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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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The door is open.

He's been airing out the TARDIS ever since his little run in with the sprites from Gallavespia Five, who have an awful tendency to absorb the odours of anywhere they travel and being that they had just wandered into a sulphurus pit before the Doctor had rescued them from their plight, well then, the TARDIS is certainly due for an airing. He's steered her for the Nexus, thinking that there's no better place than a pocket bubble universe to do a bit of spring cleaning.

(Which, he does mean literally in some cases because with the infinite possibilities of the TARDIS, he has accumulated an actual room of springs and really, he ought to just get rid of them, but nostalgia, eh?)

Coughing as he unearths from the library, the Doctor waves a rag in front of his face to shed the last of that awful smell, noticing a strange shadow by the front of the doors. At least, he does hope it's a person and not just a shadow, or Neverland has been getting loose all over again and he has told Peter that he simply can't let his shadow whisk about willy-nilly. There are rules, after all (even if the Doctor has never followed them in his life).

Cleaning off a few of his tools and setting them on the TARDIS console, he wanders towards the stairs, bounding down them with a clunk-thomp-crash when his boots hit the grated landing and he claps his hands together with excitement.

"I'd offer you the full tour," he informs his visitor, who is just out of sight, "but it can take several hundred millenia."

Aug. 9th, 2014 05:31 pm
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Peter has always had restless feet and he thinks this is the most time he's spent in one place since he got his own ship. Even his prison stays haven't ever been long and being trapped in this hotel is starting to grate. He guesses even if he can't get back to Xandar, he can go somewhere, which is why he's decided to take the risk and explore a little bit. The worst that can happen is that he pulls open a door to someplace nasty but, then again, it's hard to be worse than some of the pits he's ended up in before.

He decides to start by exploring the grounds. There's a gym, a bar - all the typical hotel niceties that Peter never gets to experience because he's not spending his money on useless shit like that. If he wants to stay somewhere nice for a night, he usually finds himself a girl willing to let him tag along or just hustles his way in. This is something new entirely, especially since he doesn't have to pay for it. After pretty much combing the entire interior of the hotel from top to bottom, Peter decides to risk outside.

He's glad that he did. The whole place seems set on floating islands and there's nothing but space beyond. It's gorgeous. It makes him wish he had his ship so he could fly out and explore all that uncharted territory but He doesn't and he has to settle for watching it from the ground, face tipped up to see the planets and moons and stars. He knows there's other things out here, gardens and hedge mazes and shit like that but he doesn't have eyes for that. He's only got eyes for what lies beyond, for the illusion of freedom that it offers, however fleeting.

He's going to get out of here someday and he's going to explore all of that.
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Outside of the Nexus Hotel, waiters and hotel staff had begun to set up the umbrellas and the tables in the middle of the day. Soon, it became clear that something was happening in the shadow of the Nexus. White tablecloths were draped on the tables and drinks and food were brought out with the help of several waiters and servers, staffing tables with hot and cold foods beside bartending stations. Summery drinks in bright, neon colors are laid out one by one and soon, the afternoon light casts a radiant look on the scene.

Music plays faintly in the background and a note at the front desk invites all the Nexus guests to head outside and join in on the summer party, which promises to continue going as long as there are people to stay and continue keeping the warm atmosphere rolling.

On the lawn, social games had been set out -- lawn bowling, croquet, and tables were set up with chairs for anyone who didn't quite have the will or the spirit to get into such games. Soon, a small number of people had begun to mill around, but as with all parties, there's always room for more.
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There's a doorway to New York City standing before the Doctor.

It's a recognizable sight that anyone would know from the gleaming lights of the skyline in the background and the Empire State Building in the glory of its construction looms above it all, though the Doctor can't move his eyes. He knows this city and he knows the year. He knows that this is New York City in the 1930's and he knows that Amy and Rory are there. If he walks through that door, he will see them again. Even this hotel with its infinite possibilities and all its doors can't bring him back to them.

He can walk through that door, but there's one large problem standing in his way.

"Don't move," he says to whomever has come up next to him. He can feel their presence with the breath in his general area, he can tell that he isn't alone given the way the hairs on his arms have begun to stand up on end. The Doctor stares before him, but avoids looking at the eyes because he's been in this situation before and he knows what looking in its eyes will do. "Don't blink," he breathes out.

He has to close this door. He has to close this door and leave the possibility of Amy and Rory behind. It's far too dangerous. There's no telling if he could even get back if he managed to get past the Weeping Angel, who guards the door, only offering the scantest bit of space to move past. If he gets past that Weeping Angel guarding New York City, he can find them and he can...he can, do what? He can warn them? He can try and tell them to get out of that graveyard before Rory looks at the gravestone?

Time can be rewritten, Amy's voice whispers in his mind with all its temptations and all its promises. I know it can. Can he do that? Can he walk through this door and risk unleashing a lethal enemy on the hotel behind him? All for the sake of companions he had thought lost. High upon a cloud, he had mourned them until a remnant of the future past had brought him down, but now he's faced with something far more difficult.

He can get them back.

But people will likely die in the process. If he goes through that door, that Weeping Angel will come in and it won't stop. He doesn't blink, not for a moment, but his vision clouds as he stares at the creature that had taken them away from him, at the monster who stands between them. What does he do? What does the Doctor do?
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A large, decorative sign situated prominantly in the lobby reads:

The Nexus Hotel
proudly presents its

Event Location
Nexus Premises
6 PM - ?

1920's themed dress recommended, but not required for all guests

The sumptuous theme of elegance that typically surrounds the Nexus Hotel is out in full force on the evening of the 31st. With efficiency and very little said, a group had entered and snapped white tablecloths on long tables in the main lobby of the hotel, turning side-rooms into similar displays of elegance. Then came the food, followed by the alcohol, and the guests were quick to follow.

Drinks were on the lawn, in the hotel, making their way into the hands of party-goers who wore shining, shimmering, jewelled gowns of all eras, but only those from the 1920’s hung on a rack in the luggage room where hotel guests entered to check in and found themselves amidst a welcoming committee like none before.

In the skies between the hotel and the stars, fireworks shot off in hourly intervals, sparkling and accompanied by a great bang that the music from the band does its’ best to drown out (to no avail). And under those shimmering lights, the party for New Years Eve roared. It was not the only party, though, as a door had been propped open that led directly to the shining lights of Las Vegas, the gleaming neon of the strip beckoning any guests daring enough to try their hand at games of chance and luck.

Nov. 24th, 2013 04:12 pm
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There are moments, here and there, in which the Doctor travels alone. He doesn't like to do it, prefers to see the wonder of seeing the universe for the first time through the eyes of a companion, but circumstances can be bit of a hefty thing and so he's alone now and that's something that has to change. He's parked the TARDIS in front of a door he's scanned deliberately for activity that leads straight to one place and one only.

(Or, well, if the TARDIS is in a bit of a mood, it could lead to somewhere else, but he does hope they're not at odds today)

Standing there with a sonic screwdriver in hand and a hopeful smile on his lips, he rests his fingers on the handle cautiously and wonders how it took him so long to get back to this. The universe and all its' alternates and in its' entirety has never stopped being magnificent and wonderful and expansive and perfect, but human beings and all the different species that have populated the universe are no less amazing and sometimes he forgets that.

The doors here are universal and endless and there's a kind of physics at work that he doesn't quite understand and that makes the Nexus Hotel one of the Doctor's favourite places in the whole universe right now.

The fact that the people here are just as incredible doesn't hurt.

"Geronimo," he whispers to himself, manic grin on his face as he opens the door so that anyone looking sees straight inside, nearly all the way to the heart of the TARDIS. He leans against the door and waits for the first person to pass by. "Fancy a trip?" he asks, loose and slack and cool as he asks, waving the sonic around as if he's scanning the atmosphere. "Anywhere you like," he says to the passing hotel staff, who barely even give him the time of day. "Future or past!" he insists, a little louder as he gets more desperate. "Anywhere!" he says to the maid who stares at him with mild disdain. "Oh, don't look at me like that, I haven't stolen any of your pillows."

"...Today," he grumbles. "All of time and space and no one wants a trip," he says, shaking his head in awe. "You!" he says, pointing down the hall to the approaching body. "Want to see my spaceship? It's bigger on the inside."
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A large, decorative sign situated prominantly in the lobby reads:

The Nexus Hotel
proudly presents its

Formal Reception
Nexus Dining Hall
6 PM - Midnight

Monster Mixer
Nexus Basement
8 PM - 2 AM

Masquerade attire recommended for all guests

Most of the chairs have been removed from the Dining Hall to allow for ballroom-style dancing to the orchestra set up on the far end of the room. A polished cherry wood open bar is aligned along one wall. The adjacent Bistro is open for the duration of the formal reception, serving gourmet hors d'oeuvres.

Downstairs, the basement's largest storeroom has been converted into a spooky nightclub, complete with DJ, dance floor and cocktails.

Oct. 14th, 2013 07:39 pm
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When he was younger, when Camden and his mother and his father (so, everyone, basically) was still alive, they'd gone to Disneyland the once. At the time, Isaac had been too young to appreciate a happy, shiny family, but he looks back on that and wonders why the hell he didn't pay attention to the fact that his father wasn't throwing glassware at the walls and his mother was happy and Camden was living and breathing. So Disneyland had lived grandly in his memory as a beacon of a shining time.

It's been pulled out from memory, though. He'd been with April at the hotel, still trying to avoid reality and the implications of what his new feelings for Allison meant for his friendship with Scott (which didn't even touch on the pack implications) and suddenly instead of wandering into his room to grab a jacket, he's staring at the entrance to Disneyland.

It's Disneyland. For some reason, he's opened a door to the happiest place on earth, which is almost a cosmic joke considering who opened that door. It hadn't taken him very long to find a brick to prop the door open before grabbing April's hand to tug her through the door. It's like a switch has gone off. Before, in the Nexus, Isaac had still been trying to shake off all the bad things that had piled up in his life, but here? Here is where Isaac is happy without consequence or reproach or the fear that sharp, glass things will be thrown at him as soon as he gets comfortable (at least, not unless the Jungle Cruise gets pretty intense).

"Where to first?" he asks April, as soon as he's shaken off the very last of his worries that this is somehow a trick. "My only veto is Haunted Mansion," he warns, not knowing how the hell the wolf is going to react to all of that.
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"You know, I warrant that the Ponds would say this was a bad idea," the Doctor reasons, hand stroking along the scaly exterior of the newest friend, "I imagine most of my erstwhile companions would, but you're not a harm, are you! Walk through a door, find a triceratops, eh? Where's the harm in that?" he says, though he's definitely being kept there by his interest more than he is the deluded belief that he's safe.

People don't simply turn up at their now-regular luxury hotel and wander through one of the guest doors to find massive doors welcoming you to Jurassic Park. Now, true, the Doctor has witnessed dinosaurs on a spaceship and dinosaurs in England and yes, so there have been plenty of times that he's seen dinosaurs, but never in a park, and certainly not one popularized by 90's filmography.

So, yes, one might call that a bit strange.

He's here wondering at the mechanics of it all, but that's not to diminish the sheer wonder of finding a triceratops eating its way through a large amount of weeds that don't belong anywhere near the same cretaceous period as this large, lumbering beauty. It doesn't take a sonic screwdriver or a well-tested Time Lord's mind to know that fact. He'd steered the old man away from the plants with a little dazzle of a light show, which has left him here with no TARDIS, a Jeep, and no real plan of what he's doing.

"Right," he admits, "that's a bad plan, rubbish plan, who thought that one up?" he says, hearing the distant hunting call of predators on the wind. They might be trapped behind barbed wire and electric fences, but bad things tend to happen when you put dangerous things behind bars. Look at him, for instance.

This might be the convenient time to start walking back to where there might be some doors. Curiosity is fine and all, but only until you're jaws-deep in a dinosaur's mouth and that never really was on his to-do list. "No reason to leave you here," he says brightly to the triceratops. "Come along, then!" he beckons to his newest companion as they begin their trek back to the visitor's centre, evenly paced so as to not give the other dinosaurs the inclination that his two hearts could be beating anything but at the normal rate of things.
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When: Friday 6:00 p.m.
Where: Attic Observatory
What: Community Support Group

As Nick promised on his open advertisements, there are chairs and coffee in the Attic Observatory. There's even a table laden with what food products Nick and co could round up.

The process of setting up for a group meeting felt enough like Boulder that Nick took a short break to lean, palms first, against a wall. It was a short, easily displaced moment, and he has no intention of lingering on it.

This is about everyone, one way or another. For all the people stuck here, and everyone new, and all those in-between. Nick left the purpose of the group intentionally vague. In the future, he assumes it'll have to be narrowed down and split up for the sake of different needs, but for this first coming together of the displaced in any non-official capacity he wants it to be open for everyone. It wouldn't be right, otherwise.

So all newcomers will find Nick by the attic observatory door, nursing a cup of black coffee next to a clearly printed sign:

Hi, I'm Nick. Welcome to the first Nexus Hotel Support Group. Whatever your problem, we'll listen. Help yourself to coffee and food.

Underneath the words, Nick has drawn and crossed out a mouth and ear, leaving an arrow pointed at himself. His pad of paper and pen are obvious on his lap.
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There's a room here for everyone, Doctor.

Even him.

There's always the problem and the peril and the chance that one of their adventures takes them to somewhere dangerous. These days, it's practically written in the small print. Here, though, an inescapable hotel with terrible fears in each of the rooms where one is personalized for you like a very painful nightmare version of an individualized jammy dodger, well, that's not the usual fare.

Still, what's usual? He'll find a way out. He'll save the day for Amy's sake, for Rory's, for the others. It's just that as he's walking down the hall, there's a room. Right in front of him, a room numbered eleven and calling out to him. His feet are moving before he can even consciously make the decision and oh, that's clever, that's something he'd like to better understand when he isn't feeling the constant pull towards a simple little hotel room door. Monsters and devils can wait when there's a mysterious door involved. It pulls you. It calls to you in whispered voices. It wants you and who's the Doctor to ever deny?

It's a simple gold-polished handle. It's a painted door. It's room number eleven and it will contain the very worst of his fears. Geronimo. There's no hesitation when he opens the door to find out what's waiting for him, what could possibly frighten the Doctor so terribly that he brings on a monster, and finds...


There's chicken on spits turning around and around in a rotisserie and a kitchen surrounding them. He steps in and there's chicken. He steps back and he's back in the 1980's earth-styled hotel with supposedly no escape. Behind door number eleven, there's chicken. Casting a glance over his shoulder, he carefully hangs a 'do not disturb' sign on the door and follows the smell of barbeque wafting before him to explore why his worst fear appears to be the kitchen in yet another hotel.

Or maybe it's what Rita means about the halls changing. Maybe he's been banished to the bottom and has to work his way back up to the top. The Doctor whips out his sonic screwdriver and approaches the spinning chickens with severe suspicion, scanning them for alien life or maybe hidden nightmares? The trouble is, the scans reveal that they're chickens. Normal earth chickens.

Oh, and they're also quite tasty, according to the readings.

"And here I am surrounded by chickens with Casanova nowhere to be found. Typical," he remarks under his breath, thinking that'd be more than a debt repaid with one of these tasty things.


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