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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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"No, we have to have the lanterns," Anna insists, stringing up several. They're all clumped together and not organized and she thinks Elsa could possibly have done a better job of this but she's not going to put planning a birthday party on Elsa. Not when she just wants to enjoy a day with her sister and her sister's...whatever. Legolas has the same birthday as Anna and she had been delighted to discover that; isn't that just the best thing ever, to share a birthday with a friend? Anna has never really had the occasion to have a big birthday party seeing as how Elsa has always been hiding so this is a celebration of Elsa as much as it's one for Legolas and Anna.

"I do not think we need this many decorations. The flowers themselves are lovely," Legolas says, not entirely certain about Anna's methods. "But if you think it will please your sister, I acquiesce." Legolas always uses big fancy words and Anna's not particularly shocked that he's being all formal about this. She wonders what he and Elsa really get up to when they sneak off to that door with the big cherry trees inside it. It has to be boring, the way they are. Oh well, hardly matters. Today is about celebrating - both she and Legolas and the fact that it's summer. Anna has always, always loved summer.

"Oh, come on. It's boring if we don't at least try to decorate the garden a little. What are we going to do, just go sit in a tree? Boring, Leggy. Totally boring." Legolas makes a face at the nickname and moves to hang up some more of the lanterns. "I am well over a thousand this day. I do not think I have celebrated the day of my birth in centuries. Why is it so important to you mortals?"

Anna screws up her face and thinks about that for a moment. "Well, I think it's because we don't get all that many birthdays. If I'm lucky, I'm going to get a hundred, maybe. I don't remember any of the ones before I was five and then...well, stuff, so then I didn't celebrate for a bunch of years. I'm working on a limited supply of birthdays and so I want to remember all of them. I guess when you're just going to have birthdays forever and ever and never die you probably don't care about them. Is it weird? Being around regular people?"

Legolas tilts his head in the way Anna has figured out means he's thinking about something and she sighs. Of course he's going to get all philosophical on her about how he's going to live forever and everything he loves is going to die and blah blah blah. It's sad, sure, but Anna thinks he should just live in the moment. This moment is a lot more fun than worrying about the future.

"Don't answer that. Come on, Elsa's going to be here soon."

[[OOC: It's Legolas and Anna's birthday. Tag one or both :)]]
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It takes Charming a moment to place herself when she wakes up, but eventually she remembers that for the last few months, she's been here; stuck at the Nexus with little to no idea on how to get back to her family in Neverland. Taming back her hair, she tries to settle that familiar ache in her chest, wondering if Snow is fine without her, if Emma is doing okay with only one mother -- except that's not how the Nexus works.

And, because Charming knows that their family finds each other when they're lost. It must mean that they don't think she's lost. Curling her toes and reaching for her henley, Charming gets dressed and rubs a hand over her face as she wanders out the door, trying to shake the niggling feeling that she's meant to remember something -- something about last night and a door?

She'd been drinking, though, so whatever had happened is lost in a blur, now. As she walks, she begins to tame her hair the way Snow used to, knotting it back and pinning it in place with a few pins while keeping an eye out for clues, any kind of clue that will get her back to the land she's lost -- which, given where she'd been, is almost a touch too ironic.

That's when she sees the glimpse of green out of the corner of her eye. "Hey!" she shouts, trying to get the attention of the person closing it. "Don't close that door, I need to get back there!" But it's too late. She gives a frustrated sigh and swears under her breath. She slams her palm against the door and wonders how the hell Princess Charming is supposed to get home to Snow White, now.

[Find Charming wearing his normal clothes but under the complete belief that he is, and has always been, a shepherdess/princess]
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A large sign placed prominently in the Nexus lobby reads:

The Nexus Hotel
proudly presents the

Event Location
Nexus Dining Hall
8 PM - 2 AM

Masquerade dress recommended, but not required for all guests

The Dining Hall's central table and chairs had been removed to create a dance floor wide enough to accommodate fanciful masquerade costumes. On one end had been placed a long bar providing free drinks, and on the other a small chamber orchestra providing the music for dancing. The entire room was bedecked in gold bunting and twinkling candlelight, and masks were available for those guests who hadn't brought their own.
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Anna has had a whirlwind few weeks. The gates have been opened, there's been a coronation and a surprise engagement (sort of) and Elsa had created eternal winter and blanketed all of Arendelle in snow. There's been betrayal, romance, and a snow monster. And, of course, everything has worked out all right.

Elsa says they'll keep the gates open now permanently and her powers, so beautiful and so dangerous, seem to be in control. She can make it icy in the courtyard in summer so they can go skating and she can keep Olaf alive and well but nobody seems to be in danger. Most importantly - Elsa seems happy. It's been so long since she's seen her sister happy that Anna has almost forgotten how it feels and what it looks like but it's nice. For the first time in forever, Anna is truly content with the world and happy to be in it.

She's running through the castle like usual, flipping open the doors and all the windows to let in the warm summer sun. Elsa is...somewhere and Anna is determined she's going to get her out and about today. She's going to get Elsa to genuinely enjoy being around other people if it kills her.

She opens up a door she doesn't recognize and sees...well, that's not normal. There's a party! There's a bunch of hedges and it's chilly so maybe that means Elsa is out and about; she does tend to affect the temperature when she's around.

"Elsa? Are you giving a party and leaving me out? I'm your sister, you know you're supposed to tell me if there's any parties. I love parties! Elsa? Ellllsaaaaaaaaa..."


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