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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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There were many strange doors within the Nexus and while Thor had become a bit more cautious about just pushing through, sometimes he forgot that very important detail. Today was one of those days. He had decided after a long morning of puttering around that he wished to explore and with Mjolnir in hand, set out to a door he had never touched before.

It seemed normal at first. It was a nondescript door that led to a nondescript place but after stepping over the threshold, Mjolnir became too heavy to wield. He had never experienced that except when he had been deemed unworthy but he had done nothing this time, nothing to render himself incapable of being a good man and a fine warrior.

Still, there was something irrevocably different and it was something that Thor could not fathom. He would have to leave the hammer behind? He had never been without it, save those weeks with Jane when he was unworthy of wielding it and now, it seemed, that had happened once again.

Beaten down, he trod back into the hotel. He did not want to be somewhere vulnerable, not without Mjolnir, and did not want anyone to know of his shame. Instead, he went to the bar to have a pint of ale and was surprised when the human ale seemed to affect him in a way it never had before. He had never been drunk before in the hotel and now, it seemed, he was well on his way there.

"I'll have another," he slurred, waving his tankard toward a server. "You'll bring me one more?"

Jul. 5th, 2015 02:27 pm
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At first, Hal doesn't notice it.

How odd, truly, to imagine that something so monumental can be so easily ignored. And yet, Hal begins his day as he normally would, goes through his routines and habits. He sets up the dominoes and takes them down. He listens to his radio programs, does his exercises, and even pitches it to help clean in the kitchen, but even that does not take him aback. It is not until he is cleaning up and scrubbing his hands properly that he notices it.

It is the moment when he lifts his gaze in order to grasp for the paper towel that he sees it for the first time in over five hundred centuries. His reflection. Startled and taken aback, Hal stares for what must be nearly thirty minutes as he realizes that he's entirely forgotten what he looks like. Five hundred centuries without your own reflection will do that to a man. He prods and pokes at his face, marvelling at the way he's changed and takes another, longer moment to marvel at his hair, wanting to weep for how tidy and good Leo had kept it over the last fifty-five years.

He swallows hard to push back the grief and that's when he realizes he's not suppressing the need for blood. He's not hungry. Whatever door he passed through this morning has done something to him because he has no thirst for blood, can see himself, and suddenly, he's struck with the need for something else.

Hurrying (but not so quickly that he doesn't properly finish with the towels), Hal makes it back to the buffet. He's quick to load up his plate, his cravings for food immense and desperate.

"Excuse me," he asks, lifting his gaze to the nearest person, "what are those sticks called? They're breaded and abhorrently fried, filled with cheese, and I'd very much like two dozen, possibly."

[Hal is temporarily without his vampire affliction and very, very hungry for cheese]
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[ OPTION ONE - library ]

It wasn't so much work as it was one of her favorite past times. Some might think it boring that Dawn had actually sought out a job in the library. Librarians were notoriously boring, weren't they? Luckily, Dawn had never known that stigma when she was younger; but she had known one Rupert Giles. Not only was a he pseudo father figure, but he was also one of the coolest, bravest, strongest and smartest people she had ever known... and he was a librarian. Even when he wasn't a librarian he was definitely one with the books.

Dawn had always liked to read, something she had often chided her older sister over. Buffy had never been big on reading. But even more than cracking open a good YA fantasy novel, Dawn had gotten her penchant for ancient texts and the like from Giles. At this point, she might as well be a professional creepy ancient text transcriber. No really, that should be a profession. But since it wasn't, she was glad that when she had inquired at the library after work, they had hired her.

She's in the massive room almost every day whether she's working or not. Sometimes she's filing books away or reorganizing them. Sometimes she's sitting on the floor tucked in a corner with a book on her lap. Sometimes, when she's come across one of those creepy ancient texts, she loses herself in transcribing it. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, she has to tear herself away in order to come back out into reality again.

[ OPTION TWO - beach door ]

If anyone was good at finding a warm beach, it was a California girl. The Beach Boys even wrote a song about it! So did Katy Perry. So have lots of people. It's like a beach radar full of sunshine, warmth and sandy ocean goodness that Dawn would have to really fight to resist. In this case, she would leave the actual fighting to her older sister. Buffy was the Chosen One, after all. She who makes sacrifices for the betterment of mankind.

So Dawn dons her swimsuit, a cute bright yellow two-piece that was magically in her closet when she had hurried back to get clothes for warm weather once she had found the door. Over it she wore a sheer brown sundress and on her feet were some yellow flip flops. She grabbed a bag with everything one could possibly need for the beach in it; towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, bottles of water, etc. Last, but not least, she found a big floppy brimmed hat and a book and off she went.

On the beach, she found the perfect spot in a reclinable chair under an umbrella. Dawn made herself comfortable and cracked open her book.

[ OPTION THREE - human/non-human door ]

Dawn often walked through the hallways when she was bored, opening random doors and peeking inside. If it wasn't immediately evident what was inside a room, she might venture in a few steps. Her curiosity always got the better of her when she didn't know something, it seemed. Giles would have said that knowledge was power. Or maybe one of her professor's at Berkeley said that. Or maybe that phrase was from one of Xander's cheesy combat movies he liked so much. In any case, Dawn's quest for knowledge often got her into trouble.

Such was the case when she opened one door and found a forest. It was actually a pretty forest, scenic and perfect with the sunlight from above peeking through ancient tree tops that towered majestically above everything. Squirrels scampered up tree trunks. Birds fluttered from branch to branch singing songs that echoed throughout the forest. There was the sound of running water in the distance, a lake maybe, a waterfall... it was serene, but curious.

Taking a few steps in, she could just make out the mountainous area and the waterfall through some of the overgrowth. Waterfalls were a rare enough sight that she lingered long enough to hear the door shut behind her. She turned, twisting and pulling on the door to no avail. It was stuck. She turned back around, somehow taking up more space than she previously had. Imagine her surprise and her horror when she found that she had been transformed into something all too familiar to her.

"Oh come on, universe! Rinse and repeat? Really?" She screams, one hoof kicking at the door to no effect. She waits a very long time for someone else to come through the door. And when they don't, Dawn goes over toward the sound of the waterfall, muttering under her breath. Eventually that door had to unlock. In the meantime: waterfall.

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September | The Nexus

Eames is going to get a masters degree in forging at the rate the hotel is willing to help him along. This time, it's of a more canine persuasion. Luckily, Arthur helps him to switch back before other activities can be practiced.



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