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Any entries earlier than this were pre-reboot.
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November | PPTH Clinic

"You know, I'm supposed to be checking in on clinic patients, not being distracted by my very handsome, apparently-hallucinatory boyfriend."

Chase has a new patient at the clinic, which leads to him breaking a few rules.


Jun. 11th, 2016 03:33 am
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It had been a precision operation, and it had all gone to hell when the boat was late. They'd split up, Peggy and Dernier going back up the cliff to signal again, Barnes leading the rest of them up the beach, their footsteps covered by the sound of the surf and their dark clothing disappearing into the foggy gloom. Barnes thought there might be a way over the rocks, another possible escape route, just in case the boat never showed up at all.

It had been sheer bad luck that Peggy and Dernier had run into a patrol at the top of the cliff. They'd run, forced toward the enemy base by shouts and shots in the dark pines. It had been startlingly good luck that they'd spotted a sentry at the base taking an unauthorized leak and managed to sneak past, leaving the patrol to search and shout to no avail.

Dernier had taken a shot somewhere in the confusion, Peggy didn't know when because he'd kept silent about it until they'd found a little hidey-hole, and then collapsed.

She'd gritted her teeth and glared at him, fixed him up as best as a former nurse could with no medical supplies, and then left him behind. She needed something to fish the bullet out with, and better bandages. "Don't you dare die," she whispered in his ear before she left. He rolled her eyes at her. She thought it would have been more appropriate the other way around.

Somehow, when she opened a supply closet door and found the hotel on the other side, she wasn't surprised. She used one of the phones to get the staff to deliver what she needed -- she didn't want to risk wandering too far from the door she had to go back through -- and turned back to the doorway that led back to her home world.

Just as she was about to step through, she sensed someone walking up behind her as if they might intend to follow her through. Or maybe they were just curious about the door. Peggy didn't really have time to speculate.

"If you want to help save a life, come with me," Peggy said. "It will be dangerous."
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1962 | Somewhere over Europe

If entering the USSR with a cache of CIA operatives had seemed convoluted, it was nothing on the exit process.

backstory | ADULT CONTENT | complete
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at least several years on

What's going to be a momentous night for potential Congressman becomes even more important thanks to a ring and a proposal.

future (au) / PG-13

Jan. 24th, 2016 01:08 pm
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Washington, DC | Late 2015

Simmons breaks away from the madness of her job to enjoy dinner with someone who definitely can understand the strangeness of her life.


Sep. 6th, 2015 02:03 pm
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Panem Capitol, 72nd Hunger Games

In her first year as a Victor and a Mentor, Johanna is still coming to grips with what's expected of her, and Effie isn't exactly the person she'd normally turn to, but she's there and convenient.

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Stardate 2257| San Francisco, California

"So I had to fight or I would have messed up this pretty face," he says, gesturing toward his bloody nose.

"Pretty sure fighting was gonna mess up your pretty face plenty, Jim," McCoy points out.

It's just another night at a Starfleet adjacent bar for Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy.

Violence / PG-13

Jul. 24th, 2015 05:05 pm
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Early 1944 (Depths of Winter) | Northernmost Hydra facility
Peggy's Home Universe

"It was a routine mission," Agent Carter reported. She was the only one who'd seen everything, but the fellows had seen a lot of it. They stood in two ragged rows behind her, and she could feel their attention, and their support. It hardly warmed her, considering what had happened.

Character death | PG-13
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21 June 2015 | 19th Century London

Helen finds a door back home, her true home, and drags Nikola along for the ride.

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Paris, 1625

Once upon a drunken Parisian evening, a clothier's wife takes pity on a drunken Musketeer, hardly knowing the trouble she's getting herself into.

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Katniss never goes into the door that leads back to the Arena except, apparently, this time she did without even realizing it. She knows the tricks of it now, though, and she survives - but it doesn't make it any less hard to know that Peeta and Johanna are suffering because of her. Because of her and her stupid berries and her stupid wedding gown and her stupid desire to thumb her nose at Snow and the Capitol whenever she gets a chance.

Katniss isn't the face of a revolution. She just gets people killed.

So now she's been in 13 for what feels like an eternity, blithely getting a schedule printed on her arm every morning and ignoring it just so she can go sit in a closet and hide for hours and hours until someone notices she's missing. It's not the best system, but it's one that works for her, and she hopes that someday she'll be able to get the sound of Peeta's voice and the smell of his skin out of her head. She thinks about being in the hotel, too, and wonders if that's just something she dreamed up when she was pumped full of drugs after being rescued.

She hopes not.

They want her to be the face of this thing, the symbol that inspires everyone to fight. Katniss thinks that Finnick would be better at it, or Beetee, or anyone but her. Everything she touches dies, more or less, except those goddamned roses of Snow's. She doesn't want to be responsible for the rebellion dying too and she thinks they need someone less damaged than she is to lead them. Much less damaged. She's not a Victor anymore. She's just a survivor.

So instead of facing her fears and doing what's asked of her, Katniss flees to the closet again. She'll nestle up next to boxes of graphite pencils and cleaning supplies and try to ignore the screaming in her head for a little while in hopes that one day it'll actually all go quiet.

She sits with her back toward the wall and closes her eyes and gains her bearing again. In and out. In and out. Eventually, she feels like she might be able to stand on two legs and gets to her feet, shaky but only a little worse for the wear. She tugs open the door and when she sees the carpets instead of the utilitarian concrete of 13, she crumples up on the carpet and just weeps.

She's back.
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Kieren sets aside another black-bloody-stained handkerchief into a growing pile, staring at them in dismay. He'd encouraged Simon to go out for the day, giving Kieren the opportunity to make his escape to the Nexus. He's even half there, got the door propped open and the front desk in sight through the doorframe, but Kieren is busy wandering through Amy's bungalow looking for some neurotriptalyne that he can take without Simon noticing that Kieren's bogarting the supply and not his NT-Plus.

It'd be easier, of course, if he didn't have to keep stopping every few minutes to stop the black sludge coming from his nose with his shaking hand. The shaking has been happening for months, ever since the ... the thing he doesn't like to think about, but he'd dismissed it. Dr. Russo had always said that the drug's job was to reforge connections, so maybe this is just one more.

The bloody nose, though, is a worry.

He doesn't feel like he's about to go rabid. This isn't like when Gary had forced the Blue Oblivion on him, but it's something scarier -- something he can't even explain. When the tissue in his hand grows too bloody to use, he finds another one and tips his head back like this is just a case of a bad bloody nose. He might even be able to live with that, but the strangest thing happens.

From the hotel, there's a rush of warm air like the heaters are kicking in and Kieren feels it. His dead skin, his dead system, picks up on this gust of air.

What the hell is happening to him? Maybe it's about time he goes to the clinic, though without Dr. Russo there anymore, he's not sure he trusts anyone. Maybe Shirley Wilson? Kieren's sort of running out of options, but he knows this -- he's definitely not worrying Simon with this, not until it's necessary. Staring at the still open door to the Nexus, he remembers what he's meaning to do, though it's a bit harder now that he's sat in front of it tending to his bloody nose and his shaking hands.

"If anyone's there," he offers warily, on the off chance he doesn't have to get up. "Maybe you could close up from your end? I've run into a bit of ... difficulty."

Jan. 24th, 2015 10:29 pm
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Jacob felt like the Nexus was just another version of the island but it had one difference that made it a hell of a lot less bothersome - he could go home whenever he wanted. There was always a door back to La Push and back to the beaches and forests that he remembered and while he didn't usually run into anyone else he knew, it was enough. It would always be enough to be able to have the tang of salt and pine in his nostrils and to be a wolf again instead of just a human.

It was more than enough.

So he was content to stay in the hotel, for the most part, but occasionally he got the itch to go back through the thick wooden door that led to First Beach and today was one of those days. The shift from human to wolf was effortless at this point, as was the run from the door along the beach with the seaspray nipping at his paws. The rest of his pack wasn't here but that was all right. Jacob had never been bothered by his own company and, truth be told, he and the pack weren't always on the greatest of terms. He was always closest to Leah and Seth anyway so not seeing the others (even if it hurt to miss Quil and Embry) wasn't such a bad thing.

He watched the sun go down over the water and howled up at the full, full moon before heading deep into the forest to hunt. It was kind of barbaric (and he suspected it made Belle feel a little weird, though she never said anything) but it was just something he had to do to feel like himself again.

It was good to be back.

[OOC: Jacob left the door open so feel free to see him as a wolf or as a human in his home canon.]
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cut for spoilers for Hobbit: BotFA )

The people – so many people. And the noise. Nothing to the crash of battle and yet too much for her to deal with. It was easy, at least, not to be noticed; easy to be ignored and therefore easier to ignore what was going on around her. She had been inside of a building, so strange and foreign to her, and while it did not occur to her to feel terrified – she felt beyond that – she did not like it.

There was no mountain but there was sky. She knelt on a hilly piece of land, in the dark, away from the festivities. She took bracing breaths of chilly air, and looked up. Hours she spent, considering what had happened but not caring. She knew something foreign and untoward had occurred, and she had stepped beyond what she knew. The fireworks were abrupt and explosive and startled her, but the cheering from the guests told her to take it calmly, and she did. Still she hunkered at the outskirts of the revel, until the noise began to die down, the music stopped, the people slowly trickled away and the grounds were quiet.

She felt empty, but really she was just alone. She ought to tend to her wounds, and yet it did not occur to her. Let everything fester, let her wither away. She palmed the runestone in her hand; it felt much heavier, more formed, than the rest of her body. Tauriel thought she was done with crying, but she wasn't. At the very least, though, she wept silently, as she waited for the dawn.
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spoilers for battle of the five armies )

Legolas pushed his way through the thick forest until he came upon an old door of dwarven design, one with letters illuminated by the moonlight. These old dwarven doors often had tricks to them and while the design was that of Durin, the letters illuminated were Elvish. A curious puzzle indeed.

"Speak 'Friend' and enter," Legolas said, puzzling at it. He thought for a long moment before remembering that old puzzle, the one that had stumped Gandalf but been easy for a halfling.

"Mellon," he said softly, stepping through the door and back into the Nexus once more.
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Jack isn't exactly the best at keeping up with holidays but Christmas is kind of a big one and he thinks that the kids ought to have a tree in the hotel room. He thinks they could just go to the cabin for Christmas, there's a door that leads there, but he wants a tree here just in case the door stops working; stranger things have happened before and he wants to be prepared.

So he rounds up William and Janet and decides to go hunting for a tree. Anything in the hotel room is going to have to be small and he knows Janet's going to want something gigantic. He's already prepared himself for that fight. He thinks if he can spin it that they're rescuing a tree that wouldn't have a home otherwise, he might be able to sell her on it a little easier.

Which is how they've ended up at a Christmas tree lot in Colorado about ten miles out from the mountain. It's a lot he used years and years ago before he got transferred to DC and he's glad to see the same guys still run it. Janet immediately runs on chubby, toddler legs toward the biggest tree there, a tree so big that she can't even remotely get her arms around it and declares this to be the one.

"Can't get one that big, kiddo. It's got to fit in the hotel room," Jack reminds her gently. He pries Janet off the tree and carries her over to a...smaller, shabbier selection. William points out a little tree that's barely three feet tall with half its needles missing. "I think we should get this one," he says, quiet and deliberate the way he always is. It's a good size, even if it's miserable looking and Jack agrees. "Yup, I think this is the one."

He sets Janet down, pays for the tree and the three of them make the long march back to the door and to the hotel. "Want to get this sucker decorated and surprise Mom? We'll do it in the lobby so she won't see."

He assumes Carter is, as always, busy tinkering with something.
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Dec 5 | Tokyo, Japan

Loki brings Natasha through his door to show her the world under his care. Or maybe just to get drunk, as their hangout of choice is a nomihodai - an all-you-can drink bar - buried in the heart of Tokyo. Is it a date? Absolutely not. Will it get strange? Of course it will.

no warnings yet/ongoing
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Backstory | Soviet Russia

Natalia Romanova is changing shape, from girl to agent to weapon, and he is the maestro of her change.

Adult content

Nov. 2nd, 2014 08:07 pm
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The Nexus is a strange place. Food is free. Lodging is free. And unlike living in the Capitol, it doesn't seem that Katniss is under anyone's thumb or that anyone is pulling the strings. She's been here almost eleven months now and it's the same thing every day - trying to see where the strings are and not finding anything wrong.

She still doesn't trust it, because that's asking to be killed, but she relaxes a little more. She smiles a lot and she spends an awful lot of time with Peeta when she thinks nobody else is looking. It's sort of sweet and secret and safe and she'd like to keep it all three of those things.

Today, she's gone back through the forest door that she and Peeta like to frequent to find that it's been blanketed in fresh snow. It's the time of year that game would be getting harder to find but it's also the time of the year that game gets flushed out because it's looking for better places to spend the winter and that's what Katniss is hoping for.

She doesn't need to hunt to survive anymore but it seems to take the edge off things and today is no different than any other day. She sees a turkey and nocks her arrow, letting it fly and killing it easily. Deer are another story and it's times like these that Katniss wishes she had a gun; she hates guns but they kill quicker than bows. She spots a few but doesn't take a shot, instead just watching them until the cold seeps in past her leather and fur and she has to head back in to warmth. She brings the turkey along with her. She's a bakery assistant now and Peeta's her boss but maybe Peeta can figure something out to do with it. If nothing else, Katniss can clean it and roast it. That's not so hard.

Her time in the woods seems to have recharged her instead of making her melancholy and Katniss wonders why that is. She thinks Peeta could deal with idle chatter and small talk all day without losing his patience but she can barely manage a few words with someone she likes, much less continued conversation with someone she doesn't feel like talk to. It's not a strong suit.

Maybe she won't run into anyone between here and the kitchen.


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