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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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Kieren sets aside another black-bloody-stained handkerchief into a growing pile, staring at them in dismay. He'd encouraged Simon to go out for the day, giving Kieren the opportunity to make his escape to the Nexus. He's even half there, got the door propped open and the front desk in sight through the doorframe, but Kieren is busy wandering through Amy's bungalow looking for some neurotriptalyne that he can take without Simon noticing that Kieren's bogarting the supply and not his NT-Plus.

It'd be easier, of course, if he didn't have to keep stopping every few minutes to stop the black sludge coming from his nose with his shaking hand. The shaking has been happening for months, ever since the ... the thing he doesn't like to think about, but he'd dismissed it. Dr. Russo had always said that the drug's job was to reforge connections, so maybe this is just one more.

The bloody nose, though, is a worry.

He doesn't feel like he's about to go rabid. This isn't like when Gary had forced the Blue Oblivion on him, but it's something scarier -- something he can't even explain. When the tissue in his hand grows too bloody to use, he finds another one and tips his head back like this is just a case of a bad bloody nose. He might even be able to live with that, but the strangest thing happens.

From the hotel, there's a rush of warm air like the heaters are kicking in and Kieren feels it. His dead skin, his dead system, picks up on this gust of air.

What the hell is happening to him? Maybe it's about time he goes to the clinic, though without Dr. Russo there anymore, he's not sure he trusts anyone. Maybe Shirley Wilson? Kieren's sort of running out of options, but he knows this -- he's definitely not worrying Simon with this, not until it's necessary. Staring at the still open door to the Nexus, he remembers what he's meaning to do, though it's a bit harder now that he's sat in front of it tending to his bloody nose and his shaking hands.

"If anyone's there," he offers warily, on the off chance he doesn't have to get up. "Maybe you could close up from your end? I've run into a bit of ... difficulty."
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Mid-November 2014 | Zombie-verse

Connor probably should have listened to the staff warnings about the doors. Is it better or worse to be hiding from zombies with a guy who used to be one?

Lucky for Kieren, you can't exactly die of a zombie attack when you already are a zombie.

PGish | Ongoing

Nov. 18th, 2014 02:38 pm
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Enough things in the hotel are free that Chiana doesn't exactly need to steal very much. But old habits die hard, and maybe the cred will come in handy some day, when she gets out of here or when things change. Things always change, and rarely for the better; it's the way of the world. The hotel might be in its own bubble of existence, but she's pretty sure even it can't escape that universal law.

So she's been nicking things here and there, when people aren't looking - and even when they are. She's great at misdirection; she's had to learn to be, over the years.

Sometimes, people make it so frelling easy on her, too. Like right now, in the bar. The man's standing at the counter, his back to her, completely focused on his conversation with another patron. All she has to do is lift the wallet sticking out of the back pocket of his trousers; the toughest part is making sure no one's looking at her when she does, since she tends to draw a lot of attention in these mostly Earthen crowds. But she manages, she's pretty sure, and she even has the luxury of palming the cred inside and putting the wallet back where she found it, so she does just that, and sticks the notes down the side of her corset. No better place to keep her prize safe.

A carefully neutral gaze travels around the bar, making sure no one's spotted her, and she walks over to the next person leaning on the counter, giving them a sharp smile as she stops by their side. "Buy a girl a drink?"

There's no point wasting hard-earned cred on buying herself a drink when somebody else might do it for her.
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The fog had begun near the dusk hours, coating all the plants and flowers in the garden. It settled, heavy, and blanketed everything with a new cover that was only matched in mood by the graveyard that had unearthed itself from the grass and the moss. Names were etched on each gravestone, but the most unnerving part was that every few steps, if you stopped and listened very, very carefully, you might hear a knock of a human hand against hard wood. It was almost as if the dead were being called upwards.

The maze stood normal, but inside around the corners, there were things lurking and waiting.

Outside might have become frightening and gloomy, but the contrast to indoors was stark. Inside, carved pumpkins lit with candles turned the ballroom and restaurants into amber-lit abodes, costumed partygoers twirled to the music played by the band in the lobby (while the DJ had set up in the conservatory). Candy and small hors d'oeuvres circulated on the trays of immaculately clad waiters and though outside it was stormy, foggy, and spooky, inside was a delight of themed drinks, delicious food, and the manic and half-crazed mood of people in the midst of their fun.

The party for Halloween had begun.

And there was no telling when it might ever end.
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It's so quiet, when he stands out here staring into the oblivion of space. If he still had a heartbeat, if he were still alive and his heart could race against his chest, it'd be all Kieren could hear. One moment, he'd been at the surgery and now he's ... here. Wherever here is supposed to be.

Cut for major S2x06 spoilers for In The Flesh )

The sound of footsteps draws him from his thoughts, because if the front desk had reacted the way she had, Kieren's senses are all on alert, not sure where he is, and definitely not sure how they react to PDS sufferers. The last thing he needs is to have made it through today only to find himself at the end of a sharp stick or a gun. Pre-emptively, he holds up his hands, trying to control the situation. "I come in peace?" he ventures warily, not sure if that's bound to help him or get him even more scorn.

Kieren currently looks as he does in the image here. Kieren is technically a zombie, so there is some information in this link regarding his appearance.


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