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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Throughout the day on the 14th, the Nexus staff deliver single roses and accompanying notes to designated hotel guests in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. For some, the gesture will be a foregone conclusion; for others, it will be a surprise. For some, they might only guess at who sent them the gift in the first place.

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Dec. 27th, 2014 10:49 am
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(OOC Note: I'm providing three different starters here because I've got a lot of ideas about what Tony is doing and I'd rather write a variety of circumstances and moods, etc. Just pick any one of them to reply to. Like an ordinary open post, any scenes that happen on this post, no matter which starter they start from, will proceed in parallel.)

#1, in which Tony Stark is still not a soldier, no matter what Nick Fury gets him into. )

#2, in which Tony Stark brings the party (and Howard Stark leaves the legacy). )

#3, in which Tony Stark has grease on his forehead and mice in his pockets. Live mice. )

Oct. 17th, 2014 09:19 pm
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There are three cameras installed so far in the walls of the hotel and Sarah is working on the fourth. She doesn't trust this place, doesn't think it makes any sense. It's filled with doors to worlds she doesn't know and that means there could be threats lurking everywhere. The cameras will give Sarah a feed to as much as she can get her hands on. She can track the comings and goings of people in and out of these doors and it's enough to give her an edge.

That or she's just setting herself up for more frustration.

She slides the baseball cap off her hair, tucking it under again as she looks left and right, setting up the ladder in the corner close to the library. Dressed as a maintenance woman, she's managed to make herself look like she's got legitimate work in the eyes of the guests, when really she's trying to find more out. Two weeks ago, going through this door had taken her into a world where some part of her had split off and given her an animal companion that felt incredibly familiar. Today, it's just a library. Slowly ascending the ladder, she gets to work untangling some of the hotel's wiring and starting to do some of her own.

If this has any hint of Skynet in it, she'll find out.

She finishes with the camera installation when a wave of dizziness hits. Vertigo, combined with old nausea she's never really shaken from her treatments, and she's much too high suddenly to be dealing with this. Crawling down from off the ladder, Sarah takes in several deep breaths, counting the cameras left in her hand. Two to go and she'll have decent coverage on this level.

Left and right, she looks, then picks up the ladder and tries to keep her head down to avoid looking too suspicious as she carries a ladder through the halls of a hotel, trying to make it seem like she fits in.
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Manage your expectations. It's a simple enough concept, but one a lot of people struggle with, and Bruce Banner is no exception. There's a trick to it, of stepping apart from yourself and finding true objectivity, of having the strength to recognize your own weaknesses and strengths.

What Bruce hadn't realized until recently, however, was that when it came to his own life, expectations involving any degree of reasonable normalcy were so far removed that they might as well have been on another planet. Another planet in another universe, actually, but only if it was one about fifty trillion lightyears away and at least ten thousand years from producing anything resembling intelligent life.

At this point, Bruce isn't sure what reasonable expectations for the average person would even consist of, but he's pretty sure he can rule out accidentally tripping through wormholes to alternate dimensions. What he's also sure of is that it says a lot about him (and how much time he's been spending with Stark) that it hadn't shocked him much to step out of his bathroom and find himself at Pocket Universe Inn. He has colleagues who use robotic suits and giant hammers to fly; it's probably past time to redefine what 'normal' means.

Not that it didn't occur to him that he should probably be a little worried about the whole benevolent way station vibe of the place. There's apparently some kind of celestial philanthropist of unknown motive providing his room and board, but overall it's calm and quiet, and there are dozens of ways out. He hopes it doesn't come to it, but if all else fails, he can take a running leap into the abyss. It's more than he can say for where he came from.

This is his third day, and he's still deep in the thrall of new discovery, a quiet figure skirting awkwardly around other guests on his way outside. On the lawn he pauses, face upturned like a child. The view of the sky is still breathtaking, the infinite cosmos bending around their little island like a stream parting over a stone.
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June | Stark Tower/The Nexus

Pepper unknowingly stumbles across Tony as he's returning from his first visit to the Nexus, and he's just a wee bit excited about it.

Ongoing | G

May. 19th, 2014 08:55 pm
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"Shit," Tony Stark muttered. He stopped pacing to glare across the long room, past dozens of rows of ficus plants, at the thread of smoke rising from one of them. It was clearly visible against the white walls.

"Jarvis, is that supposed to happen?" Tony asked.

"The plant involved is one of the controls," Jarvis said. "Nothing to worry about, sir."

"Hmmph," Tony said, and resumed pacing and glaring at random ficus plants. A ficus had been good enough for the late Maya Hansen may she rest in peace, back when she'd still been a promising scientist and not a moral quandary, but what Tony was finding was that biology was not nearly as satisfying as engineering. Plants took time to grow. Obvious inferior design, right?

If it had been Tony with the Extremis problem, this whole thing would be a lot further along, because he'd already thought of about twenty short cuts to this whole process...but it wasn't him. It was Pepper.

"If I may make a suggestion..." Jarvis said.

Tony stopped pacing again. "Jarvis, I warn you, this had better be--"

"Duck!" Jarvis said.

Tony was ducking even before he consciously registered the lack of the usual sir, a sure sign of urgency. The fire extinguishing foam from one of his stupider robots passed over his head and hit the plant right next to him just before it burst into flame.

"Good job, but next time--" Tony started to say.

But the damn plant burst into flame anyway, and the foam went everywhere, and the overhead sprinklers made an ominous noise.

"No, wait for it," Tony muttered. The plant next to the flaming plant was still stable, and as long as...

"Oops," Tony said as another plant -- on the far side of the room, no less! -- started smoking. "That shouldn't have happened. Jarvis--"

"Activating sprinklers," Jarvis said.

"Shit," Tony said as a whole row of plants along the far wall burst into flame too. "Shit shit..." Blinking against smoke and hunching against the spray, he ran to the nearest door and wrenched it open. "Shit," he said to the quiet of the hallway, and then pulled out his tablet.

"Better fireproof partitions," Tony muttered, scribbling down notes as fast as he could think. Water dripped onto his tablet, but that was okay, it was waterproof. "And more testing, lots more testing with heat, and...chemical stimuli, and...magnetic fields, how about a focused electromagnetic field?" He felt a weird sort of relief at having something to do, even if it was something he should have thought of before the big fire took out at least half of his work. "And Jarvis, don't tell Pepper about this, okay?"

There was no response. "Jarvis?" He looked around, and realized that he didn't recognize the hallway where he was standing.


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