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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.

Jun. 8th, 2015 11:17 pm
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Angels didn't need to sleep, as Heaven was ever-vigilant. Of course, Aziraphale could sleep if he wanted, but usually he didn't. He liked reading more, so there was at least the appeal of reading in bed that would call to him; sometimes he would dress as if he were about to go to sleep, and then spend two days reading a book series whilst propped up among the pillows.

Not in this hotel - not yet, anyway, even though the bed looked quite comfortable. He was far more distracted by other things. It was the middle of the night and he sat at the bar, a half-drunk Fiji at his elbow, and in his hands he was holding the phone the rather colourful receptionist had given him the other day.

For a moment Aziraphale had thought the woman was handing him a very sleek-looking explosive device, because if there was one thing he knew about phones it was that they didn't look like that. But no, it was definitely a phone. It had numbers on it. Purportedly, it could call people; but it also did a whole host of other things. Send electronic messages. Play music. Take pictures, even. In his first hour of using it, he managed to accomplish absolutely nothing, except accidentally turn the ringer off (and it took him even longer to figure out how to turn it back on).

He was getting the hang of it now, though, he supposed. But the phone's habit of correcting his words when he was playing around with the keyboard was enough to sorely try his very angelic patience. Regardless he hoped he survived the Apocalypse, because now he was really looking forward to leaving the twentieth century behind him.
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May 20th | The Smoking Room

If there was one thing he and Crowley knew how to do, wherever they went, whenever they went, it was how to order a drink (and, often, accompanying appetizers). It was already pretty obvious that they had effectively walked out of their world, like a pair of actors trooping between the curtains offstage and accidentally ending up in a janitorial closet, and it was only the immortal wisdom of the ages that prevented a true panic from setting in.

After losing the Antichrist (well, actually, they lost it about eleven years ago and only just realized), getting shot with paintball guns by a squad of management trainees, and hypnotizing a former Satanic nun, Crowley and Aziraphale are left exactly where they started - which is to say, nowhere.

No Warnings | In Progress


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