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In the end, it's Jonathan's mad attempt to bring himself closer to Arabella that foists him forward into a mad arrangement of lights, music, people! He knows that sanity lingers just out of mind and that he will have to capture it back, but once he travels once more on this strange road (through a door and not a mirror), he thinks that if he cannot bring himself to Arabella, perhaps he can bring the fairy folk to him.

Jonathan Strange will host a party so luxurious and wonderful that they have no choice but to attend.

He uses magic to deck the lobby of the hotel with shimmering lights and stars that hang upon the ceiling in constellations and patterns that cannot possibly exist. Food dots each corner, but if the eye were to catch it properly, it would be noted that it's slightly off. The drink, however, is exact in its sumptuous rich red tones and sparkling vivacious notes.

Best of all, there is the music.

Harps and lutes and violins accompany the piano and encourage those to dance. More than that, the spell that Jonathan weaves ensures that all who pass the lobby feel the need to mingle and dance, not allowing for anyone to dawdle.

Arabella will come to him now. He knows it. He must only wait.

And there will be a party to maintain until then.
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Chiana looks over at the human who's just spoken to - her, she believes, and then down at the food he is holding out in his hand. Then back up to him, frowning. She's here for the party, not to become a poison taster. Even her posture is alien, her hip and head cocked, her black eyes pone more oddity to anyone only used to humans. "Why aren't you trying it yourself?"
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"Hold your barkens," Chiana tells him with a frown, wonder if he was just disoriented, or completely fahrbot. People who've just arrived often react in odd ways. So her tone softens somewhat, although she still sounds wary. "Where do you think you are?"
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No, he knows where he is, but it seems he was taking her for a Fairy, whatever kind of species those are. "Well, I'm Nebari, not Fairy. Sorry." Although she sounds a little too flippant to be sorry; it's a basic defense mechanism, and she's on her guard.
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"It looked like a fun party?" Chiana offers, looking around. She'd reconsider, given how odd the human is being, but for some reason, she still thinks this party is a good idea. "I like parties. Look, good luck with your wife, and your Fairies, and your... food," she finishes, with a look at what he had wanted her to taste.
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Chiana stops when he calls after her, but takes a second before turning back to him, her every move inhuman. She eyes him critically. "You never said why you wouldn't taste it yourself."
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He hasn't needed to say he was fahrbot for Chiana to get it, but it's her first time meeting a madness that affects taste. She isn't really surprised though; why not? She reaches out for the food, and sniffs it dubiously. She'll only have herself to blame if she wakes up in a strange room, but she takes a bite anyway, and swallows. "Tastes a bit like soft grolack," she offers.
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Chiana sighed. Frelling humans. "Grolack. It's food. Made from the milk of... an animal you've probably never heard of either."
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Chiana shrugs, the move a little too exaggerated by human standards. "It's good." Does it matter what it was supposed to be? "Don't Fairies like - cheese?"
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"I don't know about kings," Chiana told him, head tilted to the side, "but this is good enough." She finishes the rest of it, and nods at the spread of food and drinks. "Did you do all this?"
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Chiana's never sure what any culture means by magic, but since he looks human, and probably is, she's going to go with what Jaenelle can do. "Well, it's a great party," Chiana remarks. "I hope it gets you your wife back."

She still thinks he's a little fahrbot, but she doesn't mind, as long as he isn't the dangerous sort of fahrbot. Not to her, anyway.
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Chiana grins, a little sharply. "Nothing you'd know. Wait, no. I love your, em. Pad Thai?" That was definitely human. "And curry! I like curry."
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"You're one weird human," Chiana states, and picks up a piece of meat between thumb and forefinger, because she likes to live dangerously. She eats it and licks the sauce off her fingers. "It's good! A bit mild."
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"Congratulations, then," Chiana tells him with a grin, and grabs the dish from him.

It might not be spicy enough for her taste, but she's still going to enjoy it.
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"It's all right," Chiana somewhat agrees, after swallowing another bite of mild curry. Her tastes in music are more raw, more brutal. "I like the food better," she adds with a quick, sharp grin.
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"I... do," Chiana replied with a frown, which didn't change the fact that she wanted to eat more. "Wait, your magic's making me want to dance?"
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"Mortals," Chiana echoes, looking doubtful. Each time she thinks he's not that fahrbot... "Well, I'll dance when I want to because I want to."
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Chiana takes a second to assess how she feels, and then she nods. "Thanks, Strange Man."
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Chiana grins again, sharp but a little longer now, like he's worth keeping the smile going. "Chiana."
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"Maybe Fairies have the names and looks of Nebari," Chiana shoots back, before eating some more curry.
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"If you want other people to have some," Chiana replied, absolutely shameless about eating the entire dish herself. She was skinny, but she ate a lot. She ate another bit before answering his first question. "We got lots of different peoples where I'm from. I've never met a Fairy, but we might. I'd never met an Earthan before ending up here," she added with a shrug.
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"I'd rather sample what else you've got," Chiana answers, dark eyes bright. She loves discovering new things, after all, and sets the curry down before turning her smile on Strange, hips swaying the way they usually do. "Anything else you need me to taste?"
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Chiana doesn't really know what mint is, although she's learned about caramel - and she loves it. She grins at Strange. "Point me to it."
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Chiana bit into the cookie, then ate the rest of it enthusiastically. "Crank it," she says, on the same tone one might say an incredulous 'shut up', "it's great!"
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Chiana is surprised by the question; do his translator microbes not work correctly? "You crank things, with a screwdriver?" she offers, then shrugs. "Or in that case, you stop saying ridiculous things."
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The wine tastes bubbly and strange on his tongue and for some reason, he wants to stick around the party. Chase usually only sticks around a thing like this long enough to pick up, but ever since he got himself a steady boyfriend, he doesn't do this so often. And yet, here he is, like he's unable to move until he dances.

Weird doesn't even begin to cover it. He sets himself beside the pastry table and tries to figure out which of these are safe to eat.