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Something new (Luke, Obi-Wan Poe

The door had once been an ordinary door to one of the academy rooms on Yavin IV. But when he opened it this time, it had something unfamiliar, something that shouldn't exist on the other side. It looked like a hotel, but more primitive than he was used to. Luke reached out in the Force, testing, probing, trying to sense any potential danger. He didn't, but he could sense something more, something that confused and intrigued him. It was a Force presence he'd felt before, but not since he was young and raw, barely even aware of what he was capable of.

He stepped forward slowly, cautiously, Artoo rolling along behind him. "Come on, Artoo, I think it's safe. Very strange though. I know it isn't part of the Academy. It definitely shouldn't be here."

What alarmed him was that he felt his connection to Mara and Ben fade as he entered. They were always connected, always able to sense each other. He wasn't certain whether to stay or or not. Could he go back? The door had closed, though, and it didn't seem to want to let him.
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Poe's still trying to wrap his head around a pocket of a universe existing outside of the galaxy he's come to know so well. It's not bad, it's just a strange thing, especially when the doors bring him to versions of people long gone, people he only knows about from the General's stories.

He's coming from a quick shower (because the line at the base is honestly the most ridiculous thing he's seen and it shouldn't be Snap spending that much time on his hair) and that's when he has to check whether he's seeing things right. Because, if he's not mistaken, that's a very familiar face they've sent Rey to find, trailed by a droid he knows is back on the base.

Standing there, more than a little speechless, he thinks he makes quite the ridiculous sight.
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He's not entirely sure why, but Poe's built up this idea of Luke Skywalker in his head. What he looks like and sounds like, what he'll be like. He's trying really hard not to let it influence his first impression, but meeting your hero's brother is a hell of a thing. "I don't know that you're going to believe me," he admits wryly.

"This place, it's like it's outside the universe. Outside of time."
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"I'm just a pilot," Poe protests. It's not like he's even a genius pilot or anything, not like he can claim double salary. He's a great pilot (the best, really), but that still doesn't mean he gets special insight into what's going on with this weird place.

"I'm Poe Dameron," he introduces himself. "You're kind of a big deal for us. Most of my missions lately have revolved around finding you." Though, now with him found, Poe gets to work on dismantling the First Order, which is just as big a job as it sounds, as he's learning.
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"No, it's fine," Poe promises, still marvelling at the man standing in front of him. When he talks about places like Coruscant and Yavin IV, Poe's heart skips a few beats and he realizes that he could be asking for so many stories, but that'd be selfish of him. "I should probably get this out of the way, but I'm from way in your future. Like, to the point I don't even know what I should say around you so I don't influence things."
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"Okay, maybe not that far," Poe admits, squinting and trying to figure out exactly how much of an insult that is. It's not like he knows Luke that well, so how the kriff is he supposed to read the years on his face? "Actually, not even as far as you..."

"It's only 34ABY, for me."
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"I mean, help is an understatement. And you kind of took off," Poe says apologetically, not wanting to pin this all on a guy who might not have even lived that or experienced it. "It was actually General Organa who sent me to find a map to you. Leia," he provides.

"We've been fighting against a new attempt to take over the galaxy. The First Order. Pretty much your garden variety attempt at nastiness, evil, and all the dark things you don't want to think about."

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"You're not wrong," he says quietly, because the Empire had been the ashes that the First Order had risen out of. That said, he doesn't want to get into the details of the spark that has helped them along in the form of Kylo Ren, since it might be a sore spot. He doesn't talk about how peace is gone, how the Hosnian system is gone.

He glances over his shoulder, at the door he knows will get him back to the base. "Do you want a tour?" he asks, willing to put off his return to the Resistance, because he'll have one hell of a story to go back with.
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"Don't worry, it's not me," Poe promises, seeing as it's not like he's ever had any inclinations towards the Force. He's not sure he really ever wanted to, either, no matter how much other people seemed to envy the Jedi. "I know of Han," he says. "And uh, the child? If there's children, I don't know about the others, but it's not like the General and I sit down to tea, no matter how much I beg," he jokes (half-jokes, because he does hint at it).
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"Honestly, at this point, I'd take any kind of advantage I can get, from anyone who even remotely looks like you. Sure, if you turn up wearing a dark hood, I'm gonna suspect you for a second," he jokes, but there's an edge in his voice like he is wary of that kind of betrayal. "Otherwise, I'm all for anything you got."

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Obi-Wan felt his presence before he ever laid eyes on him and knew two things. One, this was a very powerful Jedi, stronger than any he'd felt since Anakin and two, this was someone who felt like Anakin.

Sometimes families within the Force had a similar feel to them but there wasn't a way, there couldn't be...the child had just been an infant, the last he saw him. How could he already feel like this in the Force?

Wary, Obi-Wan wandered through the halls of the hotel until he found the owner of that particular presence in the Force and pushed back his hood.

"I suspect you've noticed me here, as well?"
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"And if you're who I suspect you are, you're much older than I remember you being," Obi-Wan said, eyeing him carefully.

"You feel like a Skywalker but the only one I know is currently a child."

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"You are, to me," Obi-Wan said. "You're still living with your aunt and uncle now. I think you might have learned to walk." It was a benchmark that had been given to him by word of mouth.

"I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi. We've met, when I'm from, but you haven't exactly been talkative."

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"The doors go two ways," Obi-Wan said. He relaxed, somewhat, when it seemed that Luke was merely confused rather than angry. Anger led to the Dark Side, after all, and after having seen Anakin go down that path he really did not want to see his son go the same way.

"I have been able to travel between here and Tatooine for some time. It stands to reason that you'd be able to go back through to see your...wife? And child?"

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"I know very little about my future and your past," Obi-Wan said, giving Luke a soft, warm smile. "But I don't's not going to affect anything, you don't think? I would hate to disturb something that shouldn't be disturbed no matter how curious I am."

Obi-Wan tipped his head back toward the rooms. "If you wanted, we could go to my rooms and talk about it. I haven't seen anyone who meant the Jedi ill will since I've been here but even still, two Jedi masters shouldn't be exposed if we can help it."

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"I am apparently infamous as well," Obi-Wan said, smirking a little. "Funnily enough, being a general in the Clone Wars apparently does that for a person. Poe doesn't seem to mean us any harm, though, and he knows several people that I feel comfortable with. For, example, Leia Organa."

Leia was a general in Poe's time. It was hard to imagine the little baby he'd left with Bail Organa being a general in command of troops but Obi-Wan also couldn't imagine the full-fledged Jedi master before him was the toddler he'd last seen on Tatooine.

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"Solo? That's not a family name that I know." Obi-Wan was perfectly aware that many of the famous lines of Jedi were wiped out entirely in the aftermath of Order 66 but he would think that someone like Leia Organa would marry someone who was both strong in the Force and had great political clout. Who was this Solo?

"Then again, there's a great span of years between the two of us," he said. Obi-Wan started to walk down toward his rooms, motioning for Luke to follow.

"I can imagine many, many things have happened in the interim."
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A ten year old boy with his name, strong in the Force and with parents who were both Jedi masters? It was like some tale told in the creche, some bit of fiction that every Jedi who had been taken in by the Temple wanted to believe.

Obi-Wan had never known his parents, taken too young, and he couldn't imagine what it might be like to grow up and learn from them.

"You named him for me? Your son is named for me?"

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"Your uncle cared a lot about you. He knew your destiny as much as I did but...keeping you from it, sheltering you. It was the best thing he could have done."

A soft smile touched Obi-Wan's lips at the memory of handing him off as a child to two parents who would love him. It was more than any Jedi had.

"I wanted that for you. I wanted a chance for you to have a happy childhood."
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"Your father was a good man, once. Still was, I think, beneath all the metal and the machines. He just was misguided. Everything he did, he did it to protect you and Leia and your mother. He was so afraid of loss, so paralyzingly afraid of being out of control, that he made choices that made it easy to be manipulated."

A few years away from it, Obi-Wan was able to see it more objectively than before. "Had I seen the signs before, had I been able to stop him, things might have been different. And yet, the pieces were already in play. It might not have changed a thing at all."
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"It has never tempted me," Obi-Wan said quietly. Still, it was a very big thing to admit to such in the presence of another Jedi Master and Obi-Wan was not one to pass judgment. Rather, he could sense the overwhelming good in Luke. If he had been tempted by the Dark Side in the past, he didn't seem to be now.

"Though I know it's a struggle that many Jedi go through, from time to time. The nature of being a mortal person is such that we aren't infallible."
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"Growing up that way was intentional. I was taken from my family so young," Obi-Wan said. "I have no attachment to anything or anyone outside the Jedi Order. When it was taken from me, I lost everything."

The only thing that had kept him going those long years was knowing that he needed to be there to protect and guide Luke, when he was ready, and it was amazing to see him as a grown man before him now.

"I wanted you to have a different life. I think your mother would have wanted that."

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"Your mother was a fine woman," Obi-Wan said, face a bit soft as he thought of Padme. She had been a good senator and a close friend and the loss of her was one of those he felt most keenly.

"I only wish you could have spent time with her. I think you would have gotten along well. As it is, I am glad to have you here. It will be nice to sense the Force in someone again, to be able to commune with it."
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"I don't know if they could but you could certainly give it a try. I don't recall ever bringing you when you were a child," Obi-Wan said.

"It could be worth it, if we could figure out a way to make it happen."