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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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1962 | Somewhere over Europe

If entering the USSR with a cache of CIA operatives had seemed convoluted, it was nothing on the exit process.

backstory | ADULT CONTENT | complete

Sep. 6th, 2015 02:03 pm
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Panem Capitol, 72nd Hunger Games

In her first year as a Victor and a Mentor, Johanna is still coming to grips with what's expected of her, and Effie isn't exactly the person she'd normally turn to, but she's there and convenient.

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Stardate 2257| San Francisco, California

"So I had to fight or I would have messed up this pretty face," he says, gesturing toward his bloody nose.

"Pretty sure fighting was gonna mess up your pretty face plenty, Jim," McCoy points out.

It's just another night at a Starfleet adjacent bar for Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy.

Violence / PG-13
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Paris, 1625

Once upon a drunken Parisian evening, a clothier's wife takes pity on a drunken Musketeer, hardly knowing the trouble she's getting herself into.

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Backstory | Soviet Russia

Natalia Romanova is changing shape, from girl to agent to weapon, and he is the maestro of her change.

Adult content
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mid-August, 1962 | somewhere in middle America

"What?" Charles asked, unrepentant. "It was right there at the top—" He paused, reconsidering, and leaned forward to press the tip of his index finger between Erik's eyebrows. "Actually, more like right here," he corrected, sliding the fingertip until it rested over the crest of Erik's right eyebrow.

"You needn't be such an ascetic, you know," he continued as he sat back again, reaching for his tea. "You're allowed something sweet every once in awhile."

"You're mistaking my lack of a sweet tooth for some kind of statement about indulgence," Erik said. "I'm not Catholic-- I don't deny myself things on principle." That was true of other indulgences besides dessert-- but Charles wasn't talking about that.

no warnings ; rated PG-13
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For Finnick and Annie, there have always been obstacles to happiness.

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