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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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November | A door that leads to a winter cabin

Every door at the Nexus was an unknown quantity, a potential bomb to be diffused, and it unnerved him a little how easily she could step over a threshold. Despite this, he hovered only a moment in the open doorway before stepping down himself.

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End of February | The Nexus

She is a lifeline, a tether. The knife that slices through the fog obscuring his past. She is not gentle, for all that she tries to be; she is the bullet in the gun he presses knowingly to his own forehead.

Ongoing | R+

Mar. 22nd, 2015 08:52 pm
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It's been almost a year since Sam first showed up at the Nexus and he doesn't understand it any more now than he did then. It's occasionally entertaining, dinosaurs notwithstanding, but sometimes he wonders if he ought to be moving on and getting back to the hero business. Sure. He's no Captain America or Black Widow and he's probably only ever going to be on the JV squad of the Avengers but he's done his bit. He's gotten a taste of it and wants more.

Not a lot he can do about it, though. For the last several weeks, every door he's tried has been stuck and he can't go anywhere except within the hotel itself. It's been okay - he's had enough money and supplies to get by - but it's damned annoying. Tonight, he's decided to abandon all pretense of dealing with his problems and headed to the Smoking Room to drink and ignore everything for a little while.

As a coping mechanism, it's a shitty one, and he has enough knowledge in this arena to know it isn't a permanent solution. Still, everyone's allowed to be down for a little while and Sam thinks if he is maladjusted for a night or two, it's not going to harm anything in the grand scheme. He's going to come out all right, just like he always does, and eventually the doors are going to open again and he can get back to kicking HYDRA's ass.

JV squad or not, he thinks that the Avengers will more than likely appreciate all the help they can get, especially since SHIELD is no longer a thing.

Until then? He's going to enjoy his beer and sulk for a little while.

Feb. 15th, 2015 10:25 pm
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Natasha had taped her hands before going to the hotel gym. She had bound them in a way that was almost entirely foreign to her, as rarely did she ever fight so up close and personal. Punching and walloping her opponent to death had never and would never be her style for obvious reasons, and still it had felt nice to stand in front of the weighted, heavy punching bag and drive her fist into it again and again. She’d only sent it rocking, never outright swinging, as it was perhaps too heavy for her. She had wished for the strength of someone like Steve Rogers, who could’ve knocked it across the room and put a nice split down the side with a single punch. That had to be nice and satisfying.

All that being said, she wasn’t glum or even angry, but instead restless in a way that was both foreign and alarming to her. She didn’t want to run through another door and she didn’t want to drink. She had put the Valentine’s Day roses that had been sent to her in a vase together and had spent too long thinking on them, which was far less her style than even anything she’d decided to go do to the punching bag immediately after. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go, and she found herself then freshly showered in the gardens of the Nexus, sitting in a bit of sunlight with her hands aching only a bit and a half eaten club sandwich from the bistro sitting beside her.

She felt not at all at home amongst the flowers and greenery, but she liked it all the same.
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Throughout the day on the 14th, the Nexus staff deliver single roses and accompanying notes to designated hotel guests in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. For some, the gesture will be a foregone conclusion; for others, it will be a surprise. For some, they might only guess at who sent them the gift in the first place.

[Comments with deliveries will follow are done. You may reply to yours with a reaction if you like!]

In The Sun

Feb. 1st, 2015 06:02 pm
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Late January | Some Beach Somewhere

Joan made sure to get every patch of skin on Natasha's back covered, if only so she wouldn't have to feel too guilty afterwards if she ended up with peeling lobster-coloured skin. Just like people, they turned red after they had been thoroughly cooked.

Girltalk and boozing and baking in the sun will ensue|Ongoing
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Christmas Eve | Natasha's Room

Clint tries to jolly Natasha into the Christmas spirit via vodka and building a gingerbread house. Also, a lot of candy.

"I've come to associate you in my room with mass quantities of vodka, which might have more to do with my jolly spirits than your handsome self."

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Dec 5 | Tokyo, Japan

Loki brings Natasha through his door to show her the world under his care. Or maybe just to get drunk, as their hangout of choice is a nomihodai - an all-you-can drink bar - buried in the heart of Tokyo. Is it a date? Absolutely not. Will it get strange? Of course it will.

no warnings yet/ongoing
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Zombie Road, just off Zombie Lane

Simmons finds herself in the precarious position of facing off zombies with only her mind, so it's a lucky thing Agent Romanoff is there to help her.

PG-13 for Violence
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Backstory | Soviet Russia

Natalia Romanova is changing shape, from girl to agent to weapon, and he is the maestro of her change.

Adult content
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Mid-September | Las Vegas Door

Clint and Natasha decide to go through the Vegas door for a night out and win enough money to buy some frivilous shit.

Rating: Low | Ongoing

Sep. 2nd, 2014 03:35 pm
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He'd been careful. He'd been really careful, because the last thing he wanted to do was go back into the arena.

But maybe he'd gotten complacent since the last door that had been special had been weeks ago, resulting in him being a girl for a couple of days. But since then, there'd been nothing. So maybe he hadn't been as diligent about watching where he was going, and maybe he'd been more than a little tired because Tristan hadn't slept well the night before and Finnick had been up with him for most of the night, trying to calm his son back down.

When Finnick did look up and found himself looking out into the jungle instead of into his room at the Nexus, he took a step back, his heart stuttering in his chest. Reflexively, he looked down: He was wearing the wetsuit he'd arrived at the hotel in.

He was back in the 75th Games.

"No, no," Finnick said out loud before he could stop himself. He turned around, desperately looking for the door that had led him in. He had to get back out. He couldn't be here. He couldn't be back here.

His brain suddenly snagged on a horrific thought: What if this wasn't a door at all? What if he had been sent back. It was something he couldn't even begin to fathom. It meant losing Annie and Tristan, and that was something he couldn't contend with.

The arena provided suitable distraction though: the sound of a cannon booming in the distance jolted Finnick back to the present. Door or home, he needed to stay alive. Weapon and water, Finnick thought, years of training fall back into place. The cornucopia was still in the middle of the arena, looking strangely deserted. He ran hastily across the beach and headed out into the water. He swam as fast as he could, reaching the cornucopia where a trident still sat, gleaming. He wrapped his hands around it -- just as he heard footsteps behind him. He turned, brandishing the trident in front of him.
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Sometime in August | The Nexus

She'd been preparing herself for anything, because at no point had she ever felt that she knew this man well enough to predict him. The vague shapes of her past that triggered all those old feelings of love and pain were just that -- vague. She found herself unable to look away from him while some strange breed of hope took root in her at the fact that he'd finally come to her in her territory. It was all so foolish, and yet she knew, although she could not precisely remember, that being foolish where he was concerned was an old habit.

Even assassins need a haircut on occasion.

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Roughly three hours ago, Clint had been skillfully monkeying his way down the side of a building, the grips sewn in the palms of his gloves helping him to twist and turn his way through a fire escape that had, long ago, become nothing more than a tilting mass of rusted metal leaning haphazardly against a wall of brick. Roughly three hours ago, he'd been burning with a purpose, the heady sensation of a job completed but with the bitter caution of knowing he was not yet out of danger. Landing silently on his feet in the alleyway, he had kept to the shadows. Three blocks over he heard sirens, but of course it was too late.

The room he had torched had been filled with hardware containing information on several SHIELD operatives, including their alternate identities. It had already been copied, placed under safe keeping, but the originals had to be wiped clean. When it came to fires, Clint often volunteered; too often when the spark was set by a rookie it spread and harmed civilians. Besides, there was really no place quite like southeast Asia to disappear to for a bit when you wanted to clear your head of things.

At the next building down, at the opposite end of the alley, he had made quick work of the lock. But upon going through he was not in an abandoned service hallway for an insurance firm. Even if there hadn't been windows full of sunlight when he knew it had to be the dead of night, the very air told him that he had experienced something very, very odd.

It took some time to ascertain he had not had a stroke, was not going insane, and really was in what appeared to be a pretty nice hotel, far nicer than the ones he usually stayed in. Dimensional doorways weren't completely out of his grasp, of course, but the ones he knew about required a bit more pomp, circumstance, and energy fields than the single, quiet door he had walked through.

Since a few tries had told him that returning was not an option, he ended up going immediately into what he called 'airport mode' - when waiting for a flight, train, or similar, it was always best to procure three things: book, coffee, and a sandwich. Even if you didn't even want those items. So there he was in the Bistro, a third of the way through a book he had found in the gift shop, wondering how long it was going to take before he could either a) get back home or b) panic. At least his gear was more or less subtle, and he had his compound bow and quiver on the floor and tucked along the side of his leg, mostly out of sight.
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June 1st | Nexus Hallways

She looked at him with no small amount of wariness, but did not feel she was currently in danger. He was volatile, or at least he had been once, but just then he seemed distracted, almost scattered, as though the pieces of him had been thrown willy nilly into the air like a jostled puzzle and he was currently attempting to place them all.

Natasha encounters Loki in the hallways while in a weakened state, and helps him to his room.

ongoing/all ages
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Early May| Out and about

Upon discovering rather belatedly that Sif has spontaneously grown a penis, Natasha decides to take her out for a good time.

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Mid-April 2014 | The Nexus

Bucky Barnes left the Nexus, and the Winter Soldier returned in his place.

Ongoing | Spoilers for CA:TWS

Apr. 16th, 2014 03:02 pm
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April 14

Two letters are left in the front desk: One for Natasha, one for Loki.
Contents below:

Dear Natasha,

I have found the door to Asgard at last! Oddly enough it was right outside my room door this morning. It had not been there before. I entered it, and found myself only steps away from where I had been before walking into the hotel. Though I did not wander far it was enough to gather that no time has passed. No time at all. I seem to have slipped between stopped time, it is the oddest thing.

Since I did not want to lose the door I did not let go of it, and upon making sure all was well I slipped back in here. Perhaps later I will find the courage to go again and let go so I can get some currency and clothing, but today is not that day. Do not think I've forgotten that I owe you, however. I swear to you I have not.

Also, I have the communications device - cell phone - running smoothly now. It is much easier than I thought, I am glad to report.

Your friend,

Lady Sif


Found the door home, was greeted by a guard who congratulated me on capturing Lorelei and asking if I wasn't going to head to the throne room to hear Odin "dispense sentencing". I suppose this means no time has passed. I did not want to test the fickle nature of this place, however, and so I slipped right back in here once I made sure. I am not done with this hotel, and it will not be done with me until I say so.

Thought I'd let you know.


PS: I have the communications device with me now. It is much easier than I thought, we were playing with this technology centuries ago. It only looked different.
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Another job well done, if Sif said so herself. This had been a hard one, considering what it uncovered within her; however, Lorelei was back in her cell where she belonged, and all was well for the moment. Sif was relieved that Midgard was once again safe from misguided Asgardians, and that she could now be alone with her own thoughts - or proceed with the attempt to wipe Lorelei's words from her mind. They kept playing back, however, over and over again.

It was frustrating, to say the least. Sif began walking faster through the doors and hallways of the palace, fully intent on dropping a word of recent developments in the barracks and then ending up in her quarters, where she would draw hot bath and try to wash it all away.

Instead, upon pushing open the door to the barracks, she found herself...elsewhere. Stopping, Sif looked around, took a few steps back without fully closing the door, then opened it widely again. These were not the barracks in Asgard. This was nowhere she had ever been and, she was sure, nowhere Heimdall might send her to as a prank. Firstly because he absolutely wasn't the pranking type, and secondly because she would have felt it.

If Loki wasn't dead Sif might even suspect one of his tricks, illusions, special bloody portals - whatever he was experimenting with at the moment. He liked his tricks, some more harmful than others. And once in a blue moon, depending on their seriousness, Sif wasn't all too bothered by them. But that wasn't it either, was it?

Armed with her shield in front of her, and pulling loose her sword with a wrist movement, Sif clicked so it would stretch and began walking, leaving the door behind. It was unfortunate, however, because once she looked back at it it was gone. "This is ridiculous!" She protested, making her way slowly down the richly decorated hallway. "Hello? I demand to know what is happening here!" She called out, a warning more than a demand. Because things would start to break if she did not get her answers.


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