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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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[ OPTION ONE - library ]

It wasn't so much work as it was one of her favorite past times. Some might think it boring that Dawn had actually sought out a job in the library. Librarians were notoriously boring, weren't they? Luckily, Dawn had never known that stigma when she was younger; but she had known one Rupert Giles. Not only was a he pseudo father figure, but he was also one of the coolest, bravest, strongest and smartest people she had ever known... and he was a librarian. Even when he wasn't a librarian he was definitely one with the books.

Dawn had always liked to read, something she had often chided her older sister over. Buffy had never been big on reading. But even more than cracking open a good YA fantasy novel, Dawn had gotten her penchant for ancient texts and the like from Giles. At this point, she might as well be a professional creepy ancient text transcriber. No really, that should be a profession. But since it wasn't, she was glad that when she had inquired at the library after work, they had hired her.

She's in the massive room almost every day whether she's working or not. Sometimes she's filing books away or reorganizing them. Sometimes she's sitting on the floor tucked in a corner with a book on her lap. Sometimes, when she's come across one of those creepy ancient texts, she loses herself in transcribing it. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, she has to tear herself away in order to come back out into reality again.

[ OPTION TWO - beach door ]

If anyone was good at finding a warm beach, it was a California girl. The Beach Boys even wrote a song about it! So did Katy Perry. So have lots of people. It's like a beach radar full of sunshine, warmth and sandy ocean goodness that Dawn would have to really fight to resist. In this case, she would leave the actual fighting to her older sister. Buffy was the Chosen One, after all. She who makes sacrifices for the betterment of mankind.

So Dawn dons her swimsuit, a cute bright yellow two-piece that was magically in her closet when she had hurried back to get clothes for warm weather once she had found the door. Over it she wore a sheer brown sundress and on her feet were some yellow flip flops. She grabbed a bag with everything one could possibly need for the beach in it; towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, bottles of water, etc. Last, but not least, she found a big floppy brimmed hat and a book and off she went.

On the beach, she found the perfect spot in a reclinable chair under an umbrella. Dawn made herself comfortable and cracked open her book.

[ OPTION THREE - human/non-human door ]

Dawn often walked through the hallways when she was bored, opening random doors and peeking inside. If it wasn't immediately evident what was inside a room, she might venture in a few steps. Her curiosity always got the better of her when she didn't know something, it seemed. Giles would have said that knowledge was power. Or maybe one of her professor's at Berkeley said that. Or maybe that phrase was from one of Xander's cheesy combat movies he liked so much. In any case, Dawn's quest for knowledge often got her into trouble.

Such was the case when she opened one door and found a forest. It was actually a pretty forest, scenic and perfect with the sunlight from above peeking through ancient tree tops that towered majestically above everything. Squirrels scampered up tree trunks. Birds fluttered from branch to branch singing songs that echoed throughout the forest. There was the sound of running water in the distance, a lake maybe, a waterfall... it was serene, but curious.

Taking a few steps in, she could just make out the mountainous area and the waterfall through some of the overgrowth. Waterfalls were a rare enough sight that she lingered long enough to hear the door shut behind her. She turned, twisting and pulling on the door to no avail. It was stuck. She turned back around, somehow taking up more space than she previously had. Imagine her surprise and her horror when she found that she had been transformed into something all too familiar to her.

"Oh come on, universe! Rinse and repeat? Really?" She screams, one hoof kicking at the door to no effect. She waits a very long time for someone else to come through the door. And when they don't, Dawn goes over toward the sound of the waterfall, muttering under her breath. Eventually that door had to unlock. In the meantime: waterfall.

ooc: Feel free to do one or more options. I don't mind multiple threads. :)

Jul. 12th, 2014 06:32 pm
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It's an average, normal sort of day for Buffy. Late morning finds her at the gym going through what is clearly a routine for her. She starts with yoga then proceeds to pummeling a training dummy. Once she's exhausted from that, she heads back toward her room and showers.

The afternoon will find her stopping at the Bistro for a latte and a bite to eat. From there, she begins patrol, otherwise known as security and her job at the hotel. She's forgone carrying the scythe simply because it scares people and she's found little reason to need her scythe in the halls of the hotel. She saves it for suspect doors.

Overall, her manner is unhurried, content. Buffy has settled in here; Dawn is doing well and Buffy can pop through the door to her San Francisco any time she'd like. The hotel is a welcome reprieve, a little bit of welcomed boring and a fresh start all at once.
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While finding himself inexplicably lost in the bowels of an unfamiliar hotel is par for the course at this point in his life, Derek Hale still isn't ruling out the possibility that his uncle's responsible for this, somehow. Revenge of making him wear his dead sister's claws. Peter had been right behind him as he stepped out of his loft that morning, right on his heels — and then it was like his uncle hadn't been standing behind him at all. The door he came through led to some winter wonderland, not his loft in Northern California.

He can't say how, he can't say why — he can't even say that he's surprised, because he's honestly been waiting for that other shoe to drop. It's been far too quietly lately, and quiet, no matter how wanted and desired it was, never seemed to bode well for Beacon Hills. And this wasn't Beacon Hills.

At least, he didn't think it was...?

Derek tries another door. It's the sixth one he's tried on this floor, having found nothing particularly useful behind any of the doors on the floor below. Behind this one, he finds poker tables and slot machines. Vegas was at least recognizable, but it wasn't what he was looking for.

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

He shuts that door and carries on towards the next one.

May. 8th, 2014 08:48 am
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March 28th, 2014 | Disneyland

Buffy and Raleigh decide to take a much-needed break from their stressful lives saving the universe and go pretend to be kids again.

In Progress
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As if not being home wasn't bad enough, Dawn has been getting sicker and sicker by the day. She'd barely even been out of bed in a week. This morning she had rolled out of bed feeling just a little bit better after having slept for twenty-four hours straight. She had shuffled her way through a shower that only added to her feeling better. Wearing a white tank top with a purple glittered star on it and some purple pajama pants, she combed through the tangles in her hair and picked up a blow dryer to start working the heat through her hair. Today would be a straight hair sort of day, no curls because she didn't have the energy for it. As her hair dried, the steam slowly filtered away from the mirror, giving her a better image of herself in the reflection.

She dropped the blow dryer. Blinked. Looked again. Blinked again. Squinted her eyes. How could she see things behind her? Through herself? She looked behind her, just to check and make sure that she was seeing what was behind her through herself. Then she looked back to the mirror. She lifted her hand, seeing the bathroom counter through it. Her heartbeat thudded loudly in her chest. So loud that she swore she could feel it throughout her entire body inside and out.

And this is what had her barreling barefoot through the hotel hallways looking for Buffy or Angel or Peter or yes, even Faith who had no idea who she was. The ghostly see-through girl calling out as she ran from one place to another until she couldn't run anymore. "Buffy?" Each time she rounded a corner or hit a new floor or corridor of the hotel she called out. "Buffy!" She might run into people and apologize before she hurried on her way to find her sister. Or she might stop to talk if anyone wanted to.

Eventually, tired and spent, she would end up plopping down on one of the couches in the lobby, a box of kleenex beside her and a book in her lap. The couch could be seen through her and every once in awhile she lifted her hand to look through it at things, trying to gauge whether it was getting better or worse. Her eyes were puffy from crying. Her nose was red from sniffling. She was generally a train wreck of a person right now. But she figured anyone would be if they were slowly disappearing.
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March 3rd | Buffy & Dawn's Room

Dawn reacts to feeling like she isn't real again. Conclusion: Faith has brain damage.

All ages | Completed scene
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Place one down and pick it up. Build an endless wall of fragile representations of his wavering self-control and before a stiff wind can knock them down, take them up piece by piece, like every day. Since the door, since Pearl and Leo left him, Hal has tightly corseted himself to prevent himself from feeling anything.

One stiff wind and the dominoes fall. One good, hard emotion and Hal worries what he might do. The days are endless, now. His rota is clung to with ever the more strength, with Barry's unfamiliar surroundings echoing around him. Tom is not Leo, not even slightly and Annie might be easier to get along with than Pearl, but he finds he misses her eccentricities. It had almost made him feel normal.


He had begged Leo not to go. Five hundred years old and he had sat there begging a werewolf not to die. The Hal of the past would have laughed until he was blue in the face, but at this precise moment, Hal feels that plea like a broken dagger shattering the heart he has not borne in too long. Hal presses a domino in his pocket as he stands, staring accusingly at the door before him. It was one thing to lose Leo as they had known they would, but for Pearl to go, too? For them both to leave him?

No. No, the anger could not be called upon. Hal tempers his emotions with a slow breath, ignoring the memories of what the bedroom door before him had been only days ago and stepped through it to continue his daily rota, mentally preparing himself for what comes next. He tries to banish Pearl's voice in his mind, talking about the doors being theirs as they walked away from him.

It's a momentary lapse in the awareness of his surroundings that Hal pays for the instant he steps through the door into bright sun, having stepped out onto a lawn of sorts.

As old as he is, the sun hardly bothers him at all, but there's a serenity in front of him and a peace to the landscape before him that makes Hal falter and wonder, wonder if maybe this had been meant for him, too. Perhaps Tom has come to a decision and brought Hal to his end. One sharp inhalation proves that to be untrue, however, because his desires and his hunger are still there, as present as ever. He hisses, fangs coming out before he quickly remembers that he shouldn't be even remotely reminding himself that he can, and he knows that he hasn't been saved.

No. This is only more torture. Cautiously, Hal raises his guard once more and begins to look at the paradise before him as the mirage it likely is. "Show yourself," he calls, wary of the men with sticks and the other horrifying monsters that haunt hallways and past doorways. "I won't be cowed."

Mar. 27th, 2014 06:38 pm
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Buffy was looking for a door home, or a door to a magic library, or a door to Giles alive and well. If asked to pick, she'd choose door number three, but at this point she just wants answers. She's willing to hunt for them if necessary, but it would be awfully nice of those answers to come wrapped in tweed and served with a cup of tea. So, she didn't technically even like tea. That was hardly the point right now.

The point was that she was worried. She was worried about Dawn, worried that Faith didn't remember her, worried that Faith hadn't simply incurred brain damage somewhere along the way. She was worried that somehow in destroying the seed of magic, she'd hurt Dawn.

There might be a frantic tone to the way she was flinging open doors, leaning in, fingers wrapped around the door frames then flinging herself back into the hallway and tugging the door shut behind her. There was certainly a methodical bent to it.

Honestly, she could use a break. Please distract her before she started punching doors.

Mar. 15th, 2014 10:41 am
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The problem with being a vampire, Bella thought as she surveyed the two uprooted trees and pile of kindling at her feet, was that there wasn't ever a break. Maybe the pent up anger, frustration and sadness wouldn't have been as intense if she could have just slept. Just a few hours away from it to reboot or reset herself.

She remembered Carlisle telling her once that vampires felt things more completely, that just as their vision and hearing and speed were enhanced, their emotions were, too. Considering the state she was in now, even days after meeting Adrian, she was pretty sure she knew why. There was no relief from it, just day after day, night after night of dwelling on it.

Today she'd decided to go to her forest, to run, to hunt. To see if she could find something to distract her expanded mind, to get away from seeing that face across the hotel and experiencing the same dashed hope that this time it wasn't someone else.

The run had helped a little, pummeling a few trees to kindling had, too.

But even now as she walked back to her room with twigs in her hair, she knew it probably wouldn't last.

Mar. 4th, 2014 07:46 pm
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"Uh, Nina?"

This wasn't right. He knew the hotel — his hotel — like the back of his hand. He could walk the corridors blindfolded, even those in parts of the building that they had barely inhabited before the great move to the Law Offices of Wolfram & Hart. And while the Hyperion had managed to avoid sustaining heavy damage or infestation like a majority of the buildings in Los Angeles, hell wasn't nearly this well-kempt. Especially not where his former mailing address was concerned. The carpets were vacuumed, the floors had carpets, mirrors and glass polished to a glare-free shine...

Not only did he appear to be in the wrong hotel, but the wrong dimension, and that was a problem. A big one.

This was the last thing he needed, whether it be an actual case of dimensional displacement or some trick the Senior Partners were pulling on him in retaliation for overthrowing the Lords. Not that they needed an excuse to meddle in his life. They were the masterminds behind his newfound liveliness in spite of what the heavy glamour that hid his humanity from everyone had to say about him. Angel was alive, but it was important that everyone still believed he was a vampire.

It's like he told Wes; there's only one way to get out of hell. Act like nothing's changed.

Which was why he stared at what he could see of the buffet table across the way, but made no move to approach it. Eating actual food in public? Dead giveaway. (No pun intended.)

He should probably find shoes. Somehow, walking out of his room in nothing but a t-shirt and sweatpants had topped his list of poorly thought out life choices this morning.

Mar. 3rd, 2014 10:00 pm
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Too good to be true, that's what this place is.

Or that's what Faith decides on her third pass through its halls. Through the lavish reception area, past that long as hell dining room table, and then the stocked buffet table -- Faith had stuck to the walls and the shadows, playing recon for almost an hour.

"Swear to god I'm not making a twins joke..." She mutters to herself as she steps out in full view, choosing to invite whatever trouble might come her way. Sure, maybe she'll sample some of the food just sitting out for the taking. Peek into some rooms, maybe try to find the head. She'll wind up at the bar, though, asking if the tender accepts euros. Long day like this one means she's definitely going to need a drink.

Or ten. Then she can figure out if this is a vacation on a platter or some kind of wacko fever dream she's got to fight her way out of.

Feb. 24th, 2014 09:35 pm
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Raleigh used to be a synchronized diver. Used to is the key word there because now that Yancy's gone, he's had to go solo. He's never liked the singles event as much as the pairs and he feels off-kilter, somehow, even if he's only got to synchronize with himself. In theory, 10M platform should be easier without a partner. It just feels off instead.

He's got the pool mostly to himself for a rare moment. Sure, there's journalists around here and there because you never really escape them in the midst of the Olympics but they're mostly contained to one corner and seem to be interviewing a Russian guy who just finished up his practice session before Raleigh came in. Raleigh hopes they can stay distracted for a little while longer.

He shifts into a handstand position and flips off the platform, trying to see how many elements he can hit before he strikes the water. He's out for gold this year, for Yancy, seeing as how his brother can't be here this time around. Nothing less than the best will do and Raleigh will push himself until he's perfect; he's always been insanely competitive about any and everything under the sun.

He practices the dives over and over again, complicated dismounts and half tucks through the air. Once he's done, the pool seems more or less empty and he swims a few laps just to cool down before putting his hands on the edge and pushing himself up, water sluicing off his body.

Maybe he's got some downtime between now and the event to relax and just get his head in the game since there's not much more conditioning his body can take.

[Come enjoy Raleigh in his Team USA Speedo.]
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If he pays careful enough attention standing at this door, in this exact spot, Gatsby can hear the music drifting on the wind over the bay, like someone has left their record player on and the tune has been shared out to the world. Gatsby stands on the threshold of this world, knowing that he cannot go back without being stopped in one moment of time. If he walks through that door, it will be that late summer day with the leaves falling into the pool.

And the phone will sit there and not ring. It will torment him with its silence and its all-encompassing ability to surround him as though the cloak of the reaper. Silence had come after the fall, though. One big bang and then there had been the Nexus Hotel.

It seems cruel that there should be a door here that leads back to New York and West Egg, because it means that somewhere out there in that wide world is Daisy Buchanan and she never loved him as much as he'd always wanted her to, because here he is and there she is, and there's the largest valley of ashes and death separating him that Gatsby can ever picture.

He's been struggling to find purpose. He's debated throwing one or two more parties, but he wonders what the point of it all would be? Money? What's the need for money? Esteem? Tom had proven that no matter how far you'd climbed, there were always more rungs being held out of your reach.

So what happens when your life has been laid out with your own auspicious dreams and those dreams had been shattered? What step comes next?

Gatsby inhales the cool autumn breeze in the air and closes the door in front of him carefully and cautiously, as though he can control what lies behind it with a simple thought. He raps on the wood of the door when it's closed, once, twice, and a third time. He has his hand on the knob, ready to see what awaits when he can feel someone else's presence lingering nearby. "Where do you think it will lead?" he asks. "Now that you're here."
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She had been told not to explore without her sister. Of course, Buffy was overly protective of Dawn in this place where they knew very little about their surroundings. And maybe since overly protective was her sister's default in regards to her, Dawn should change that to supremely protective. But Dawn had a habit of not listening to her sister and doing her own thing. She was older now, a college student even, and didn't really think most people here even knew what 'the key' was or how they could try to use it.

This is what has her standing at an open door, peeking inside in excited wonderment. She hasn't quite stepped in yet. Mostly, she's just looking in and marvelling at the sight of the Brontosauruses drinking from the lake, their long necks curving and dipping down or rising high up over the ground.

“This is so freakin' cool...” She murmurs to herself, on the edge of stepping in, but also something holding her back from fully doing so. She saw Jurrasic Park. Plus, there's that little voice of her sister in her ear telling her to be careful, not to go off on her own, not to speak to strangers, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah and so forth.

Nov. 10th, 2013 07:18 pm
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His brief stint at the Halloween party had done nothing for Ollie but remind him that he really didn't want to be around people. The other inhabitants of the hotel seem (mostly) harmless enough, from what he's observed, but socializing doesn't have any appeal at all.

Unfortunately, his room doesn't carry much appeal, either. The constant changes -- which are just as strange as the skies outside -- at least have a pattern that he's been able to discern. Four nights of his bedroom at home, two nights of the wreck on the island. The wreck feels more like home than his bedroom does. His room is too neat, too familiar, and it has too many memories covering every square inch of it.

(There, where Ollie first admitted to being with Laurel. There, where they wrestled and he sprained his wrist. There, where they got ready to celebrate graduation. There where they-- and there, when he laughed about-- and there-- he's everywhere, and it cuts.)

It's a bedroom day, which means Ollie's wandering, looking for something to pass the time. Being outside and looking up at the sky still makes his stomach turn, so he usually waits until dusk for his daily run. After that, it's hitting the gym, and from there, it's a few laps in the pool.

Which is where Ollie is now, treading water in the deep end. It's quiet and warm, and if his mind goes wandering, he just sucks in a breath, pushes off the wall, and starts another ten laps.

Nov. 10th, 2013 07:31 pm
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It wasn’t often that Dawn heeded Buffy’s advice, no questions asked. In fact, she oftentimes asked all the questions, whined a bit about having to do whatever it was that they had to do, and then thought of a few more questions to ask. Eventually, she almost always gave in. It was very rare that she went against the grain when it all was said and done. Her sister had gotten them through a lot. And Dawn was absolutely sure that she would get them through even more, if more came their way.

If you get lost, find a landmark and sit in one place, her sister had said. It’s easier to be found if you sit in one place, supposedly. So then why was her sister always on the move? That made no sense.

Berkeley wasn’t one of the places where she’d ever expected to take a wrong path. She loved the school. She loved the atmosphere. She loved the normalcy of it. Never mind that she had been headed to her least favorite class, Algebra II, when she had become lost. The door that she had thought led to her classroom had instead led her to what could only be described as a hotel. She’d wandered the halls for almost an hour, looking for the right door or a way out. Her efforts were fruitless.

So this was how she ended up in the lobby, sitting in the middle of the floor and holding her cell phone up to try to get a reception to call Buffy or Xander. No reception. Her nose wrinkled and she looked positively unhappy as she muttered to herself. “America’s most dependable 3G network, you are not. And I’m not sure how good I’ll be at the sitting and waiting to be found thing.”

Nov. 4th, 2013 04:05 pm
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Buffy was lost. It wasn't a metaphorical description for her life; It was a literal state of being. She was supposed to watching some big wig that Kennedy had paired her with. She'd been certain said big wig's room was a step out of the elevator, one left turn and down the hall. She spun in a slow circle, regarding the hallway she was standing in.

"I don't think this is even the right hotel..."

Which meant something hinky was going on. It wasn't that unusual in Buffy's world. Something weird was always going on. Her hand slipped beneath the leather jacket she was wearing to slip the stake secured at the small of her back out. Her fingers curled around the stake, the wood warm in her hand. Despite the inherent nerves that came with finding oneself in an unfamiliar place, the stake made her feel better.

"Come be a security guard, Buffy. It'll be boring, they said. There'll be run of the mill demons, they said. You'll make money, they said. You'll get to travel, they said, but no one said anything about using some weird magic elevator as a mode of traveling. All the sudden, this is looking like some weird British TV show, or something Keanu Reeves would be in." She paused, considering that option a moment.

"I could do worse than Keanu..."


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