May. 4th, 2016

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The door had once been an ordinary door to one of the academy rooms on Yavin IV. But when he opened it this time, it had something unfamiliar, something that shouldn't exist on the other side. It looked like a hotel, but more primitive than he was used to. Luke reached out in the Force, testing, probing, trying to sense any potential danger. He didn't, but he could sense something more, something that confused and intrigued him. It was a Force presence he'd felt before, but not since he was young and raw, barely even aware of what he was capable of.

He stepped forward slowly, cautiously, Artoo rolling along behind him. "Come on, Artoo, I think it's safe. Very strange though. I know it isn't part of the Academy. It definitely shouldn't be here."

What alarmed him was that he felt his connection to Mara and Ben fade as he entered. They were always connected, always able to sense each other. He wasn't certain whether to stay or or not. Could he go back? The door had closed, though, and it didn't seem to want to let him.

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12/28/2015| Beach door

Cinna introduces Grey to the wonders of the beach, sand and the ocean.

warnings for schmoop/PG-13
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I gather it might be a good idea to introduce myself since I'm new here. I am Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. I'm still rather overwhelmed and a little confused by this place, but it's good to meet the others who are here. Hopefully we'll get along all right.


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