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It had been a precision operation, and it had all gone to hell when the boat was late. They'd split up, Peggy and Dernier going back up the cliff to signal again, Barnes leading the rest of them up the beach, their footsteps covered by the sound of the surf and their dark clothing disappearing into the foggy gloom. Barnes thought there might be a way over the rocks, another possible escape route, just in case the boat never showed up at all.

It had been sheer bad luck that Peggy and Dernier had run into a patrol at the top of the cliff. They'd run, forced toward the enemy base by shouts and shots in the dark pines. It had been startlingly good luck that they'd spotted a sentry at the base taking an unauthorized leak and managed to sneak past, leaving the patrol to search and shout to no avail.

Dernier had taken a shot somewhere in the confusion, Peggy didn't know when because he'd kept silent about it until they'd found a little hidey-hole, and then collapsed.

She'd gritted her teeth and glared at him, fixed him up as best as a former nurse could with no medical supplies, and then left him behind. She needed something to fish the bullet out with, and better bandages. "Don't you dare die," she whispered in his ear before she left. He rolled her eyes at her. She thought it would have been more appropriate the other way around.

Somehow, when she opened a supply closet door and found the hotel on the other side, she wasn't surprised. She used one of the phones to get the staff to deliver what she needed -- she didn't want to risk wandering too far from the door she had to go back through -- and turned back to the doorway that led back to her home world.

Just as she was about to step through, she sensed someone walking up behind her as if they might intend to follow her through. Or maybe they were just curious about the door. Peggy didn't really have time to speculate.

"If you want to help save a life, come with me," Peggy said. "It will be dangerous."
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Victor is hardly in the habit of savings lives so much as recreating them, but the woman is familiar and he had found her pleasing enough to converse with. And there is something about her face that draws him in, a resemblance to Miss Croft that he finds lovely. "And where are we going?" he wonders, raising his brow and wondering what skills he might have to offer.
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"I assure you that war cannot frighten me with its dangers after the monsters I have seen," he promises, thinking of how steady his hand had remained when he'd fired Mr. Chandler's pistol. If he can face such things and live, then he is capable of anything. Besides which, he has pierced the veil that separates life and death in order to bring someone back from its clutches.

What's a little war?

"Besides which, I'm a doctor," he reminds her curtly, standing at his full height. "I can assure you, my skills ought to be far more sought after than anyone else you might find in this place."

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"I assure you, I'm not a thing of the past," Victor says curtly, trying to distance himself from those antiquated techniques that he has shunned since he begun his practice. When she asks if there's anything else she ought to know, he keeps his stubborn chin held high. "There's nothing pertinent to the situation you need know."

Not his heroin addiction, nor his extracurricular activities. She requires a doctor and that is his trade.
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If he can avoid being shot then by all means, Victor intends to do so. It's the future he thinks he'll need to ignore with all its blazing, wondrous possibilities. Even in the midst of the war she speaks of, Victor is sure that he could find himself plenty to work with.

He follows her carefully, feeling like he's back with Mr. Chandler and Miss Ives, being led by Sir Malcolm into the depths of hell. How strange, then, to feel used to this. He keeps up with her, his kit at his side and though he is not the most athletic, he is small and nimble. He will not allow himself to be held back.
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Her sudden change in speed seems unplanned and Victor comes to a stop behind her, panting and trying his best to keep the effects of his woeful stamina hidden. While he may be fresh-faced and keen on these adventures, his particular habits for the needle leave him winded after even the shortest of sprints. He keeps close to her, a shadow at her back, and tries to assess what's caused her to stop.

"What is it?" is his low query, voice hushed so as not to carry.

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He nods, though he doesn't think it wise to share what he thinks he's heard aloud, lest they be caught. What he does know is that someone is out there looking for someone in their party and currently, their only exit is rather blocked. They could use a distraction, he thinks, searching around him desperately before his gaze falls to his kit.

Yes. Well, he'll be out of supplies for himself, but he can always buy more.

Hurriedly, Victor loads up one of the needles with the heroin and mouths what it is to her. It's loaded up not to overdose, but simply to incapacitate. He gives an encouraging nod, thinking that if she can catch one off guard, he can inject the other of the two guards that Victor could spot.
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Luke couldn't help feeling compelled to go with. It was just his nature. He was reaching out in the Force, getting a feel for the woman's emotions and intentions, and she seemed to be genuine.

"What's going on?" he asked. "What's the situation?"
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Luke listened, taking in everything she had to say.

"Yes, I can handle it. I have dealt with more war than I really car to think about in one lifetime...not always on the front lines, but usually very close. Kinda of a command situation.

"I'm not a healer, but I can help stabilize him until we can get him back here and out of danger. There are ways that what we call the Force can be used to at least help him." he added.

"I do wish there was more time...I could bring some medical supplies through from my own world, but it sounds like we have to move fast."

He unhooked his lightsaber from his belt, although he didn't light it just yet. "If we do see any action, I can help defend the two of us if it comes to it."
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"Yeah, I haven't been here too long." Luke nodded. He listened and watched, paying attention to her orientation. He wouldn't kill if he could avoid it, but he'd defend himself if it came to it. Hopefully, they could get down and get the friend back without shedding too much blood.

Briefly, he ignited the saber, but didn't leave it lit, not until they were on the other side of the door.

"It functions a lot like a bladed sword, but it's only fully controllable by beings in my world with certain abilities. I think many do like firearms better, but this is the traditional weapon of the group I lead." he explained.
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Luke nodded. "We do have...well, we call them blasters...where I come from, but these have been used by the Jedi since ancient times." He stops then, knowing they don't have time to elaborate on it right now.

The door led to a hanger, with winged aircraft of some kind. He guessed they were like landspeeders, able to fly in atmosphere, but not designed for space.

He watched and listened, stretching out also with the Force to get an idea of what was happening, but he wasn't certain either. The people they saw were around one of the planes, but Luke couldn't get a good sense of what they were doing. "I'm not totally sure." he said.

He was trying to balance, reaching to sense emotions, yet not wanting to do any mental invasions unless it was absolutely necessary. He did let the Force boost his hearing a little though, to try to catch what was being said.