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OPEN | did you fall from a shooting star ; one without a permanent scar

It's been awhile since Dawn has been in the hotel. She's been home, living her life, growing up. She's had two birthdays since she was last here. She's fought a few big bad's and helped save the world at least two more times. That's the thing with apocalypses in her world, they always come in the plural rather than the singular. One ends and another begins. And you can never quite see them coming until you're smack dab in the middle of one. Sometimes evil is stealthy like that.

Thwarting the destruction of the world is what got her lost in an alternate dimension in the first place. Then, as she used her key power to punch her way between worlds, she unlocked the door to the hotel and can't seem to step back out of it.

Of course, her first order of business is to check for Buffy. Some things never change. Her attachment to her sister is one of those things. No matter how old she is, no matter how many years of college she completes, she'll always be Buffy's little sister. She's accepted that. She's grown to love that. Which is why she's sad to find that Buffy isn't here anymore. She remembers her time here from before. Buffy had been here then. Now Dawn's alone.

After a quick shower and change of clothes in the room that she used to share with her sister, she makes her way downstairs to the cafe to grab some food (she's starving, okay?) and then to the library where she used to work beforehand because books make almost all things better. Maybe she can get her job back. She does get her job back. Then she checks out a book.

She makes her way out into the gardens and sits in the grass. She opens her book and gets lost in another world.

Occasionally, one might find her concentrating very, very hard, trying to get her key power to work, trying to see a thinning of the veils between dimensions and punch her way through it. There are no portals here, not that she can see, not like what she could see in the other hell-ish dimensions. She's as stuck as anyone.

Yeah, reading is good.
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There are random moments in the day when Grey isn't with Cinna. If he's working with a client in his shop, if he is intent on working on a design (he is making glamorous, elaborate dresses, now, made with yards and yards if fabric that slips through Grey's fingers like water as he carefully handles it).

When he is alone, he often seeks the sun or the library: looking for books that he and Cinna can read together, or feeling that warmth on his shoulders. If it's warm enough, he will sit with his shirt off, feeling that heat on his shoulders. It often makes him sleepy.

When someone else enters the garden, he doesn't so much move as waken entirely, watching the girl who seems to be close to his own age. He still doesn't approach strangers; Cinna is all he needs. But if this girl looks up, she will see the silent, tattooed boy watching her without blinking. He doesn't look dangerous, not really. Just an observer, like a bird or a cat.
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Oh, no. That isn't what Grey meant at all. He raises a hand to stop her, moving form his crouch to come a bit closer.

There are times when he's still not very good with people. Cinna helps him with that; teaching him how to be polite.

Since he's not got a shirt on, he can tap his chest over his name. He's Grey. She doesn't need to leave because of him. He's met few who are near his own age; perhaps that's what made him stare a bit. She's healthy, too.
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Yes; Grey nods. That's his name. That should make her less nervous, or at least he hopes. He takes a couple steps back, to allow her space, too, having seen her tense up at his proximity. He crouches down again, illustrating that there is no threat, just ... maybe they can talk a little bit?

He points to her, then. What's her name?
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In some ways, perhaps Grey is a spirit. He's always been somewhat existant in his head than in his body; it was one of the only reasons he survived as long as he did on the train.

He nods when Dawn says her name though; Dawn. He'll remember that. His eyes are drawn to the pen; he's never seen one like that, actually. It's so sparkly. He has no reason to use it yet, though, as what she says doesn't require a written response. It's cute, actually; he smiles just a bit. She has no reason to be embarrassed; he shakes his head. Nothing to be sorry for. He only knows how to dance slowly, so he doesn't move. He does like music, though, most of it. He points to her earbuds and then points to a word on his arm - What? What is she listening to?

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Porthos has been back for a few weeks, and hasn't gone back to the war yet. He's been following Athos's advice, and making the most of that time. It's an opportunity to rest, and come back to the war in better condition.

He's also been avoiding Aramis.

Now one person he would not have been avoiding, if he had known that she was around, he finds out on the lawn, reading a book. He heads over to her with a smile, and has no hat to take off to greet her, but still politely calls out, "Mademoiselle Dawn," as he walks closer.
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Porthos is more than a little taken aback by the sudden embrace of a young woman. He looks it for a few seconds, surprise etched clearly on his face, hands held up in shock, but then he pats her awkwardly on the shoulders, and forcing a smile past the surprise. "I swear to never call you anything else?" he offers, and hopes that this embrace is going to stop some time soon, although he is growing more easy with it by the second.

It might not be proper, and it might be very sudden, but if she needs an embrace, who is he to turn her down? So eventually, the hug becomes easier, and more like the real thing. "How are you, mademoiselle Dawn?" he asks her, faint humour and genuine caring in his voice.
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He's forgotten how odd it was, that people didn't realise that to him, they were all speaking French. It's not like he knows to speak anything else. "Everybody calls me Porthos," he assures her with a small smile. Technically, he's not a Monsieur but a Marquis, except he doesn't want anything to do with his father's legacy. "Why are you scared, mademoiselle?"

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[Luke likes to come into the garden to meditate. It's quiet and calm and he can connect to the Force without a lot of interruption usually. He still spends time with Obi-Wan sometimes, but he knows there's a need for each to have their own time as well.

She feels a little odd in the Force, but it isn't anything he can place.

"Is that a kind of meditation? It seems kind of interesting." he said, noticing how she was concentrating. It wasn't quite like his, she seemed intense. Thinking hard. Not like how he tried to clear his own mind.
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"Yes, I suppose it is, a little bit." Luke replied.

In one way, it was nice not to have someone recognizing him and fawning all over him as soon as they saw him. Granted, it was easier to blend in here, which is one of the reasons he visited so often and spent time in the hotel. He devoted his life to helping bring peace to the galaxy, but celebrity wasn't always the best thing to deal with.

"You did seem to be concentrating a lot, so it definitely was." he nodded. "It actually was pretty good...younger ones sometimes aren't able to concentrate as easily on such things. It takes practice." Force knew it took enough practice and patience to keep the younglings on task and help them learn how to connect with the Force.
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Luke isn't going to complain, though.

"Does that mean you've grown up with it?" he asks.

"Yes, That's definitely true." Luke knows that all too well, from the rebellion to rebuilding the Jedi to a lot of things in between.

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He's walking through the stacks looking for something interesting. Maybe he's hoping a series of amazing DVDs will suddenly appear somewhere and he'll have a movie or two to watch. Most of the time, it's nothing but books. Books are okay. He stopped reading random law books when he dropped the third one out of his lap and onto his feet because he fell asleep trying to read it. He's moved on to TV-tie-in novels when he can find them, and the occasional movie novelization.

What he finds in the library this time is unusual. He leans against one of the shelves. "The last time I saw you, you were trying to hold my door closed from the wrong side," he says casually.
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Harvey's been here a long time. He's not sure what 'home' will be like when (if) he ever goes back. The running theory is that nothing changes and he'll walk back into the same moment he left from. (From his perspective, that will be super weird, but he doesn't think on it much.) Lots of people come and go pretty regularly from here - Buffy, Kirk, even Rachel hadn't been around since, what, New Year's Eve? - so, he's gotten pretty accustomed to random people popping up. (Honestly, the fact that his abandonment issues haven't reared their ugly heads and kicked him in the damned teeth is pretty impressive at this point.)

The tackle-hug is a little overwhelming, even if it isn't all that different from their first meeting. He curls fingers around the edge of a shelf, glad for its sturdiness. "Hey," he says. "I'm pretty solid and all, but I'm not twenty." Despite the fact that he may want to deny that he's reached forty. He leans back a bit to look at her. "What are you, fifty, now?" he teases, because it's clear she's been gone a while.

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A Harvey who had never been to this hotel might be less inclined to indulge such casual physical contact. But the Harvey who's been away from home for a while is a little more open to such things. It doesn't hurt that she's pretty. Harvey's a little shallow sometimes.

He arches an eyebrow at her. "How old were you when you left?" All he knows for sure is 'over 18'. And, yes, the fifty thing was a joke. He's a dick, but not that much of a dick.

He shrugs, hands held out to either side. "As far as I know, I still can't leave. So I'll probably always be here." He's not sure he's really happy about that, but it could be a lot worse. He could be stuck in the room with the T-rex.

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