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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.

Sep. 6th, 2015 02:05 pm
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The days keep passing without much meaning. Laurel knows that it's not as if she can actually escape the way she'd like, but lounging around the hotel had gotten old two months ago and time keeps creeping on. No matter what she tries, she can't get back home. She can go anywhere else in the world -- Paris, a spaceship, and even back in time -- but getting back to school is apparently too much to ask.

Then again, given the events back home, maybe that's for the best. The problem is that she's warring with boredom. She could go explore the doors, but it seems like a bad idea in case she gets stuck and has no way back. She's not sure she wants to ask Connor to become her exploration buddy, seeing as it would feel a lot like imposing.

That's what'd led her to try and look locally. It's been a while since she had a job for money's sake, though. Usually, her family just pays for what she needs. This time, it's not about the money, though, so much as the need to occupy her time. Of course, her actual skill-set isn't really coming in handy. It's not like they really need a counsel at the hotel and if they did, she's pretty sure her law student experience is going to get her the job.

Which is why Laurel's taken to lingering at the front desk today, pestering the concierge throughout the last few hours when he's free. "What about something like a personal shopper? Only for the doors?" she suggests, but the concierge gives her a confused look, which is becoming par for the course when it comes to the strange things.

"What about waitressing?"

Laurel gives a quiet scoff. "I'm pretty sure people don't want me for a waitress. I'd be terrible." Maybe the bar, though? Pouring drinks couldn't be that hard. She sighs and leans back against the desk, staring out at people wandering in and out of the hotel, wishing that one of them could help her. "I just need a job," she says, frustrated. "And it'd be nice if I didn't completely suck at it," she adds, because spending her time constantly hating the work doesn't really solve her problems either.
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December 7th, 2014 | Smoking Room

Quietly, he picks up his glass of scotch and steps over, sliding onto the stool beside Laurel's. "Might want to slow down, there, killer," he says, not even aware of himself until the words are out of his mouth.

Two accomplices to murder meet up in a hotel; not exactly the usual way to avoid being arrested, but it works for now.

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Jack isn't exactly the best at keeping up with holidays but Christmas is kind of a big one and he thinks that the kids ought to have a tree in the hotel room. He thinks they could just go to the cabin for Christmas, there's a door that leads there, but he wants a tree here just in case the door stops working; stranger things have happened before and he wants to be prepared.

So he rounds up William and Janet and decides to go hunting for a tree. Anything in the hotel room is going to have to be small and he knows Janet's going to want something gigantic. He's already prepared himself for that fight. He thinks if he can spin it that they're rescuing a tree that wouldn't have a home otherwise, he might be able to sell her on it a little easier.

Which is how they've ended up at a Christmas tree lot in Colorado about ten miles out from the mountain. It's a lot he used years and years ago before he got transferred to DC and he's glad to see the same guys still run it. Janet immediately runs on chubby, toddler legs toward the biggest tree there, a tree so big that she can't even remotely get her arms around it and declares this to be the one.

"Can't get one that big, kiddo. It's got to fit in the hotel room," Jack reminds her gently. He pries Janet off the tree and carries her over to a...smaller, shabbier selection. William points out a little tree that's barely three feet tall with half its needles missing. "I think we should get this one," he says, quiet and deliberate the way he always is. It's a good size, even if it's miserable looking and Jack agrees. "Yup, I think this is the one."

He sets Janet down, pays for the tree and the three of them make the long march back to the door and to the hotel. "Want to get this sucker decorated and surprise Mom? We'll do it in the lobby so she won't see."

He assumes Carter is, as always, busy tinkering with something.


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