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I want you bad

She's starting to get twitchy.

Generally, it's not like Johanna ever goes for a very long drought without getting what she wants. She's secure in her body, aggressive, and back home, just famous enough that one look could get her into bed with any man she likes. Here, though, it's not as easy. She's not so easily recognized and when she's as aggressive as she usually is to get what she wants, it gets met with shyness or nerves or a general rebuff.

It's starting to make her twitchy and Johanna gets violent pretty quickly after. It means her axe is going to find something to get embedded in if she can't find someone to make her sweat and scream soon. If she can't do it horizontally, she's going for next best thing, which is why she's coming back from a ten mile run around the grounds, panting and glistening and feeling her heart racing. It's not exactly what she wants, but it's not a bad distraction for now.

Grabbing a towel, she wipes the sweat from her forehead as she spots a figure on the horizon, grinning a little wider. "Even better," she notes to herself, "the kind of distraction I could grow to like."

She licks her lips and runs the towel over her neck as she squints, trying to get a better view of who's approaching, but she already knows that it'll be better than running laps. Maybe today's the day she stops being so twitchy, after all. Her luck's got to start changing sometime.
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Jon usually tried to keep himself in fighting form and part of that was running drills, no matter how much he hated the heat of this place. It would never be the snow and ice he was used to, that was for certain, but he had grown used to how to adapt after his years here and on the island.

After quite a run, he stripped bare to the waist, trying to cool off a bit before running some more. When he saw the woman across the way, he lifted his shirt up a bit, intending to put it back on.

"Apologies, my lady. I did not realize I wasn't alone."
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She was certainly...blunt. Jon hadn't had much in the way of bluntness since Leah's disappearance and, before her, Ygritte but he found it refreshing. If a woman was direct, it meant he didn't necessarily have to be.

"Well, I would not want to spoil my lady's view. I'll leave it off."

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"Lord Commander Snow," he said, still taken aback by how direct this woman truly was. He was used to it, certainly, but it had been a while since such had been focused solely on him.

"I mean, Jon. You can call me Jon."

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"Well met, Johanna," Jon said, swallowing thickly. She made him nervous, Johanna, and he wondered if that was because she was a lovely young woman or if it was because she was impossibly forward and in his space.

"Where do you hail from, then, my lady?"
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"No, I've not," Jon admitted. She made him feel a bit wary and on edge and it was a way he hadn't felt since Ygritte, more or less,so as much as he wasn't certain whether or not she wanted to kill him or kiss him, he was intrigued to find out which.

"I was raised at Winterfell," Jon said, since they were offering origins. "I don't know if you'll know it."

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"Cold, my lady," Jon said, lips quirking up in a bit of a smile. "There's hot pools in the Godswood, though, and they're warm enough that there's no snow cover there. It's brutal, in winter, but it's my home. I'll never consider myself at home anywhere else - this place included."

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Jon wasn't entirely prepared for her touch but after the long run, a soak in the pools did sound like it might be quite nice. He nodded his assent and offered his hand to her.

"Might I escort you, my lady?"

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Jon, to his credit, did not blush. Instead, he took her hand and started to lead her toward the hot pools. It had been since Leah left that he'd had a woman and that had been quite a long while indeed; while his heart was hardened to thoughts of love, lust was something not so easily slaked.

"I do not intend to leave you bereft, I assure you of that."

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"I don't know if you intend to love me or kill me, my lady," Jon said, laughing nervously. Ghost had come and gone, not interested in the goings on of humans, and he wondered if he ought not have kept the direwolf close.

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"I've been told that before by a woman with an arrow to my throat," Jon said, laughing wryly. "I am grateful that apparently my beauty stayed her hand. I prefer being alive to dead."

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Jon had not entirely expected her to strip down entirely and he tamped down his embarrassment before stripping himself, sliding into the warm waters of the pool.

"It always feels so good to have a soak after a long bout of swordplay. It eases the muscles and makes everything seem tolerable again."

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"I prefer a bastard sword," Jon said, "Though I've done knives and arrows too. There's just something comforting about the heavy grip of a sword. It feels solid and safe."

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"I have the feeling you'd almost rather kill me than kiss me," Jon agreed, laughing a bit. "You're certainly what I'd describe as fierce."

Beautiful, terrifying and fascinating - it had been a while since Jon had encountered all three in one person.

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