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open § everything i'm not made me everything i am


Ask and you shall receive. It's been months ago that Cinna has requested an area to work in. The hotel has given him a space on the first floor near the cafe. Supplies have been gathered and the space redone to accommodate Cinna and his craft. That's right, there's officially a clothier's shop in the hotel. Cinna is indeed in his element.

Upon first entry to the shop it looks very unassuming and casual. There's the mixed aroma of freshly brewed tea and coffee as well as some pastries brought over from the cafe. The front half of the shop holds everyday clothes that seem to be the norm of what most of the people in the hotel wear, things like tees and sweaters and jeans and shorts. In the middle of the shop there's a round dark mahogany table with three high-backed plush armchairs around it. The armchairs are cushioned black with golden embellishments. Toward the back is where Cinna's influence shows through more prominently; clothing, both everyday and formal with unique and futuristic flares and touches. It's Couture at its finest. There are tall, large mirrors in the back as well as dressing rooms.

It should also be noted that as he has befriended both Milady and Aramis, there is attire befitting both men and women from their time period in Paris. Beautiful gowns and carefully stitched shirtsleeves and doublets. Cinna is always accommodating and will take special orders all day every day.

Outside of the space is a bracket with a swinging sign placard bearing the shop's name in an elegant golden script: Design by Cinna.

Cinna can almost always be found at the mahogany table in the center of the shop, sitting in one of the chairs with material draped over his lap and needle and thread in hand. He'll welcome anyone to his new shop. Please feel free to stop by!


Oftentimes Cinna can be found in the conservatory, sitting among the plant life and sketching new designs. It's peaceful in there. He'll greet and chit chat with most anyone who happens upon him.

However, one day he opens a door that he thinks goes to his hotel room but finds himself in the outdoors instead. The environment is boisterous and loud, crowds walking through fairways and strange music in the air. The sky is blue overhead, with the occasional cloud here and there. There are shops and tents and big contraptions with some kind of transport on them that has people screaming as they zip over rails.

Cinna, coming from Panem, has never seen anything like it. A man comes by and offers him a stick with a ball of pink cotton on top of it. What is it? He sees someone else with something similar eating the cotton. So he pinches some off and puts it in his mouth. The sugary sweetness surprisingly melts in his mouth.

Certainly, a place such as this can't be anything bad, right? Cinna is off to explore the amusement park.
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Option One

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Chiana walks into the shop, all bright-eyed and curious, and moves quickly from the first area of the shop. It's very Earthan in a way that doesn't work for her. But the back... now this shows promise, and she's going through the clothes on a rack, wondering if she could get away with stealing one of them. If there's anyone else in the shop, she hasn't noticed them, and her fingers stroke over fabric, hips shifting in hesitation.
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Chiana had just been about to stuff a top down her corset when she hears footsteps, and she turns around a little sharply - but then again, she tends to move sharply as a rule. Her head's cocked to the side, and she laughs at Cinna, her usual shrill little laugh. "You've come a long way from asking about fabric in the library."
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"Well, I'm still stuck here," Chiana answers, with a sharp grin that isn't really about amusement or joy. "But I like your designs!" She holds up the top in her hands as an example.
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"Not sure I could afford it," Chiana says with a brief smile, and then laughs again, her usual odd little giggle. It's more punctuation than amusement.

She does love the top, though.

"Where'd you find the fabric?" She's been to a lot of places, but she's never seen and felt something quite like it.
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Chiana grins again. "Nowhere. I do my thing on the other side of Doors, mostly." Her thing. She'd rather keep it vague, given how illegal some of her thing can be.
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"How about - " Chiana hesitates, which isn't very like her, but it's not like she's held a decent job for more than two weeks in her life. "Would you need someone? Here?" She means in the shop, and not in his bed, for once; she thinks Nerri would like the thought of her leaving all that behind. And she finds that maybe she wouldn't mind it herself, either. But asking after something she's realised she really wants makes her feel self-conscious, and this time the shift of her hips from side to side is a sign of hesitation.
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Chiana laughs again, because it's so odd, the thought of having a real job, proper work, nothing like what she's used to. There's something exhilarating about the thought. "What kind of eccentricities?" she asks after a beat, half flirting, half really wanting to know.
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Not exciting eccentricities. Not even very eccentric at all. Chiana sways on the spot, and tilts her head to the side. "Let's find out?"
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Chiana laughs again, because that's not a line she usually hears about her sewing skills. "When do I start?"
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"I've always been a bigger fan of right now," Chiana answers with a small, nervous chuckle; she might be pushing her luck.
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Chiana was about to ask how exactly you manned a shop - she could pretend pretty well, she was sure, but she figured he'd want more than pretend - but then she was distracted by his next words. "My - my own ideas?"
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For all that Milady deWinter is or is not, she does appreciate beautiful clothes.

And she knows that Cinna makes good clothes. So, she walks into the shop already smiling just a bit. Her own dress is elaborate and lovely, taken from Paris of her day, full of satin and stays and covering her from wrist to foot, but showing off her cleavage to its best angle.

When she sees Cinna, she stops. It feels like it has been years, even if she remembers what he did for her. For her, it has been years. Does he remember her?
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She's not above preening. Milady stands as if posed, letting him look as he wishes to. This is good for her ego, it's true, when so much else is unsure.

"It is from Paris," she tells him. "In fact ... " She turns to meet his eyes - how can his eyes be so kind? She is unused to that, even more so than she had been the years ago when they met. "This is your shop? If it is, I do hope to utilize your expertise."
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Some habits are far too ingrained, Cinna. Milady has fought too long and too hard for every little scrap of a life she's had. And even though she has Athos now, she is not a fool: she does not expect to be able to keep him.

None of that matters in this very moment, however. In this moment, she will take advantage of Cinna's expertise and his willingness to do this for her. He says that this is one of his favorite things and she smiles, pleased. "Your work is excellent, Cinna. Just tell me what you need me to do, so that I may have your impeccable designs again."
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Indeed; her everyday wear is what she has on now. Though, if she is to be here, perhaps ....

"I would like more like this but in finer fabrics," she tells him, spreading out her skirts. "I am to be a woman of status in Paris," she adds with steel in his voice. She will hold Athos to his word on that. More silk, brocades, lace.

"Perhaps here," she says, though, "for when I am here, something more ... modern?"

What that is, she isn't sure. She only sees the trousers on the woman and do not like that idea at all, frankly.
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Ah, Cinna is very good at flattery and Anne appreciates it. "I will look forward to what you can make with those fabrics," she tells him, resting a hand on his arm. "As for trousers, I ... " She offers a smile, near a smirk. "I usually only wear trousers when I ride a horse. But ... "

She takes a moment, then lifts and lowers a shoulder, "If you think you can make something nice enough, I shall try it, though I may decline. What is a 'sundress'?"
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Daring, indeed! There is a good amount of leg to put on display at that. Milady looks both amused and curious at the same time. She has seen some women dressed like this and - while not scandalized, as she doesn't get scandalized - she did look at them amiss.

But times being what they are, she gazes at him. "May I try this one now?"
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Even when she goes into the room and pulls closed the partition, the knife in her hair stays there. She isn't much to letting down her guard.

Without surprise either, it takes her a good deal of time with help from Cinna, to get out of her dress, too. (She assumes he finds her appealing, yet he can sense that he is not one of the men who wants her sexually. It's nice, actually.

Then she gets herself into this "sundress" over her corset and knickers, though the knickers have to go as the dress is shorter than the knickers!

Cinna is needed again to help her "zip" the dress.

Then she can look at herself in the mirror turning this way and that.

Well. This is quite something, isn't it. There are her legs, shapely and pale, and her arms, also pale and rounded as is the fashion of her time (unlike the muscle and unhealthy thinness of those in the hotel). She turns a slow circle and turns to Cinna - what does he think?
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Angelica had been unable to find the way home for so long that she'd almost decided that the hotel was home. But only almost. When she couldn't bear it any more, she had a ritual, wandering the hallways, exploring every one of them. She was looking for new doors; instead, she found a new shop.

The front section wasn't all that appealing to Angelica, since she came from a time where people dressed with a little more formality. In her neat schoolgirl skirt and blouse, she examined the casual clothing with only casual interest, because it was new. But then she caught sight of one of the elaborate gowns and her eyes widened and she moved forward as if drawn by a string.

She'd seen its like in a museum, and she'd seen similarly elaborate dressing gowns when she visited Chrestomanci castle, but never anything that -- was she tall enough, old enough? Of course she couldn't afford something like that, but maybe she could try it on?
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Angelica was startled out of her fantasy, but there was no way around that, no matter how gentle the approach, because she was completely lost to the world as she stared at the gown that had captured her fancy.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," she said, with all the sincerity that was in her. Her cheeks turned red as she said it, the contrast between the image in her mind -- Angelica in a gown like this one, at home with such elegance -- and the everyday reality of introductions seeming harsh and difficult to bridge.

"I'm, umm, Angelica," she said, looking down in confusion.
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"Oooooo," Angelica said appreciatively, reaching out to touch the beads lightly. See how they shimmer.

When he asked about trying it on, it was like he had read her mind. Angelica's flush deepened with the thought that she was so obvious, but she wasn't about to pass up the offer.

She raised her chin, and finally met Cinna's eyes. What she saw there made her smile in a way that showed a flash of genuine pleasure beyond the self-consciousness. "There's nothing in the world I'd like more," she said with total frankness. "Any world."
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Angelica gave a little bounce and then a slightly nervous giggle as she followed Cinna to the dressing room, but Cinna's clear excitement loosened something inside her; she was unselfconscious and smiling widely as she promised, "You won't have to wait long."

Alone with the gown, Angelica took a moment to hold it up against her body, savoring the anticipation of wearing it. Then she took a moment to examine it more closely for just how the fastenings worked and how it was meant to be worn and how to get into it. She'd never worn anything like this; she didn't want to get it wrong.

When she emerged from the dressing room, the laces were still loose and the gown was just a little long on her, but her eyes were bright and she stepped into the light with a little extra flare calculated to make the beads shine. She'd tried that out -- just once -- in front of the mirror. But as she stepped forward, her eyes abandoned the mirrors and sought out Cinna, full of hope.
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"Oh," Angelica said faintly, examining herself in the mirror once Cinna had added the finishing touches. She wasn't sure she recognized herself -- would anyone recognize her?

And would it be such a bad thing, she thought defiantly. She'd started off looking for home, and she'd found this instead.

She reached up to touch the ribbon in her hair, didn't quite dare examine the neckline, except to think that it must be just as it should, because she was certain that Cinna wouldn't steer her wrong. Cinna would know what was right for his gown.

"I'm not in a hurry at all," she said softly. And purely in the spirit of curiosity: "What are you going to make of me?"