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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Sometime in the Fall | Hogsmeade

Even as Jane descended the wide stone steps to where Thor was waiting near the bottom, she was finding it difficult to believe that this was actually reality. Her romantic interaction had been limited almost entirely to a handful of study dates, and the idea that she, of all people, would be going on a bona fide date to Hogsmeade with Thor Odinson still seemed ludicrous.

Hogwarts AU | Forever Ongoing
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There were many strange doors within the Nexus and while Thor had become a bit more cautious about just pushing through, sometimes he forgot that very important detail. Today was one of those days. He had decided after a long morning of puttering around that he wished to explore and with Mjolnir in hand, set out to a door he had never touched before.

It seemed normal at first. It was a nondescript door that led to a nondescript place but after stepping over the threshold, Mjolnir became too heavy to wield. He had never experienced that except when he had been deemed unworthy but he had done nothing this time, nothing to render himself incapable of being a good man and a fine warrior.

Still, there was something irrevocably different and it was something that Thor could not fathom. He would have to leave the hammer behind? He had never been without it, save those weeks with Jane when he was unworthy of wielding it and now, it seemed, that had happened once again.

Beaten down, he trod back into the hotel. He did not want to be somewhere vulnerable, not without Mjolnir, and did not want anyone to know of his shame. Instead, he went to the bar to have a pint of ale and was surprised when the human ale seemed to affect him in a way it never had before. He had never been drunk before in the hotel and now, it seemed, he was well on his way there.

"I'll have another," he slurred, waving his tankard toward a server. "You'll bring me one more?"
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Throughout the day on the 14th, the Nexus staff deliver single roses and accompanying notes to designated hotel guests in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. For some, the gesture will be a foregone conclusion; for others, it will be a surprise. For some, they might only guess at who sent them the gift in the first place.

[Comments with deliveries will follow are done. You may reply to yours with a reaction if you like!]
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It had been a couple of weeks since his birthday. God he was old.

Well, not really, he supposed; he was in peak physical condition. Being scrawny as a kid did that to you; after he hit puberty, all he wanted was to be big and strong. He got over it eventually, but he kept himself in the peak of health for the sake of his job and his own survival. But emotionally, he felt worn down, and it wasn't pleasant.

Natasha, for a woman who disliked something so acceptable as Christmas, had deemed his birthday worthy of celebration. That was one of the cute things about her, normally hidden underneath the very thick layer that was prowling seductress and living weapon, and he was grateful to have her around. He didn't see what was so important about a birthday and he had more or less grown out of it after he'd turned twenty-one and could legally drink. Even though it had been strange for him, he'd celebrated with her. It was the least he could do.

Forty-two years old. Good lord. He should be older, technically, since Natasha was in the future; did his age, right then in the hotel, even really matter? Things were getting mixed up, so he did his best to ignore it and just continue on as if nothing weird was happening. He'd worked out in the gym for a good hour before showering it off and then wandering outside. There was some sort of carnival going on, which he wasn't hugely interested in; but parts of the lawn were nice and chilly, and good to cool down in. Also good to cool down the piping hot pizza he'd ordered. He didn't work out to lose weight, so the idea of not eating terrible food only occurred to him when he considered heart health (and, to be frank, he never survived longer than a week on vegetables).

He sat on the edge of a part of the lawn that had a cool, chilly breeze on one side and a sultry heat on the other - it was pretty cool how strange the weather was here - and relaxed, enjoying the fact he got to lounge around beside an entire pizza and not feel like he ought to be doing something else. It was weird being jobless, but not unpleasant. It was also kind of nice to not have the pressure of the fate of the world hovering over his head; he just had to worry whether or not Natasha was glum, and as far as he knew she was in high spirits these days.
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Roughly three hours ago, Clint had been skillfully monkeying his way down the side of a building, the grips sewn in the palms of his gloves helping him to twist and turn his way through a fire escape that had, long ago, become nothing more than a tilting mass of rusted metal leaning haphazardly against a wall of brick. Roughly three hours ago, he'd been burning with a purpose, the heady sensation of a job completed but with the bitter caution of knowing he was not yet out of danger. Landing silently on his feet in the alleyway, he had kept to the shadows. Three blocks over he heard sirens, but of course it was too late.

The room he had torched had been filled with hardware containing information on several SHIELD operatives, including their alternate identities. It had already been copied, placed under safe keeping, but the originals had to be wiped clean. When it came to fires, Clint often volunteered; too often when the spark was set by a rookie it spread and harmed civilians. Besides, there was really no place quite like southeast Asia to disappear to for a bit when you wanted to clear your head of things.

At the next building down, at the opposite end of the alley, he had made quick work of the lock. But upon going through he was not in an abandoned service hallway for an insurance firm. Even if there hadn't been windows full of sunlight when he knew it had to be the dead of night, the very air told him that he had experienced something very, very odd.

It took some time to ascertain he had not had a stroke, was not going insane, and really was in what appeared to be a pretty nice hotel, far nicer than the ones he usually stayed in. Dimensional doorways weren't completely out of his grasp, of course, but the ones he knew about required a bit more pomp, circumstance, and energy fields than the single, quiet door he had walked through.

Since a few tries had told him that returning was not an option, he ended up going immediately into what he called 'airport mode' - when waiting for a flight, train, or similar, it was always best to procure three things: book, coffee, and a sandwich. Even if you didn't even want those items. So there he was in the Bistro, a third of the way through a book he had found in the gift shop, wondering how long it was going to take before he could either a) get back home or b) panic. At least his gear was more or less subtle, and he had his compound bow and quiver on the floor and tucked along the side of his leg, mostly out of sight.
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Fall of 7th Year | The Astronomy Tower

Thor doesn't really need help with his astronomy homework and Jane is more clueless than usual.

All Ages | In Progress
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The sharp edge of shock and white static thrum of continuous fear upon arriving at the Nexus hotel had begun to fade, mostly because Darcy was five shots of Patrón into her demise and moving fast. It had been a conscious choice when she realized that she was a long, long way from home with no way back to just get so drunk she didn't give a shit, and it was an official success. Darcy had long moved past complacency and, thanks to the Patrón, was now inching towards the level of boisterous that would have her table dancing, if she thought this place was of the sort of calibre that could handle a bitchin', interpretive rendition of "Disco Stick." Since it probably wasn't that sort of place and Darcy didn't care to be escorted out of the hotel and onto some planet she had no working concept of, she was keeping her ass still and settling for occasionally humming.

She'd tried a door for the first time ever that day in search retail therapy and had actually found some boots to pair with her jeans that looked like they could fend off an alien invasion or whatever the fuck had been the catalyst behind landing her in the Nexus, though she assumed, as always, it was on either Jane or her boyfriend. Since she'd mustered the nerve to go shopping mostly because it was too abysmally pleasantly warm on the Nexus grounds for the clothes she'd been wearing in Norway, she'd felt she'd done enough for her day and could reward herself by basting in checked worry and booze. The hotel had given her a phone that worked as long as she wasn't trying to call anyone she needed to call, and the sheer level of frustration involved in being defeated by technology had been enough motivation to skip dinner and head straight for the drinking. She felt a little light-headed, but the blissful fog of approaching ignorance was definitely worth it.

She waved one of the waitresses over to order a sixth shot, and upon recognizing she had yet to truly speak to anyone she hadn't stopped to ask for help, Darcy turned sideways in her chair, fluffed her hair, and gave the room in general a slow look. She thought about smiling to make herself look welcoming, but since she'd be smiling at no one in particular and was no doubt drunk enough that all the muscles in her face wouldn't cooperate at the same time, she held off.
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Right. It was time to spend more than roughly two minutes in Asgard for fear of losing the door back to the Nexus. Sif needed supplies, and she needed to come to terms with the fickle nature of the door back without endangering her home by shirking her duties. She would have to go back for a longer time eventually, she knew this. It was all a matter of acceptance.

Having reached a sort of catharsis where Loki was concerned, and having had quite a bit of fun - with him and others; different types of fun, from the most innocuous to the most...interesting - this was as good a time as any to return. Rather than messaging each of her newfound friends Sif had simply left a brief note on the door along the lines of

'It is time for me to spend time at home without fearing I might lose my way back. If I do, please know that I have cherished every moment spent here with you, whoever you are, and I hope to see you again. Lady Sif'

and called it a day. Whoever it was directed at would know it was directed at them, and others might simply shrug and move along. She donned her freshly polished armor as well as her sword and shield and as expected found the door back to Asgard not far from her own room, edged between a door marked 'supplies' and one with a number on it. Inhaling sharply, Sif turned the knob and went inside. Conveniently, the door had changed locations. Whereas before it had been located in the barracks (it was the door to the barracks, for her) now it lead straight into the balcony of her quarters at the palace. Sif looked over her shoulder, and found the door placed neatly on the side wall leading to said balcony, as though it had always been there, as though it belonged.

It was a foolish thing to do, but as the fear of losing her way back still gnawed at her despite coming to terms with the possibility, and as it was now in her private quarters which none had access to, Sif now planned to keep it slightly ajar. Taking long strides into her quarters she found an empty metal wine cup that she put between the door and its threshold, and found that it held quite easily. Satisfied, Sif nodded, turning her back on the door to go about her business.

[Follow Sif into Asgard! It is golden and beautiful this time of year. And all times of year, really.]
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Things were decidedly not going well for Sif. Too long (even for her) had passed without her changing back into her normal body, and what Olaf had said had not settled her any: there was no science behind it, no explanation, but alternate universes were at play. How did one manage to find an alternate place in the threshold of a door, one that changed you so completely and sent you back into the universe you had just been in with those changes still in place? It was much too much for Sif to wrap her head around. Not even the notion that some of her more intimate talents held true in both bodies was enough. Actually, after Natasha's reaction, after so many days, nothing was enough anymore.

She had had enough.

Dragging herself out of bed Sif headed for the shower as an automatic machine might, simply capable of doing the basics of being a person and not much else. She had showered and gotten dressed without once looking at the mirror, and was planning on heading for breakfast before taking out her frustration on the training room. Her body required sustenance before anything else today, as it seemed in this body energy burnt a lot quicker.

Stepping through her door into the hall as an automaton again Sif noticed nothing wrong for a second, and then, before she could do anything to prepare, her perfectly fitted jeans simply dropped to her ankles. As well, her previously perfectly fitted tank top barely covered what it should - as she had looked down and seen her breasts had made a reappearance - but at least, as her sarcastic self denoted, there was ample fabric around the top of her thighs. Exactly where it was not needed in the least.

Such was Sif's surprise, elation and embarrassment that the warrior simply stood there instead of walking back into her room and changing like she ought to. It had happened so fast!

Apr. 19th, 2014 01:36 pm
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It had been a long time since Thor had celebrated much of anything but he was delighted to learn that Midgard, too, seemed to celebrate Ostara in a similar way to how he'd celebrated it as a child in Asgard. It seemed that traditions were passed down and celebrated with little regard as to how they came about; he was unsure what a man dying had to do with a fertility festival, for example, but Thor was willing to embrace all of it.

For his part, he had gotten eggs and dye from a shop back in New York and brought them through to the hotel to decorate them in one of the restaurants where he had wide tables to work upon. There were not small children around here the way there were in Asgard but it did not matter - perhaps others would want to share in something that reminded them of their childhoods too.

He had never exactly mastered the way to dye eggs without getting it all over him and after about ten minutes and precious few eggs, his fingers were stained all manner of colors, predominantly purple, but the grin on his face was wide and bright.

If only his eggs looked like something worthy of display. Sadly, they did not.

[[Come dye Easter eggs with Thor. Tag him, tag others, have fun!]]
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How many hours he had spent exploring the halls and grounds of the Nexus Hotel, Steve was pretty certain he'd lost track. It surprised him to find that he was not climbing the proverbial (or literal) walls with so much time without a mission, although that might have been largely in part to do with Bucky's presence and what he recognized as a half-masochistic desire to take all the time he could with the other man without spilling the beans. Since their days in the orphanage and their meeting in one of the many Brooklyn back alleys he'd been getting beat up in, all until the war, there hadn't been a day he hadn't been sure what Bucky was up to or where Bucky was.

The war had changed that in ways Steve had never anticipated. What had come after had only driven him further apart from those nostalgia-colored memories of a childhood that was, in retrospect, far from grand.

Despite his promise to his friend that he could hitch a ride back with him, if only he could find his door, Steve had avoided much of investigating the many doors of the hotel as he worked out whether or not such a thing were even possible. That he actually wished for a moment that Stark was there to babble at him in his science-speak about dimensions or temporal paradox or whatever else might have been on the menu was a fact he thought he'd best keep to himself. Best forget entirely before he had to think on that for too long.

Instead he had toured the art gallery more than a dozen times, poked around the library, devoted early mornings and late nights when he was unable to sleep in the basement gym. In between times he unnerved the staff at the bistro with the amount of food he could pack away in a sitting, and how many times a day he could come back for a refill and still have that vaguely hungry feeling gnawing at his belly. Just then, with something unsettling and all too vague itching at the back of his neck and weighing at his shoulders, he buried himself in the cheap sketchbook and pencil he'd picked up in the hotel shop, sitting with his back against the wall of the lobby as he idly sketched bits and pieces of the people who passed through on their way to one place or another.

Feb. 18th, 2014 06:16 am
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6 February 2014 | Nexus Hotel

Thor is found by someone thought lost forever.

In Progress/All Ages

Feb. 3rd, 2014 04:24 pm
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18 November 2013 | Behind the Pirate Door

Thor and Loki discuss some difficult subjects.

FTB/All Ages
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31 October 2013 | The Nexus - Room 203

The man she had been pining over for over a year was standing in front of her wearing nothing but a loin cloth, as glorious as the god he was, his attention fixed fully upon her. How could she pretend to be unaffected by that?

In progress; Adult content
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A large, decorative sign situated prominantly in the lobby reads:

The Nexus Hotel
proudly presents its

Formal Reception
Nexus Dining Hall
6 PM - Midnight

Monster Mixer
Nexus Basement
8 PM - 2 AM

Masquerade attire recommended for all guests

Most of the chairs have been removed from the Dining Hall to allow for ballroom-style dancing to the orchestra set up on the far end of the room. A polished cherry wood open bar is aligned along one wall. The adjacent Bistro is open for the duration of the formal reception, serving gourmet hors d'oeuvres.

Downstairs, the basement's largest storeroom has been converted into a spooky nightclub, complete with DJ, dance floor and cocktails.

Oct. 14th, 2013 07:39 pm
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When he was younger, when Camden and his mother and his father (so, everyone, basically) was still alive, they'd gone to Disneyland the once. At the time, Isaac had been too young to appreciate a happy, shiny family, but he looks back on that and wonders why the hell he didn't pay attention to the fact that his father wasn't throwing glassware at the walls and his mother was happy and Camden was living and breathing. So Disneyland had lived grandly in his memory as a beacon of a shining time.

It's been pulled out from memory, though. He'd been with April at the hotel, still trying to avoid reality and the implications of what his new feelings for Allison meant for his friendship with Scott (which didn't even touch on the pack implications) and suddenly instead of wandering into his room to grab a jacket, he's staring at the entrance to Disneyland.

It's Disneyland. For some reason, he's opened a door to the happiest place on earth, which is almost a cosmic joke considering who opened that door. It hadn't taken him very long to find a brick to prop the door open before grabbing April's hand to tug her through the door. It's like a switch has gone off. Before, in the Nexus, Isaac had still been trying to shake off all the bad things that had piled up in his life, but here? Here is where Isaac is happy without consequence or reproach or the fear that sharp, glass things will be thrown at him as soon as he gets comfortable (at least, not unless the Jungle Cruise gets pretty intense).

"Where to first?" he asks April, as soon as he's shaken off the very last of his worries that this is somehow a trick. "My only veto is Haunted Mansion," he warns, not knowing how the hell the wolf is going to react to all of that.
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This door was interesting.

Instead of leading to another place in the hotel, he found himself somewhere altogether different. For a moment, Loki wondered if this was going to be another form of being stranded - that he was hopping from one universe to the next, cutting himself further and further away from the world he knew, and making his way back would be a long and arduous journey. This did occur to him. He shut the door behind him anyway, and did not bother to open it again.

He stood outside of what looked to be a storefront. Like everything else he had come across lately it was Midgardian in its smallness and style, yet that was the only thing boring about it. The world he looked upon was grey and dim, and there was that sound, near silent but pressing in on the ears, of falling snow. Of course, it wasn't snow, and had been the first thing to tug at his curiosity.

Stepping out from under the overhang, he held out his hand, which looked startlingly pale in the light, and touched the ash that landed in his palm. He smeared it slightly. It wasn't volcanic, he didn't think. While the world was cool and dim he could feel a heat burning, though he wasn't sure where from.

"I think I like this place," he decided aloud. Loki did not feel alone, instead sensed that there was someone in his blind spot, hovering. Wherever he did not look he was missing a secret, a hidden danger, and that alone thrilled him. Caution be damned; he was tired of it. He set off, leaving bootprints in the ash.

Oct. 9th, 2013 06:50 pm
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Thor was uncertain, exactly, why his manner of dress seemed to be attracting positive attention of late instead of the usual confusion he was used to experiencing from those not of Asgard. He had long learned that the people of Midgard did not dress in his style and while those comrades-at-arms he knew as the Avengers did not care, the average person had a reaction ranging from laughter to hostility.

But that seemed to have changed. He had spent the morning in New York, enjoying what was certain to be only the start of a slide into autumn and when it began to rain, he had decided to come back to the hotel, yanking open a door that seemed to go into an abandoned building and ending up in the Nexus once more. While in New York, his attire seemed to be amusing to most and while a few told him that "Halloween is in a couple weeks, you're early," or something of that nature, most seemed agreeable.

Thor wasn't sure what Halloween was, exactly, so he hadn't thought much of it until he got a similar comment from the bartender in the hotel. They didn't normally speak much to him other than to say hello and ask what he wanted and he thought the comment strange, especially given New York, so he wondered if anyone could explain it to him. While he was far from shy, he did have some measure of pride and overcoming that pride to ask what seemed a simple question was often a battle within himself. In the end, his desire to know overwhelmed his desire to not look like a fool.

He sought out the library, then, and started looking among the books to see if there was a clue about this Halloween. He assumed it was a festival or holiday of some sort, based on the way it had been used, and he had pulled out a large tome that professed to be a compendium of known holidays around the world. While he wasn't stupid, his talents lay more in the physical and less in the mental and he wished that Jane could just explain it to him instead of him trying to find it in a book. It would take less time and probably be more enjoyable in the end; while he did not always know what she said, he always enjoyed listening to her say it.

He put the book down and put his face in his hands, trying to soothe his wearied eyes.

"If anyone can explain Halloween, I will buy you a round of any drink you desire."


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