she's exhausted from that, she heads back toward her room and showers.

The afternoon will find her stopping at the Bistro for a latte and a bite to eat. From there, she begins patrol, otherwise known as security and her job at the hotel. She's forgone carrying the scythe simply because it scares people and she's found little reason to need her scythe in the halls of the hotel. She saves it for suspect doors.

Overall, her manner is unhurried, content. Buffy has settled in here; Dawn is doing well and Buffy can pop through the door to her San Francisco any time she'd like. The hotel is a welcome reprieve, a little bit of welcomed boring and a fresh start all at once.

May. 8th, 2014 08:48 am
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March 28th, 2014 | Disneyland

Buffy and Raleigh decide to take a much-needed break from their stressful lives saving the universe and go pretend to be kids again.

In Progress

Feb. 24th, 2014 09:35 pm
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Raleigh used to be a synchronized diver. Used to is the key word there because now that Yancy's gone, he's had to go solo. He's never liked the singles event as much as the pairs and he feels off-kilter, somehow, even if he's only got to synchronize with himself. In theory, 10M platform should be easier without a partner. It just feels off instead.

He's got the pool mostly to himself for a rare moment. Sure, there's journalists around here and there because you never really escape them in the midst of the Olympics but they're mostly contained to one corner and seem to be interviewing a Russian guy who just finished up his practice session before Raleigh came in. Raleigh hopes they can stay distracted for a little while longer.

He shifts into a handstand position and flips off the platform, trying to see how many elements he can hit before he strikes the water. He's out for gold this year, for Yancy, seeing as how his brother can't be here this time around. Nothing less than the best will do and Raleigh will push himself until he's perfect; he's always been insanely competitive about any and everything under the sun.

He practices the dives over and over again, complicated dismounts and half tucks through the air. Once he's done, the pool seems more or less empty and he swims a few laps just to cool down before putting his hands on the edge and pushing himself up, water sluicing off his body.

Maybe he's got some downtime between now and the event to relax and just get his head in the game since there's not much more conditioning his body can take.

[Come enjoy Raleigh in his Team USA Speedo.]
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Last Tuesday, Fiona had finished a morning shift at the Smoking Room, had a quick shower in her room, and headed back home to the slushy Chicago streets. Ever-mindful of the constant march of time at the Nexus, she'd only been home for about twelve hours before she'd opened the door to head back, only to find herself faced with the tiny closet of a bathroom that she'd last seen months before. It had been her go-to door, had never failed.

That was nearly three months ago.

When she'd opened the bathroom door today, it had been to use the toilet. Standing on the threshold, she'd stared with sober finality out at the cool, glittering lobby, hesitated a moment, and then stepped through, slamming the door behind her. She glanced toward the front desk. It was still Tuesday morning.

Upstairs, she'd shucked off her pencil skirt and heavy winter coat, and had soaked in a whirlpool tub for almost an hour. Afterward, she'd tried to open a door home so that she could collect some more clothes, planning an extended stay. Three times she'd tried, and it hadn't worked. She'd stared at the door for awhile, and then wrapped herself in a fluffy bathrobe and went calmly downstairs to buy a bathing suit from the shop.

Minor spoilers for Shameless 4x04 )

There was no outdoor swimming pool here and no beach, so Fiona had carried a towel and a six pack down to one of the gardens and spread herself out next to the soothing gurgle of a fountain. On her back in a black string bikini, dark sunglasses obscuring her eyes, she reached for her first beer, intent on drinking them all.

Fuck it. Just fuck it all.

[Hover for notes.]

Jan. 19th, 2014 08:15 pm
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Frannie couldn't stop staring at the sleeping baby in her arms. She watched every intake of breath, every exhale. Her pulse spiked when his little face twisted into any expression other than serene sleep.

She was waiting for him to cough. She was expecting him to sneeze.

Even though she knew the flu wasn't here - it was contained to their world and it hadn't followed them here on their clothes (even if it had, she'd burned hers shortly after coming through to the Nexus, even the time she'd just walked into her bedroom in Maine for a few minutes before backing out in horror.

Still, Frannie watched her son sleep, listened to the soft silence of breathing unencumbered by snot or phlegm or whatever had choked the life out of her world. Against every odd there was, she was here, Stu was here, and her baby had survived arguably the most stress filled pregnancy ever, to arrive a respectable 6 pounds 9 ounces, with a pair of lungs announcing his arrival. Loudly.

If Frannie could remember how to pray, she would have right then and there.

Gathering type post - tag Frannie, tag each other (feel free to top level with Frannie asleep if you want, or just outside the room). If your pup saw the stationery post, feel free to jump to the conclusion that the hotel's only pregnant woman popped.)

Nov. 17th, 2013 02:32 pm
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When he sleeps, he remembers.

It’s been five years since Raleigh lost Yancy and he still wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night (or afternoon, as it was just a nap this time and not overnight) thinking his brother should be there, that they should be cutting up and finishing each others’ sentences and suiting up to go fight kaiju. Instead, there’s an empty hole where Yancy used to be and Raleigh’s not sure that it’s ever going to be filled in again and, more importantly, Raleigh’s not sure he wants it to be. As fucked up as it is, this is the only time he gets to see and hear Yancy anymore and he clings to it even if it’s probably not the healthiest choice.

It seems to help to have a purpose to fill his days besides welding on the wall. He’s glad Pentecost roped him back into being a Ranger even if he’d been against it at first because at least he’s fighting for something instead of just fighting so he doesn’t have to feel anything.

The hotel is a frustrating stumbling block in that process because while he’s here, he gets lulled into thinking it’s safe. There’s plenty to eat; Raleigh spent his whole first day gorging himself on meat and bread and shit that they just can’t get back home with all the rationing. There’s no televisions blaring about the latest kaiju attack, about people dying painful deaths from Kaiju Blue, about the military arguing whether or not Jaegers are worth the hassle when they can just build a wall to keep them out. The hotel is a bubble, safe, and Raleigh has to constantly remind himself that this is temporary. This isn’t something he can let himself get used to.

He’s pretty sure he’s not going to go back to sleep any time soon so he ends up pulling on a shirt and sliding into his boots, wandering without a purpose. There’s dozens and dozens of rooms in this place and he’s pretty sure he’ll never explore them all. He winds up in a room with a couple pool tables and thinks maybe this is a decent way to pass the time until the memories of Yancy fade a little.

He racks the balls and pulls out a cue, thoughtfully chalking the tip while he tries to decide how he wants to play, which angles to hit. This had always been a fun exercise with Yancy and had almost always ended in a draw; when you Drift as much as he did with his brother, you almost start sharing thoughts outside it. Raleigh nods at the person closest to him, asking if they want to start a game.

“I call stripes. Ten, corner pocket.”

It’s a welcome distraction.
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A large, decorative sign situated prominantly in the lobby reads:

The Nexus Hotel
proudly presents its

Formal Reception
Nexus Dining Hall
6 PM - Midnight

Monster Mixer
Nexus Basement
8 PM - 2 AM

Masquerade attire recommended for all guests

Most of the chairs have been removed from the Dining Hall to allow for ballroom-style dancing to the orchestra set up on the far end of the room. A polished cherry wood open bar is aligned along one wall. The adjacent Bistro is open for the duration of the formal reception, serving gourmet hors d'oeuvres.

Downstairs, the basement's largest storeroom has been converted into a spooky nightclub, complete with DJ, dance floor and cocktails.

Oct. 6th, 2013 01:26 am
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Read more... )

When the metal and smoke and light clear, Chuck finds himself lying on his back, staring up at floating cliffs. His whole left side feels ravaged and his mind feels carved–the echo of a broken Drift. Everything hurts and he has no idea where he is. He tries to sit up, stares around uncomprehendingly, and then lays back in the grass.

“Well shit.”

Oct. 3rd, 2013 08:02 pm
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Frannie wasn't sure how long she stood in her bedroom with the door handle in her hand. All she knew was that her jaw ached from holding it open for so long.

She also knew that she was standing in her bedroom. Her old one, in Ogunquit, with the same posters and trophies it had held since she left for college years ago. A lifetime ago. Before the end of the world.

Eventually, when her brain processed what she was seeing, she started thinking. As much as she wanted to rush out into the house, and into...into the garden...she was afraid of what she'd see there, too. Afraid she'd see her father, alive but sick. Afraid she'd see his grave.

Afraid she'd see that it had been disturbed somehow.

Afraid that if the door she still held closed, she'd be stuck here in her old house alone again. Alone in Maine with everyone she knew on the other side of the country. Alone in the world.

Once the first tremors of fear passed her, she realized something else. She was standing in a world that had been toxic to 99% of it's residents....and she held the door open, spilling that air into the hotel.

Before that thought even finished forming, Frannie stepped back into Nexus and slammed the door as hard as she could and pressed her back against it.

"Anyone got a hammer? Some nails maybe?" she called out to anyone that could hear her voice.

Sep. 20th, 2013 01:52 am
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The siren blared out behind Newt as he ran with the flow of the crowd, trying not to trip over his own feet or someone else's feet, or to run into anyone. He didn't speak Chinese, so he couldn't understand any of the announcements coming through the speakers on the streets, but figured that as long as went with the flow of the crowd and pretended he knew where he was going, it would be almost as good.

A public shelter. People did this all the time. Of course, people didn't usually go running to a public shelter just after having drifted with a kaiju and accidentally tapping into their entire species memory. Oh god, he was going to die. They were going to find him, and he was going to die.

Even so, Newt couldn't help but wonder just what kind of kaiju had come through the breach this time. What category? Was it something new? Well, Newt figured it couldn't be completely new, considering what he'd figured out about kaiju essentially being clones of each other. Manufactured by those beings he'd seen when he Drifted with the portion of kaiju brain—


He still wasn't over how weird it was that he'd known what they were without actually knowing. Maybe rangers were used to it, but seeing as Newt's first and only Drift had basically been with an entire species, he figured that his Drift hangover was probably a little worse than most.

The crowd turned and Newt followed, heart racing, nearly out of breath. God, this sucked. But he was better inside than he was out on the streets where he'd probably be killed. Or taken hostage, since he'd basically shared humanity's plans to destroy the breach with the very beings they shouldn't be shared with. Okay, so he'd made a mistake, but he'd also been really right about kaiju being clones, and that was more important.

The masses thinned as they all rushed through the doors of the shelter, and suddenly, the crowd disappeared, the air seemed less heavy, and Newt began to wonder just when they started decorating public kaiju shelters with couches and chandeliers.

This... was definitely weird, but somehow, not the weirdest thing that had happened to him today.
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There were a lot of really weird and screwed-up scenarios that Fiona Gallagher could imagine herself in. Her involvement in these scenarios was usually begrudging and her father usually the cause, but picturing herself caught up in something beyond most people's limit of belief had officially became much easier after this past summer. (Finding yourself crouching in a hole in your backyard, covered in sweat and dirt, and ecstatic over having unearthed a dead relative's remains could do that to a girl.)

Despite that, she had to admit that the Nexus was pretty fucking crazy, even by Gallagher standards.

It had been just at a week hotel time since she'd opened the downstairs bathroom door and found the Nexus beyond, but having a magical luxury hotel where her toilet should be freaked her out a lot less than the fact that the place was essentially free. In Fiona's experience, if something sounded too good to be true, it always was, and she probably should've gone home, chalked the whole experience up to some bad seafood and never thought about it again.

She probably would have, too, if the people at the desk hadn't told her the bit about time differences and job openings.

Christmas was right around the corner, and she'd spent almost everything Jimmy had left her on that damned deal for work. (Not that she was complaining; the money had come at the perfect time, and now they'd have enough plastic cups in the house that they probably wouldn't need to wash a single glass for half a year.) Back home, it would cost her 150 bucks to get herself licensed to sell alcohol, and she'd have no guarantee of being hired anywhere. Here, they apparently only cared that you could mix a drink, and a lifetime with Frank had more than prepared her for that. The great hourly wage and tips she was earning meant she could actually afford to get everything out of lay-away this year and maybe even buy some extra stocking stuffers for the kids. The circumstances may have been weird, but for Fiona taking the position was a no-brainer.

Today was her third day behind the bar at the Smoking Room. She'd allowed herself to come through early enough to get a solid nap before her shift and was now practically chipper, turning a wide smile to the guests waiting for a drink.

"What can I get you?"

For the first time in a long time, she actually felt good about the future.
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The black sign positioned in front of the Dining Hall's main entrance reads:

New Guest Reception
6 PM - 8 PM

All guests welcome

In the Dining Hall itself, the chairs have been pushed up against the walls and the long dining table turned into a buffet stocked with finger foods. At the far end of the room is a small bar serving beer, standard cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Aug. 3rd, 2013 07:45 pm
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cut for spoilers from Pacific Rim )

He closes his eyes and just stays in the Drift when they hit water, trying not to think about how the sensors in his suit have sent pain relaying down his back and through every limb. He hates whoever decided that was a good idea, to interface the circuitry with sensors that detect damage and relay it as pain, but he guesses it's good motivation in a fight.

Hitting the water means damn near blacking out for a moment and Raleigh feels like every single nerve in his body is alive with pain. He blinks, surprised that his body's still intact, and chances opening his eyes: it's not the fucking Pacific ocean.

He's inside a building of some sort and he's obviously not linked with Mako anymore, nor has he felt the pain and anguish that might say she's injured or dead. There's just nothing in the Drift, like he dropped out and woke up here, and it's damned weird.

He's not sure if his legs are going to work but he manages to wrench off his helmet and just lays there, waiting, and hopes someone will help him up. He's not above taking some help in a situation like this.


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