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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Throughout the day on the 14th, the Nexus staff deliver single roses and accompanying notes to designated hotel guests in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. For some, the gesture will be a foregone conclusion; for others, it will be a surprise. For some, they might only guess at who sent them the gift in the first place.

[Comments with deliveries will follow are done. You may reply to yours with a reaction if you like!]
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With the party still in full swing, the approach to midnight comes on fairly quickly. While some of the partygoers have left and some of the drink and food service had begun to die off, the waiters quietly and quickly cleaning things off stay in the background to allow for the continuing revelry to go on. Outside, the brisk weather is something to bear, but at midnight, fireworks are being drawn up to go off in the sky amidst the stars and to make the Nexus Hotel glow with gleaming colors of every sort. And of course, with the countdown comes the tradition of a kiss at midnight for good luck in the new year.

As the clock begins to wind its way down, shouts are heard throughout the party, giving notice that there's only so much time to roam through the hotel and find something for that kiss. "Five minutes to go," calls out one of the hosts from their spot at the front of the room, giving fair warning. With that, he continues on his way to mingle through the party, leaving the guests to do what they will.
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You know, when people head downstairs for a late day breakfast (4PM is never too late, not when you'd gone to bed at 5AM) and turn into a woman, most people might give it a bit of pause. Technically, Olaf does, but he's still really hungover and really hungry and the sausages kind of look incredible, still. He prods and pokes two on a fork before trying to stand in place and accommodate some of his new balance, but that's probably going to take a while (see, the hungover thing).

And normally? Well, normally this would be something to freak out over.

Olaf's never been normal, and seeing as he's watched his grandson get fucked out of a female body, he's pretty sure this is as normal as the Johnson family gets. Finding a seat near the food, Olaf sits with his knees spread wide as he digs into the food, as starved as ever despite the fact that he's suddenly got a lot less body mass to feed. He really wishes he had Stacey or Ingrid around. Dressing himself is always a rough pain and if he does need to get fucked to get normal, he'd rather have a bit of fun with it too (which makes him a bit regretful that he doesn't have a) a video camera and b) Michele).

Yawning and drinking half his coffee cup in one go, Olaf slumps back in his seat, possibly as unladylike as it gets, and debates heading back for seconds.

Really, if this is a god-related switch, he'd get some sort of oracle sign, right?

Seconds, he decides, standing up and getting back in line, peering eagerly forward to see what the roast looks like, which makes his cleavage very, very visible with the lowered line of his white tank-top.
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"I think we're supposed to dance, break the rules, and generally end the evening feeling like we own the world."

Olaf takes Sif to prom, they do all of the above.


Jun. 5th, 2014 12:00 pm
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Loki had slept for days. His last year had not been very restful, but it had been operating the Tesseract - finally convincing it to open a doorway for him - that had truly taken it out of him. Once he had rid himself of Natasha and made sure his room was secure, he had gratefully fallen into bed and slept.

The quiet of his hotel room, so much more calming and closed in than the silence of deep space (which was not, really, silence; in reality there had been a low hum, at all times, imperceptible to his ears but filling up his head) made for a much better environment for sleep. For food, not so much. And as it could not be said that the Chitauri and their compatriots were restful folk, they were certainly not inclined to banquets either.

Loki usually ate often enough that food was mainly for pleasure - he did not crave sustenance quite so often as others, no doubt a trait easily handled by a member of a starving race - but now his body was ravaged, and while sleep had been the first step it certainly wasn't the last. He had bathed, changed out of his armour and into softer clothes which were still very reminiscent of Asgard, and after much deliberation secured the sceptre in a locked safe situated under his floorboards. Handy, how his quarters always supplied him with what he needed; hopefully, they wouldn't turn on him, at least not for the time he needed away. Only Natasha knew he had it, and if she wanted to tell others, that was her; he wouldn't help spread the word just yet with his own actions.

He would have gone to the Smoking Room, to see if Ruby was still around, but the bar didn't provide the amount of food Loki knew he would need to start recovering. So now he was at a table in the Bistro, with a bottle of wine, working on the first of what would undoubtedly be many courses. When hungry, he had an appetite that could rival Volstagg's, though each movement he made was calm, composed, almost sedate. Ravenous he was, in a hurry he was not. Everything was under control.

[Loki just experienced a yearlong canon jump, though slightly altered due to his interactions in the hotel affecting his character. He's a little unpredictable and sharp, but probably too tired to bite, so feel free to have dinner with him ;)]
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Right. It was time to spend more than roughly two minutes in Asgard for fear of losing the door back to the Nexus. Sif needed supplies, and she needed to come to terms with the fickle nature of the door back without endangering her home by shirking her duties. She would have to go back for a longer time eventually, she knew this. It was all a matter of acceptance.

Having reached a sort of catharsis where Loki was concerned, and having had quite a bit of fun - with him and others; different types of fun, from the most innocuous to the most...interesting - this was as good a time as any to return. Rather than messaging each of her newfound friends Sif had simply left a brief note on the door along the lines of

'It is time for me to spend time at home without fearing I might lose my way back. If I do, please know that I have cherished every moment spent here with you, whoever you are, and I hope to see you again. Lady Sif'

and called it a day. Whoever it was directed at would know it was directed at them, and others might simply shrug and move along. She donned her freshly polished armor as well as her sword and shield and as expected found the door back to Asgard not far from her own room, edged between a door marked 'supplies' and one with a number on it. Inhaling sharply, Sif turned the knob and went inside. Conveniently, the door had changed locations. Whereas before it had been located in the barracks (it was the door to the barracks, for her) now it lead straight into the balcony of her quarters at the palace. Sif looked over her shoulder, and found the door placed neatly on the side wall leading to said balcony, as though it had always been there, as though it belonged.

It was a foolish thing to do, but as the fear of losing her way back still gnawed at her despite coming to terms with the possibility, and as it was now in her private quarters which none had access to, Sif now planned to keep it slightly ajar. Taking long strides into her quarters she found an empty metal wine cup that she put between the door and its threshold, and found that it held quite easily. Satisfied, Sif nodded, turning her back on the door to go about her business.

[Follow Sif into Asgard! It is golden and beautiful this time of year. And all times of year, really.]

May. 20th, 2014 06:12 pm
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May 10 | Nexus Grounds

Having returned to their usual genders, Loki and Sif attempt to take their ease in the sun - a strange pursuit for both of them.

Ongoing/All Ages
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may 5 | nexus hotel

Not exactly himself, Isaac runs into Sif, who is not herself and looks incredibly similar to Derek Hale. Once Isaac realizes that isn't the case, they get to talking about what Derek is to Isaac.

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Early May| Out and about

Upon discovering rather belatedly that Sif has spontaneously grown a penis, Natasha decides to take her out for a good time.

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Things were decidedly not going well for Sif. Too long (even for her) had passed without her changing back into her normal body, and what Olaf had said had not settled her any: there was no science behind it, no explanation, but alternate universes were at play. How did one manage to find an alternate place in the threshold of a door, one that changed you so completely and sent you back into the universe you had just been in with those changes still in place? It was much too much for Sif to wrap her head around. Not even the notion that some of her more intimate talents held true in both bodies was enough. Actually, after Natasha's reaction, after so many days, nothing was enough anymore.

She had had enough.

Dragging herself out of bed Sif headed for the shower as an automatic machine might, simply capable of doing the basics of being a person and not much else. She had showered and gotten dressed without once looking at the mirror, and was planning on heading for breakfast before taking out her frustration on the training room. Her body required sustenance before anything else today, as it seemed in this body energy burnt a lot quicker.

Stepping through her door into the hall as an automaton again Sif noticed nothing wrong for a second, and then, before she could do anything to prepare, her perfectly fitted jeans simply dropped to her ankles. As well, her previously perfectly fitted tank top barely covered what it should - as she had looked down and seen her breasts had made a reappearance - but at least, as her sarcastic self denoted, there was ample fabric around the top of her thighs. Exactly where it was not needed in the least.

Such was Sif's surprise, elation and embarrassment that the warrior simply stood there instead of walking back into her room and changing like she ought to. It had happened so fast!

Apr. 28th, 2014 08:08 pm
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There are times in Olaf's life when being an oracle is not just a title.

They're few and far between, of course, but when they come, it's like the rainclouds over the universe clear and the rays of sun shine through and give Olaf the clearest sense of everything that is, was, and will come to be in the world. It only figures that he's coming into this on the heels of his latest trip, but he's got a table set out at the bar, Ingrid's tarot cards, and he's divining the future like it's easy.

Honestly, sometimes Olaf forgets how good it feels to know what the universe wants of you, not to mention knowing what's coming and what everything means. Of course, it's only been a few hours, so in a day's time, the frustration of all this knowledge will send Olaf back into a spiral of drugs, alcohol, and sex to try and shut the universe out, but it's early days yet and Olaf's never been so good with remembering his lessons.

Cigarette dangling out the side of his mouth, he beckons the next person who enters the bar over. "You, come here," he mumbles. "Want your future read? Today, there's a 90% chance that I'll even get it right," he adds, with clear eyes and a hopeful heart. Maybe he'll even pick up something that he can bring back to his grandkids so they don't think of him as completely worthless, but he'll let Ingrid's tarot cards do the talking today.

Free Tarot readings with an oracle. Please drop a line here if there's anything you want Olaf to pick out of your character's future.
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Wearing her armor's metal plates and metal weapons Sif clashes violently into Erik Lehnsherr, a man who can manipulate metal with his mind. Neither one is in good spirits.

ONGOING|some violence


001: At the gym Sif sends a punching bag flying, narrowly missing Captain America's head. He is impressed, they bond over shields.
002: Later that day Sif meets Joan Watson (not the Son of Wat) during her search for the door back home

001 (ongoing|all ages) | 002 (ongoing|all ages)

APRIL 19-20 (after midnight) | THE HOTEL BAR[SEX SWITCH]

001: Sif stumbles out of her room looking like a man, meets Loki (who now looks like a woman) clad only in a fluffy short bathrobe. It's awkward.
002: Later that same night, Ruby comes tell drunken Dude!Sif that her robe is very nearly open, and offers to get the poor Sif some pants.

001 (complete|all ages) | 002 (ongoing|all ages)

Apr. 16th, 2014 03:02 pm
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April 14

Two letters are left in the front desk: One for Natasha, one for Loki.
Contents below:

Dear Natasha,

I have found the door to Asgard at last! Oddly enough it was right outside my room door this morning. It had not been there before. I entered it, and found myself only steps away from where I had been before walking into the hotel. Though I did not wander far it was enough to gather that no time has passed. No time at all. I seem to have slipped between stopped time, it is the oddest thing.

Since I did not want to lose the door I did not let go of it, and upon making sure all was well I slipped back in here. Perhaps later I will find the courage to go again and let go so I can get some currency and clothing, but today is not that day. Do not think I've forgotten that I owe you, however. I swear to you I have not.

Also, I have the communications device - cell phone - running smoothly now. It is much easier than I thought, I am glad to report.

Your friend,

Lady Sif


Found the door home, was greeted by a guard who congratulated me on capturing Lorelei and asking if I wasn't going to head to the throne room to hear Odin "dispense sentencing". I suppose this means no time has passed. I did not want to test the fickle nature of this place, however, and so I slipped right back in here once I made sure. I am not done with this hotel, and it will not be done with me until I say so.

Thought I'd let you know.


PS: I have the communications device with me now. It is much easier than I thought, we were playing with this technology centuries ago. It only looked different.
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Another job well done, if Sif said so herself. This had been a hard one, considering what it uncovered within her; however, Lorelei was back in her cell where she belonged, and all was well for the moment. Sif was relieved that Midgard was once again safe from misguided Asgardians, and that she could now be alone with her own thoughts - or proceed with the attempt to wipe Lorelei's words from her mind. They kept playing back, however, over and over again.

It was frustrating, to say the least. Sif began walking faster through the doors and hallways of the palace, fully intent on dropping a word of recent developments in the barracks and then ending up in her quarters, where she would draw hot bath and try to wash it all away.

Instead, upon pushing open the door to the barracks, she found herself...elsewhere. Stopping, Sif looked around, took a few steps back without fully closing the door, then opened it widely again. These were not the barracks in Asgard. This was nowhere she had ever been and, she was sure, nowhere Heimdall might send her to as a prank. Firstly because he absolutely wasn't the pranking type, and secondly because she would have felt it.

If Loki wasn't dead Sif might even suspect one of his tricks, illusions, special bloody portals - whatever he was experimenting with at the moment. He liked his tricks, some more harmful than others. And once in a blue moon, depending on their seriousness, Sif wasn't all too bothered by them. But that wasn't it either, was it?

Armed with her shield in front of her, and pulling loose her sword with a wrist movement, Sif clicked so it would stretch and began walking, leaving the door behind. It was unfortunate, however, because once she looked back at it it was gone. "This is ridiculous!" She protested, making her way slowly down the richly decorated hallway. "Hello? I demand to know what is happening here!" She called out, a warning more than a demand. Because things would start to break if she did not get her answers.


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