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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.

Sep. 20th, 2013 01:52 am
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The siren blared out behind Newt as he ran with the flow of the crowd, trying not to trip over his own feet or someone else's feet, or to run into anyone. He didn't speak Chinese, so he couldn't understand any of the announcements coming through the speakers on the streets, but figured that as long as went with the flow of the crowd and pretended he knew where he was going, it would be almost as good.

A public shelter. People did this all the time. Of course, people didn't usually go running to a public shelter just after having drifted with a kaiju and accidentally tapping into their entire species memory. Oh god, he was going to die. They were going to find him, and he was going to die.

Even so, Newt couldn't help but wonder just what kind of kaiju had come through the breach this time. What category? Was it something new? Well, Newt figured it couldn't be completely new, considering what he'd figured out about kaiju essentially being clones of each other. Manufactured by those beings he'd seen when he Drifted with the portion of kaiju brain—


He still wasn't over how weird it was that he'd known what they were without actually knowing. Maybe rangers were used to it, but seeing as Newt's first and only Drift had basically been with an entire species, he figured that his Drift hangover was probably a little worse than most.

The crowd turned and Newt followed, heart racing, nearly out of breath. God, this sucked. But he was better inside than he was out on the streets where he'd probably be killed. Or taken hostage, since he'd basically shared humanity's plans to destroy the breach with the very beings they shouldn't be shared with. Okay, so he'd made a mistake, but he'd also been really right about kaiju being clones, and that was more important.

The masses thinned as they all rushed through the doors of the shelter, and suddenly, the crowd disappeared, the air seemed less heavy, and Newt began to wonder just when they started decorating public kaiju shelters with couches and chandeliers.

This... was definitely weird, but somehow, not the weirdest thing that had happened to him today.


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