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open: There, and back again

It was simply meant to take Aramis to another set of rooms. Instead, the door had taken him here again, to this "hotel." The Queen isn't here and neither is the Dauphin.

There is no earthly reason for Aramis to be here.

Yet, the door has disappeared and here he is.

Taking a deep breath, he swallows his frustration, at least slightly assuaged because he knows he will eventually get back to Versailles. Another deep breath and he starts to walk.

He is clad differently than the last time he was here, wearing his Ministerial clothes. No hat, his hair as coiffed as it gets, his clothing unstained and still, he wears a crucifix under his tunic.

Things are going as well as they can back in Paris, which offers him some consolation. He may as well, he thinks, have a shower and some of the food that he can't have in Paris before he begins his search for the door back anew. He will look for his comrades, too, of course, whom have been away for some time, d'Artagnan aside. It will, he tells himself, be good to catch up.

Otherwise, he visits his room, and then spends time looking about the hotel and grounds; he won't risk a door unless it means he ends up in Paris; he doesn't want to risk getting lost. Not when he's so recently been found.

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Porthos, for his part, hasn't been back to the Spanish front. He's been stuck in the hotel all this time, wishing he could go back and fight with the others. When he spots Aramis, his first instinct is still to turn away - no matter how much he misses him, has been missing him. But then he notices the clothes, and he walks over with a frown, nods at his outfit. "What's that, then?" He doesn't look like much of a monk.
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Porthos has spent some time on the other side of some Doors; he would go out of his mind staying here, where nothing ever happens. But that isn't what Aramis is asking, and he knows it. "Unfortunately," he replies, as gruff as he was during their last conversation.
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"Unless you're going to be there when I get back," Porthos confirms, his scowl not going anywhere.
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"You don't need to," Porthos points out. "We're at the front, and you're in your monastery." That's not the kind of thing that changes overnight, or else Aramis would've been with them for a long time. Who knows how many men might not have died if he had been there with them? Porthos knows that if his time comes on the battlefield, that will be his last thought, too.
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Porthos holds Aramis's gaze for a beat, then nods, and turns to go. He hates the way he feels around the former Musketeer, and reckons things would be much easier if he could hate him, instead. So he settles for anger, and leaves now, still scowling.

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Cinna is walking through the lobby when he spots the familiar face. It feels as if it's been some time since he's seen Aramis and the familiarity of him is a welcome thing, even if the familiarity is one-sided. He's dressed impeccably in slacks and a long gauzy top that hangs to about mid-thigh along with a long sleeveless shawl that falls almost to the floor.

As usual, his eyes are lined in gold and his nails painted black.

When he approaches Aramis, he does take note that the man looks a bit different that he had the last time Cinna has seen him. He offers the man a kind smile and a respectful nod in greeting. There had been a time when Cinna would have embraced Aramis. That time isn't here any longer.

"Aramis. It's good to see you again." He says.
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"I am well enough, thank you." Of course, he's still reeling from his trip to Panem with Grey. He also feels horrible for having put Grey through that. But that has nothing to do with his mixed feeling over seeing Aramis again. He wishes he could confide in him and knows he cannot. Not for some time, probably, until they rebuild the friendship they once had.

"I hope you are well too. You look good." He says. "May I walk with you for a bit?"
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"Yes, it is both of those things." Cinna agrees with a slow nod as they idly stroll through the hallways. He clasps his hands together behind his back as he walks. "I'm accustomed to a bustling city where I'm from. Always in motion, full of people."

Of course, the Capitol is less that these days. In his recent trip to Panem with Grey he has discovered that his home is being destroyed. It's sad. And also inevitable given what Cinna had set into motion. That destruction is a byproduct of his actions. He isn't sure what else he expected.

"At times it can be a welcome respite though, a time for meditation and collecting oneself." The quiet of the hotel is welcome right now, at least for Cinna. "Do you wish to be home? In... Paris?"
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War. Aramis from before had said nothing of a war. It makes him believe even more that this Aramis is even more different than the one he remembers. That makes him sad. Of course, Cinna isn't necessarily in the best head space to begin with.

"This respite from the lives people are intended to live can be both freeing and stifling, I believe." On one hand, it gives a person time to contemplate and regroup. On the other hand, it can be unnerving with pressing matters at hand.

Cinna offers Aramis a small smile. "I know that the duties of Musketeers are many. It must be very difficult for all of you to be idle in this place."
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Aramis is a good man. Cinna knows this. But it's made all the more clear in his answer. Yes, they all know that time stands still. The Panem he had visited through the doors had been advanced beyond his execution. But when he truly returns home, it will be to mere moments before his beating, torture and subsequent execution. It's inevitable. He won't be able to fight it.

He knew what he was doing when he made the Mockingjay the symbol that it became.

Cinna shakes his head. "I cannot return home." He's told Aramis this before. But of course the Musketeer, in this place, does not remember. But it also makes confiding in him easier, knowing the depth of Aramis's character. "I will be executed shortly after I return, I'm afraid."

He pauses and offers Aramis a small smile. "But I do hold a certain nostalgia for my home. I do wish I could return and be of further use toward Panem a better place."
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"Or a different type of good. If a closed door cannot be reopened, then perhaps it leads to something else." There is no rebellion here, after all, no revolution. There's nothing of that sort for him to do as far as he can see.

Which brings him to what he knows he can do right now. He's good at making others feel good. Indirectly. Through his own craft. It might seem a minuscule thing to some. To Cinna affecting someone or something positively is a profound thing.

"I've opened a clothier's shop on the first floor around the corner from the bistro if you're ever in need." He says.
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"Oh, you need not offer me anything. The possibility of your friendship is enough for me." He and Grey had lost quite a bit when they left that other place. Aramis is one of those losses that he feels more than most, perhaps for his very presence here in the hotel and Cinna's longing for things to be as they were with his friend.

Cinna pauses in their stroll and turns to look at Aramis. "My other half should meet you as well. He would like to see your face if nothing else."

There's only one reason that Cinna is so bold to say that his other half is a man to Aramis. He has learned that such relations are frowned upon in some places, not in Panem, of course. But he knows that Aramis's kindness will demand his acceptance. Perhaps it's unfair for Cinna to know things that Aramis does not. But he'd rather Aramis accept him and Grey sooner rather than later.
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There's a certain amount of relief that Aramis takes the information in the same casual stride that he had before. Cinna had been sure he would, but there was always that off chance that something could go amiss.

"No, he's from somewhere else." Cinna answers. "We met... in the same place I knew you from before."

He doesn't linger on the topic of knowing Aramis before this place. He knows it can be uncomfortable when the other half of the friendship doesn't remember such things. So he continues as if that bit were a side note to the actual bulk of the conversation.

"He's mute. But in that other place we were able to overcome that with a special communication device. Here, we don't have that." Cinna explains. "But I think communication without words, as I have found with Grey, is the most honest form of communication. There's no room for lies or ulterior motives in silent communication. Grey is the most honest person I've ever known."
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Cinna is very lucky to have Grey here. He's never had anyone like Grey in his life before he'd met him, and he knows that there will never be another. That's one of the reasons he holds so tightly to him. Because he knows that it could all be gone within a blink of an eye.

Knowing what he knows about Aramis, how great of a romantic he is, it saddens him to know that Aramis has no such thing here. He knows of Aramis and the Queen, but even now he dare not say anything on the subject aloud. He also remembers the special kinship between Aramis and Porthos.

"Oh, Aramis." His brow furrows. "Are your friends not here? Fellow Musketeers?"
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That just makes him sad. He remembers the extraordinary friendship between Aramis and Porthos from before. While it's nice to think that a friendship like that could transcend anything, he knows the truth of the matter is that people, in all of their beautiful individuality and emotions, can get in the way of that.

Cinna chooses this moment to embrace Aramis. His arms circle around him and he holds on tight. Aramis's sadness is palpable. Cinna is empathetic enough that he feels it in every fiber of his being. He doesn't want Aramis, his friend, to be lonely. And a simple act like a hug can go a long way, he knows.

"You are not alone, Aramis." Cinna says softly.
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Cinna's hugs are very different than that. They're soft, gentle and compassionate. There is very little about Cinna that could be described as gruff or hearty. But also, at the same time, there is nothing Cinna does or says that does not have full intent behind it. He's thoughtful in everything he does or says.

He finds himself grateful when Aramis finally hugs him back. Maybe there is hope for their friendship after all. Because yes, he and the Aramis from the other place were great friends. They were confidants and really and truly friends. Cinna misses him fiercely.

They pull back from one another, Cinna's elegant hands lingering gently at Aramis's shoulders for a brief moment. The offer gets a soft smile from Cinna as he nods. "I think I would like that very much." He gestures to the hallway toward the stairs. "Shall we?"
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The pair enters the tavern together and Cinna follows him to a booth where he slides into the booth with him. The place is elegant in the way hotel bars are even in Cinna's time. All stained wood and marble floors and unique lighting fixtures in the ceiling.

"Yes, there are quite a few, although I rarely see them. I'm uncertain that they wish to see me all that much for what I represent to them." That's the only thing Cinna can think for their general absence from his life. Cinna represents the Capitol, unfortunately. He represents their oppression even if he fought so hard against it in his own way and time.

A waitress comes over and Cinna orders a glass of wine. "Allow me." He pays for both of their drinks. His clothier's shop is doing well enough, after all.
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"Not at all." That could be about the drinks or about the intrusiveness, probably both. Cinna might hold his cards a little closer to the vest were this anyone but Aramis. But the obvious differences in the people from Panem in another place and the people here have been hurting his heart rather severely. And this is Aramis.

However, he does wait for their drinks to get here before he finds an answer. Thankfully, that happens within just a few moments. Cinna lifts his glass, swirls the wine inside and inhales the scent of it.

"My world is quite unfair. There is the Capital, the epicenter of Panem, and then there are twelve Districts. The Districts put in hard work, each one of them representing a different utility such as coal and lumber and various other textiles. Much of their work is imported to the Capital. I... happen to be Capitol." He doesn't look proud when he says this. In fact, he finally takes a sip of his wine.

"Sadly," He adds. "This is the very least of their grievances against the Capital."
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"I have not confirmed any of this. It's... simply my observation. And I suppose I do not blame them their grievances. They deserve them at the very least." If Cinna could do more to make things right, he would. The problem is that there isn't much more that he can do.

He lifts his wine glass. "I have you and my Grey and therefore I am not alone and very thankful for that fact."