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I gather it might be a good idea to introduce myself since I'm new here. I am Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. I'm still rather overwhelmed and a little confused by this place, but it's good to meet the others who are here. Hopefully we'll get along all right.
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It's been peaceful and friendly here every time I've been here, and I've passed through a lot. I'm afraid that means that if you don't get along, it's all you, so please be careful. You wouldn't want to start something, would you?
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The hotel is peaceful. The doors are quite another story. If you've lived a peaceful life, there are some that you should avoid, if you can. They're a bit provoking at times.

I'm Angelica Petrocchi, by the way.
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You're ready for anything, aren't you? Peace or or defend. Is that all part of being a Jedi Master, or is that your personal philosophy?

I've never heard of a Jedi, you see.