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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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"You know, I warrant that the Ponds would say this was a bad idea," the Doctor reasons, hand stroking along the scaly exterior of the newest friend, "I imagine most of my erstwhile companions would, but you're not a harm, are you! Walk through a door, find a triceratops, eh? Where's the harm in that?" he says, though he's definitely being kept there by his interest more than he is the deluded belief that he's safe.

People don't simply turn up at their now-regular luxury hotel and wander through one of the guest doors to find massive doors welcoming you to Jurassic Park. Now, true, the Doctor has witnessed dinosaurs on a spaceship and dinosaurs in England and yes, so there have been plenty of times that he's seen dinosaurs, but never in a park, and certainly not one popularized by 90's filmography.

So, yes, one might call that a bit strange.

He's here wondering at the mechanics of it all, but that's not to diminish the sheer wonder of finding a triceratops eating its way through a large amount of weeds that don't belong anywhere near the same cretaceous period as this large, lumbering beauty. It doesn't take a sonic screwdriver or a well-tested Time Lord's mind to know that fact. He'd steered the old man away from the plants with a little dazzle of a light show, which has left him here with no TARDIS, a Jeep, and no real plan of what he's doing.

"Right," he admits, "that's a bad plan, rubbish plan, who thought that one up?" he says, hearing the distant hunting call of predators on the wind. They might be trapped behind barbed wire and electric fences, but bad things tend to happen when you put dangerous things behind bars. Look at him, for instance.

This might be the convenient time to start walking back to where there might be some doors. Curiosity is fine and all, but only until you're jaws-deep in a dinosaur's mouth and that never really was on his to-do list. "No reason to leave you here," he says brightly to the triceratops. "Come along, then!" he beckons to his newest companion as they begin their trek back to the visitor's centre, evenly paced so as to not give the other dinosaurs the inclination that his two hearts could be beating anything but at the normal rate of things.

Jun. 30th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Where the universe is concerned, Olaf doesn't generally question its choices. Bad things happen. Good things happen. Strange things happen, but usually it all fits together in the larger pieces of the puzzle. It's why he doesn't really do so much more than shrug when instead of walking into Mike's bar, he walks into a party in full swing where he doesn't recognize a single guest.

It's not like this is the first time it's happened to Olaf. Generally, him recognizing someone in a crowd full of people is usually a start. Still, he has learned to go with the stranger events in the universe and no one's died as a result of this little left turn, so he grabs the joint he'd tucked away behind his ear and drifts into the throng of people, observing the summer-like nature of the party from the vibrant drinks to the decorations to the clothes everyone's wearing. Really, this could very well still be Auckland for all he knows and whatever he took earlier had been laced stronger than usual, but Olaf's sort of getting the feeling there's more to it than that.

With no shoes and a Hawaiian shirt fit for a king, Olaf feels like he fits right into the breezy, summer theme of the party around him. He might not know how he got here, but Olaf's never turned down a good party. This one holds a great deal of promise.


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